Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Clubhouse @ Robinson's Magnolia

What comes to mind when you hear the word clubhouse? Is it the one on trees in backyards? Is it the place where you meet and hang out with your friends? Is it the sandwich you order at restaurants? Is it the place with the swimming pools? Is it the place where birthday parties are held? It can be a lot of different things. It is a lot of things to us. This is where memories are made and this is what "the clubhouse" delivers.

Before the holidays end, it is best that we give time to the people we love and care for. So I spent my Friday hanging out with friends that I haven't seen for a while. We have always loved to bond over good food and our life stories.

Since my college friend was here from Canada just for a short vacation. I made it a point that I get to see him before he goes back because he and I have no idea when he would be back here again. It has been a while since we last talked, I had no idea how he was doing in Canada. Was he studying again or working? I had no clue. So the moment I saw him, I jumped with happiness.

Oldies often say they people seldom change. But to my surprise. They were wrong. Dun dun dun duun!! He looked the same but he was totally different. He was drinking beer in broad day light. The guy I knew back then didn't even drink. Well not until there was a very special occasion to celebrate or something. All he said was "it's 5 pm somewhere" and my chinky eyes opened for the first time. I said to myself "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!" Dude if you are actually reading this. That was running/screaming through my head and my thought was "I wondered if we would have been friends if you were like this back then". Good thing he wasn't, because I wasn't so sure myself.

People do change. Some for the better, some for the worst. He is my good friend, and so he will always be no matter how changed he is now. It is different when you've grown to like someone for who they are and you accept them for who they will be, what ever they might be.

I know that his schedule will be fully booked, and I am glad that he spared me/us a moment of his time just to catch up and physically see him. There are several of us in the barkada, but only 2 of us made it. So there were 3. It has always been the 3 of us mostly when it comes to these things.

He texted me the night before asking where we would be eating. Immediately I went online and looked at the restaurant listings of Robinson's Magnolia on MunchPunch. I asked him whether he wanted to eat ramen or Filipino food, but he said that he has been eating ramen for the last 2 days, and he wasn't in the mood for Filipino food either.

I was looking at the list and I saw "The Clubhouse". So I scanned my virtual head map.

LOADING................................................. ERROR!

I have been to Rob. Mag quite a lot recently, and I have never noticed the restaurant. Believe me when I say that if there is food I will see it, it will be seen. But the restaurant was sort of hidden from my usual plain sight.
Not that it has stopped me before.

You know how when you need the "comfort room", you would walk through hall ways. This was a little something like that. It was sandwiched in between 2 boutiques. My friends as usual got there before me! So I knew ahead of time what to look for. I might have not noticed it if it was me alone because I get caught up sight seeing.

Welcome to "THE CLUBHOUSE"

When I entered the restaurant I loved it right away. Sort of an artisan's breakfast den. The sunlight was shining in and the tables and chairs looked comfy! I searched around for a friendly face and when I saw them at long last, gave them both big hugs! I immediately noticed the clipboards. I asked if we were having a meeting or something. Turns out it was the MENU! Gah. :))

Since it has been forever. We blabbed for about an hour before we ordered. Stories have pilled up so much that there were lots to tell, from all sides. The meeting alone wasn't enough. We all knew it but it was just to see each other.

Eventually we came around to ordering our food. I wasn't so sure what to order since I had no idea what the place offers. When I looked over their menu they had the usual breakfast stuff. They have both American and Filipino breakfasts :)

They have SALMON OMELETTE! For crying out loud! Bells were ringing! Sounded great to me 'til I saw what it was smothered in CREAM CHEESE! Oh no!! Pass..

They also have BREAKFAST IN BREAD. Not BED! If there was actually one. It would have been cool. I think I saw it in a TV Commercial where KFC has a bed inside their restaurant for their promotion of their breakfast meals. Correct me if I am wrong..

They have several starters, soups and signature hand-tossed salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, big plates, rice bowls. Bla bla bla.. The usual. Sounds ordinary right? But their menu is far from ordinary. They have some pretty unusual combinations and food not usually served in restaurants like TUYO. I have never noticed other restaurants offering Tuyo since most people do not like the smell, especially in a high class restaurant setting. I asked my friend whether she wanted to order Tuyo and it was a sounding "NO!". Hahaha

I suddenly remembered that someone gave my family tuyo from their province as a pasalubong. It has been sitting in the house for a while. Although I eat tuyo, the smell is really something. I went to our refrigerator to look for food one morning, but when I opened the door. Something stinky exploded! I lost it and shouted "What was that! Ang baho!!!". I kept smelling the inside of the fridge but there was nothing inside that stinks and I looked to my side right where the condiment tray was. There is that stinkin' smell again! My mom laughed at me and said that someone gave us tuyo. Gah, until now that uncooked tuyo is still sitting there bothering everyone that attempts to get close to the ref.

I think if that tuyo would be sitting there forever. I might loose just enough weight! Kidding! Of course not. Not even that dreadful smell can keep me away from mother refrigerator.

Back to the menu the thing I noticed most in their starter was this AWESOME THREESOME they call. What are you dirty minds thinking?!?! Bet some of you have huge smirks glued onto your faces! It's food people!! We are talking about food. Concentrate. Serving has quarter pound of chicken wings, mozzarella sticks an onion rings for only P475.00. All my starter favorites bundled into one.

For their soups and signature hand-tossed salad what caught my eye was their CHICKEN AND GRAPE SALAD. I love grapes and chicken therefore it was really appealing to me. Since I was with salad buddy. We ordered that it was surprisingly a big serving for P245.00, they were very generous with the grapes. I love it! It was seedless and very sweet!

Chicken and Grape Salad
For their cafe sandwiches they have several great variants to choose from.

  • Almond Chicken Salad Croissant that is topped with alfalfa on butter croissant. P245.00
  • Crispy Seafood Sandwich that has fish on a bed of Japanese crab salad with lettuce, tomatoes and alfalfa served on ciabatta P275.00
  • 5-hour Pulled Pork Sandwich that is tossed in their homemade barbecue sauce topped with coleslaw on crusty ciabatta P245.00
 Their 5 Hour pulled pork is the creme de la creme of all the pulled pork I've had. It doesn't play tag and war with you when you bite down on it. It doesn't choke you when you try to swallow it. It is cooked to perfection. Juicy just the way I like it. I would love to take some home! Definitely a must try!
  • Bagel and Lox is made of smoked salmon, cream cheese, crisp arugula and tomato on a chewy bagel P285.00
  • The Triple Decker is of course made of 3 layers of  Cajun-spiced grilled chicken breast, homemade ham and scrambled egg and cheese pressed on wheat toast! P285.00

Their big plates also has a big name too
  • Linda's Chicken Pot Pie is made up of tender chunks of chicken, carrots, celery and Spanish chorizo in a rich cream sauce topped with mashed potatoes. P325.00
  • Cheesy Chicken Parmigiana is a hand breaded chicken breast fillet topped with our homemade fresh tomato sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese P245.00

What could be better than chicken and mozzarella?!?! Nothing
  • Lemon Caper Dory is made of a crispy battered dory with lemon caper sauce served with garlic parsley rice and buttered vegetables P245.00

  • This caper dory was not bad, I am not so sure about the dipping sauce. It was a good thing that it was served separately because for me personally, the butter stench was too much. But according to the person who ate this it was a little bit too salty. But the rice was great it makes you want to eat more! Is that good or bad? :)
Their rice bowls are something too

  • Kimchi and Bulgogi Bibimbap (the 1 of the only 2 Korean dish in this resto) P185.00
  • Tuyo Rice Bowl is made of garlic fried rice mixed with tuyo olives, mushrooms and capers that is topped with fried egg served with pineapple salsa. Mild or Spicy? P185.00

Things that made the check list :

  1. The place was dope! 
  2. The servers were really nice and friendly :) 
  3. The food was great.
  4. The serving size was generous!
  5. The unique dishes. 

My overall experience was great! I really recommend this nice little artisan place!

I was a little sad and frustrated that I didn't make room for dessert because when I looked at their cute menu blackboards there were several mouth watering desserts to taste! It's so cute that they doodled over it. Since we are talking about desserts, they also sell Kitkat's with, mind you unique flavors. I guess that's just how they roll. They also have a couple of items a sweet tooth might like.



This place is a refresher from all the ramen restaurants opening up everywhere.

On my way out I snagged a look at the dessert freezer and this was what I found.

I wish I had saved room for sweets

Here is a snap shot of their menu :

If you are planning on going to Robinson's Magnolia try to go to THE CLUBHOUSE and get a feel for the place. You'ld love it. Makes you wanna stay and just relax :)


  1. I would have ordered the pulled pork hehe

    1. I was glad that that was my order! super yummy! If I was the chef and I was cooking it for 5 hours and it didn't turn out this good. I would have wasted a lot of time and effort for nothing! :))


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