Tuesday, September 9, 2014

JIPANGYI : soft served ice cream in....... CORN!

By all means, when I get asked where I wanna go, still one of the last places I would choose to go to is SM SAN LAZARO. But I was there last night and it was crazy, I think I am starting to love the place. OMG, the transformation is really something. First Terranova, Red Table, now they are about to have UNIQLO, SCARSDALE and then this!!

Now what is Jipangyi? 

Okay, so they weren't facing the right way for them to be a "?". FAIL!

But according to their website it is :
The only soft serve ice cream store offering freshly made cones out of corn, which are a healthy alternative against sugar-loaded cones. With the various cone shapes of Jipangyi, ice cream can be enjoyed without any spills and mess. Jipangyi Seoul Ice Cream comes in various flavors and can also be eaten with different toppings.
I have tried the thing and I am actually quite confused if I like it or not. I think the corn was a little too thick and too little ice cream inside. Not that there is something wrong with it, IT IS ME. I love to have more ice cream and less corn please. Haha 

Btw, you gotta love how "LINES" attract people. That was what made me notice it really. I was like what the heck is that because they had this CANE like thingies hanging on the side and people are touching it and playing with it.

So we/I must obey the bandwagon and FOLLOW THAT LINE! So I did. OMGE, I just followed a line (not normal Kat, not normal).

It really wasn't a new concept to me because we already have the ice cream inside the barquillos, Which I was a fan of in UST, so everytime I pass by I made sure to grab one since it was I think P15 or P10. Super affordable. And this is also similar to that. Although the barquillos does go floppy after a few minutes.

And here comes Jipangyi offering something similar yet not so. They don't use the sugar encrusted cones that are available commercially, instead they use CORN. Corn is definitely an alternative to people who "like their cake and eat it too". I think my mom would dislike the idea of "NO CONES".

You can enjoy it with less (take note : LESS) guilt. It is still ice cream, that you have no escape. 

Call me maybe? NAHH!!
It is cool really. Loads of people walking around with J's on their hand. And trust me, the J was hard to melt. It wasn't like barquillos. It's just like sugar cones, very sturdy. Although I think I wouldn't recommend it to people with full on false teeth, haha I think it would be hard to eat it. Literally. And for people with braces. Coz I remember when I had mine, it keeps snapping off because of all the junkie food I eat. Hehe (sorry doc for giving you a hard time). But feel free still to give it a try.

I actually joked around with my best friend saying that the thing lacked just one more thing : CHEESE. It does remind me of cheetos and cheezy. My favorite corn snacks!

They have been open less than a week and the line is still there. They offer dessert for just P35.00 which is relatively cheap and affordable for all.

For an additional P5.00 you can also add toppings like M&M's, Almond coated with chocolate, Hershey's Kisses or gummy bears.

Which was fun! But word of advise. EAT THOSE TOPPINGS FIRST. Lol.

Why?!! Coz I was crazy excited and baffled as to how I was suppose to eat the thing. I ate from the bottom thinking that this was where the liquids would go to and forgot that I had my kisses on top. That thing fell down like it was on fire. Jeeesh. The 5 peso coin I will never get back. Story of my life. Haha but it was fun and it is something new to the Philippines.

Try it before all the J's run out. I wonder if they will have a K next time. Haha

Jipangyi is from HAPPY RECIPE FOOD ENTERPRISE and Co. who also owns buko maxx, waffle and co., flayvers. They take simple food to a whole new level. Awesome aren't they?

I saw in their facebook page that :

Jipangyi is actually what Koreans call a “walking stick” and how apt a name too for the corn stick snack many have traditionally enjoyed. 

Do you mean like this???

Ok so here is me goofing around like it is a "walking stick". I swear I didn't know until now that I am writing this post while doing some research. #LunaticOnTheLoose is the perfect hashtag for this. But hey! It is a different walking stick, walking ice cream stick. Oh please let it have its own legs!

It is perfect for kiddie parties! Imagine the clean up crews happiness to hear that there's no ice cream spills and mess to clean up! I think it would be cool for them to do children parties right?! Do I get an amen to the Mommies?! :)

Sorry for the redundant face. I just had so much fun with it! You should too! :)

Visit them in the ff branches : 
  • SM SAN LAZARO, ground floor, near the supermarket
  • Mall of Asia
  • Alabang Town Center
  • SM Manila
  • SM Bicutan
  • SM Davao
  • SM Clark
  • SM Pamapnga
  • ......................expanding still!



  1. I was intrigued what that weird shape snack is. Hahaha anyway, I agree with you. LESS cone, MORE ice cream!

    Cheers :)

  2. I love jipangyi...sooo delicious!

  3. I love jipangyi....sooo delicious!


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