Saturday, September 21, 2013

ZAP TAG : Your best friend whenever you dine, shop and relax. Now with over 200 partners!

photo taken from their website
     Curious about ZAP TAG, what it is for and what it does? Looks like a credit card at first but it isn't. It is actually a smart sticker (It is the size of your regular credit card but can be toned down to half its size)! 

     It may be placed in your wallet, at the back of your phone or ID, basically anywhere you want to place it.

     It is such a cool thing because it uses NFC just like your super smart phone! No need for swipper swiping!

     There are a lot of credit cards that have specific companies tied to them giving you rebates every time you use them, down side is that it is usually for one company only. 

     So here is the coolest thing! Zap allows you to have the same privilege but not just for one company. Their rebates are not only 5% but it can even be as great as 20%! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

10 steps to online shopping with ease care of JOHNNY AIR CARGO

     I love love love online shopping. But there comes a time when the thing I want is out of reach. Literally! So I was left with the dilemma on how am I gonna get it!? Since the thing and I are worlds apart, I am loosing my mind thinking of how how how will I be able to get it?! But in a blink of an eye, comes this beautiful prince to save my life! Mr. Johnny Johnny Air Cargo also known as JAC EXPRESS or JAC. Saved my life and saved me money at the same time.

     I was planning on buying a book but it wasn't available in any local bookstore here. Down payment for ordering the book alone costs way too much than what I was expecting and to think I have to wait about 3 MONTHS! Not worth it. With the money I was about to pay them, I need to get my book ASAP! Unacceptable for me. I was a little worried at first to buy online from Amazon, and to think that they would be shipping it Internationally, I was thinking what if it gets lost in transit!? What am I gonna do now. I was left to gamble, thing is I WON! whoooo :) When I saw JAC online. I was like TAKE MY MONEY (with an insane persons voice)!!!!! JAC is seriously a really great shipping company if you want to buy things from the USA and have it delivered here to the Philippines, isn't that great?! NO! because it is even better! They can ship it directly to your home, saving you all that trouble of picking it up and carrying it around with you.


1. Buy something from Amazon, Ebay or any online shop (in this case I bought my book from Amazon)

    JAC is your typical shipping company : which means that you pay whichever is higher volume or weight.

-Minimum of 2 pounds : $5.99 per pound + $5.00 handling fee

-Branded/Cultured bags, electronics, commercial quantity, metal, aluminum and taxable items : $6.50 per pound + $5.00 handling fee

Art Madness : Not your kiddie marker

     I have always wanted to be an artist. Of some sort. But the course I took definitely had nothing to do with art. So I was left with an empty heart, buying all the art crap I can see. It definitely started way back, back to my childhood days. Whenever we go to the ever so grand National Bookstore I just have to buy something. Something to write on, something to glue on, a pen, glitter, etc. Kind of like a bottomless pit, you can never really fill it up and now I present you with the surviving, yet still growing members of my wanna be artsy life.

     These are just some of the pens and coloring materials. But the reason why I am blogging this is that I want to share to you my new addiction. Markers. But they are not your ordinary childhood markers. These markers are the "adult markers" they truly costs a lot more and has a diverse color selection, and I mean by the hundreds! Do you have any idea how much these costs!? I for one was shocked. But if you are studying something related to art like Interior design, Architecture or fashion, you might actually need this. So if you are new to it here is an idea of how much they go for and where you can get them.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

SEVENFRIDAY Boutique now open at Greenhills Shopping Center Promenade Extension

     I was surfing the web looking for a new watch just because I have an empty spaces in my watch box, and it is a NO NO! So I found SEVENFRIDAY. It caught my attention because its face was square and it looked sporty yet classy at the same time. It also reminded me of my favorite Nike watch that retired a few months back. Seriously, who doesn't like Fridays!? It means rest day for most people but not all, and to have 7 of it?! Immaculate! But reality check. NOT HAPPENING!

     I went to their website to check out the different models that they have and guess what I found. It is certainly more than what I expected. When looking at watches online you have no idea how big they are, and how they would fit your wrist. So here is something new. They have this PRINT AND TRY tab. So I clicked it and to my amazeballs. You can print the watch and try it on! KUDOS to their advertising strategy. BRAVO!! I found it really cool and if you like what you see. Then you might actually get the real deal. But it doesn't come cheap. Well for a pretty watch like that who wouldn't cash out!

     I know it is stupid. But just because I am bored and just for fun, I am actually gonna try the paper watch so that their advertisement won't be in vain. When you print the watch make sure to uncheck the fit to page option and in no time you will have a watch that is totally flat and won't even tell you the right time. Which tells you that you need to go now and buy the watch! :)

     So here's how the paper watch looks like when printed on a short bond paper :

P1 model

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