Friday, February 28, 2014

Cafe Mary Grace : A Grace like no other

Whenever I see Mary Grace at malls, I would always see the place as "a place where you get baked goods", like ensaymada or brownies. It never really occurred to me that they do serve meals. They started as a kiosk in malls and my brain never got the memo that they have already expanded.

I see this place all the time but I never felt the "spark!".

I keep looking for sparks. It is a good thing that I am not attracted to fireworks, or else, for sure I would be loosing my hands to it. Frankly speaking, I really never had the inkling to eat there.

It is not as if the place looked bad, the ambiance is always good. The interior is good! And whenever I pass by this place, it would always be flooded (NO! the right term would be it is OVERFLOWING) with people having a snack or two. 

Being the anti-social person that I am, this would exactly be the kind of place I would be avoiding. I really need to get out of my shell more often.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

SILANTRO : Fil-Mex Cantina - Go to place for great Mexican food!

I am a crazy Taco Bell fan. I love eating tacos and nachos, BUT!! I do cheat when I eat them because I shave off some.. or most of the cheese. I am enemies with cheese but I can still find some of them tolerable, like mozzarella or cheddar cheese.

I love Taco Bell, but it is really beginning to be a struggle to get a hold of it. A few years back there were tons of Taco Bell branches, but now it is just down to 2 malls!

I love Taco Bell's quesadillas and crunch wrap supreme, but I can't keep going back to Trinoma/Gateway every time I get the craving. I need a new place to supply me with my Mexican cravings (the food cravings ok?!).

So, while everyone was out with their fancy shamcy date on Valentines Day! I was left in between the feeling of happiness and sadness. Why? I was sad that I wasn't out on a date date, but still somehow happy because I get to spend it with my true loved ones. Yes! Loved oneS (emphasis on the "S"). I was out with my mum and dad as usual, but we got to spend it with my aunts and uncles as well. Sweet huh? :)

My aunt has been telling me about this place for a while, but never had a chance to go til now. It was quite a drive from where we are or usually are. Opposite sides of the globe to be exact.

Since we had nothing good to do on this very special day, we decided that it would be a great idea for us to finally go to SILANTRO!

I was really excited to go! I had butterflies the whole trip there. I was thinking that "This place better be good!", trust me when I say "It didn't disappoint! Not even for a second".

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mad Mark's Creamery Entree Menu : Personal favorite "Signature Steak"

I am not much of a steak person. Although I would love to find even at least one steak I like. Now that I am yey old, I'ld say that I am pretty frustrated that I still haven’t found the "steak of my dreams".

I haven't even enjoyed a proper steak. Can you imagine that?! Not once nor even half (tragic really!). Wasting good money trying to find the steak that is "just right" (wait) or were they good, but to me it wasn't. I don't know (I don't mean to offend any steak lovers out there, it is just a personal feeling that I have). Like most people do I like my steak medium-well done, so it is not suppose to be rubbery and dry.

We were at Glorietta the other day and suddenly I had the extra energy to walk the extra mile just to get to Glorietta 5. I was eager to see what new stores they have there since the previous tenants have already moved towards the greener pastures of Glorietta 1 and 2. 

We barely walked around the ground floor and then suddenly hunger decided to act like a baby. We walked around and saw Mad Mark's. I really wasn't even aware that it was located there but I've just heard about how everybody LOVES their ice cream. Being the crazy ice cream lady that I am. I was eager to go there and give it a try.

I was at an ice cream parlor, but I didn't feel like eating ice cream. Weird (felt like I wasn't myself), steak at an ice cream place? Normally that would be a bad decision, but it has been the best one yet (I can't even stop yapping about Mad Mark's).

If you wanted steak, Mad Mark's wouldn't be at the top of the list. I don't think it would even be in the list. But truth be told! The prices of their steak are no where near the prices of the steaks that I've tried, but it's the best one for me!

So how do you go about ordering at Mad Mark's?

1.Choose your Entree

1A.) Signature Steak

Like all other steak places it goes by the gram/oz. They have 3 serving sizes you can choose from, depending on how much you can eat.
  • Healthy (150 grams) P225.00
  • Regular (200 grams) P285.00
  • Feast (300 grams) P395.00
To be really honest, I wasn't expecting that I would like, let along love their steak. For a P285.00? Felt like a scam. But I was soooooooo far from it.

On the menu, it says that their steak is *USDA Angus Strip loin which is selected and cut by Mad Mark’s himself for balance of tenderness and flavour. Well all I can say is that, he certainly knows his meat! 
Signature Steak with Bootstrap Steak Sauce
Regular (200 grams) P285.00 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are you brave enough to try Nueve Cafe's Crocodile Meat?

I found myself wondering about Wilcon's Home Depot last week. We or should I say, I was stuck there bored out of my wits. Although I did enjoy looking around because I was constructing a house in my head. It was so pretty. If only you can see it! Haha It was not long and I finished my imaginary house and I was left with nothing to do. Who knew houses could be built within a day. Haha 

Since mom and dad were still standing at the same isle for an hour or so. I excused myself and said that I was going to eat. Since it was already 6:30 pm. They did let me go and I proceeded with my initial plan of trying the food at Nueve Cafe. 

We have seen the cafe earlier when I claimed my long over dued membership card at the counter and I just couldn't stop thinking about it.

As I was walking towards the cafe shop I was really anxious to see what's good in their menu because the crocodile meat I tried in Palawan was great! So I was kinda hoping that this would be too. I was hesitant to eat the crocodile sisig in Palawan, yet I was also eager to try it. Who knew I was so daring. Haha Not!

We were in a rush that day in Palawan, so I had no chance to see if there was something else besides sisig. Still it was good and I wanted more but we were all sharing that one order of Croc Sisig. It was like 2 years ago I think since I last had croc meat. So I was really excited when I saw that they had one.

There were several croc dishes to choose from like : 
  • Croco Wali (Naturally tasty, lean and healthy) P210.00
  • Croc Tapa (Tender croc tapa marinated in garlic sauce) P195.00
  • Croc Sisig (Adding a Pinoy touch to the Australian delicacy) P195.00
  • Dundee Croc Burger with Chips and Cheese (120 grams) P170.00
  •  Jumbo Sausage in a Bun (Dundee Australian Cheese or Dundee Hungarian w/ Chips) P130.00
  • Extra Super Jumbo Sausage in a Bun (Dundee Australian Cheese or Dundee Hungarian w/ Chips) P180.00

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LE TOUCH Cable for Apple and Android Devices. When you see how it works, you'll never go back to your old boring cable. PROMISE!

I charge my phone like crazy. The 2,100 mAh battery of my S3 is never enough, not even on a bad day. I even got my baby a Momax 11,200 mAh Powerbank for it to have a constant supply when I am on the go. 

It was too bad that just a little over 3 months, the cable that came with my Samsung S3 broke. Very crappy Samsung! It was good thing that I still had my old HTC cable with me. I had to make do with that since then.

Whatever cable I use gets murdered with each and every use. It amazingly stood up to the murderous intent of my phone. Twisting and turning, tugging and pulling the cable more than it can bare. I sometimes even pull the cable off from the outlet. I loved that it lived as long as it could, 'til a couple of days ago. Not bad if you have seen the way I used it. Haha

I am crazy paranoid when it comes to my gadgets. I only want the best or maybe the cutest. Anyway, I went through to all the electronic stores that I can in Glorietta 1 in search of a new cable. I went through a lot of stores and nada, nothing good. I was about to give up but I decided to go to that one last place, OCTAGON. I seem to have so much love for Octagon these past few months. All my new stuff were bought from them.

I was originally looking for an original Samsung cable for my phone for some reason and I know it will be pricey if that was what I am gonna buy. Since my last encounter with it was not good at all. I thought of looking for another brand. You might be thinking that I am brand conscious? Yes I am, maybe not. It depends actually. 

In my mind I always expect that if I pay well for something, I expect that it would live up to the company's real standards or at least my standards. But sometimes my being brand conscious is just plain WRONG. Not everything expensive lasts. My being brand conscious is really a drag in the wallet. Good thing my "senses" decided to come back to me just in the nick of time. It prevented me from paying a huge amount just for a charging cable.

Likewise I would not like to pay P100.00 for a fancy cute sub-standard cable because I am scared that it might catch fire (or am I just being paranoid because of the photo posts that I saw on Facebook of burned phones because of charging). I was also thinking that it might break just after a few times use. So I looked and looked until I found LE TOUCH.

I love how I have the patience to keep on looking, keep on searching until I find the one thing that I want and I am satisfied with. Maybe that is why I don't work out because I consider my rampage, my exercise. I could walk for hours and hours at a time, just to find what I want. I am a very determined lady.

I was crazy happy that I stopped obsessing to find a Samsung cable. I saved me a good couple of bucks. I was also VERY pleased that what I found was so cute! Just like the fake cables, it had a couple of colors to choose from. There were cables for android phones, lightning cable and the old cable for Apple devices.

I found the android phone charger cheaper because it was only P350.00 as compared to the lighting cable that was P500.00. I wonder why that is! Haha Although with the lighting cable there is a sticker that says "it is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IOS7". It only means that it does charge your Iphone but the lighting data transfer doesn't work, it only works the normal pace.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Get the best of both worlds : Poppins Restaurant and Bar at Tomas Morato

A new restaurant for me is like a new disease. Groes right? But really, I cannot leave it at that. I have to know more about it. What a snoop! Yes, I do a my fair share of snooping around. It is not enough that I know it exists, I need to know what it is about, what it carries and what its affect will be on me. It is exactly how I feel about a new restaurant. I love the thought that there is definitely a new chef, new ambiance, new spin offs, etc.

I am an optimist when it comes to trying out new restaurants. I don’t like jumping to conclusions. Judging the place based only on its facade. I love to hear it out for what it has to say.

Now, my father is the big skeptic, especially with new restaurants. He wouldn’t be willing to try just for the sake, unlike me. The only time he would go near a new place is when someone recommended it to him personally or something  something. But if not, he needs a big push (from me) to get inside the door and give it a chance.

I thing that if we all would be doing that, by that I mean “waiting for recommendations”. No restaurants would survive since everyone would be waiting for someone else to try before going there. Which is a drag for me!

Now where is the fun in that! Well money is indeed no joke when it comes to dining outside. Even a dinner for 2 would start at around P500.00 above. If a minimum wage earner would do that everyday. He/she would still be in the negative. So yes, restaurant spending should be thought about well.

But I am the type of person who would jump off a bridge, even if I am scared. Living a life on the sidelines is something not for me. I love a great adventure (even if it kills me) and food adventure is a must!

I can’t think of a restaurant inside the mall where I haven’t dined at. So, the nearest place from Sm North Edsa would be Tomas Morato. It is the party place, but since I don’t party. Yes, I am a good girl. I look at Tomas Morato as a food haven and not as a gimik place.

There are just tons and tons of restaurants to choose from. Yes, some of them quite new and my mind is wrapped up in it. I have to try them out, well at least what I can in this life time.

Just in front of Il Terrazzo stands a new building that looks like the building from "FIX IT FELIX" game from "Wreck it Ralph" the movie. In that building stands several new places that looks pretty promising to me. I love the rustic vibe the place has. The place is great for "gimik-y" people. There is tons of space for people who smoke since every level has an open space.

Sorry for the bad photo of the building. I didn't do justice to the place
Poppins is at the bottom right corner of the building :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Experience something extra ordinary at the OLIVE TREE KITCHEN & BAR (OTKB)

I love watching movies, but I try to stay away from romantic movies. Why? Isn't it every girl's dream to be swept off her feet? Yes, of course! It is not everyday that I get swept off my feet. Except when my yaya is in a bad mood, and she sweeps OVER my feet. Haha! Who doesn't like to be treated like a queen? The woman he can't live without. The woman he wants to wake up next to everyday. Watching those movies, keeps raising the bar until it is unreachable. 

It’s no doubt that Valentines Day is just around the corner. I bet all the guys are panicing by now. Well for the one's who are still not prepared for the big day. But to me it seems like the weather is just getting colder and colder. Too bad!

I am a newbie when it comes to this blogging thing. Like a kid riding the bike with training wheels. I know I will eventually learn how, but it is best that you have someone who can guide you through it. I love eating, exploring food I dare not eat and sharing my experiences. I needed a guru and who better to have than The Pickiest Eater?!?!

I was most flattered when I got invited to my very first blogging gig. Haha Is that even what it’s called? No clue, but let us just leave it at that.You know the crazy feeling one gets when a cute boy asks her out. I had that feeling but it was towards the food (Not that you are not adorable Richie). It got me insanely nervous. Nervous that I would get eaten alive (by all the famous people) and be left in a ditch somewhere cold and lonely.

I withdrew all my courage from the Courage Bank and had my chips all in. I am not good in socializing. My friends all know that (I have no idea how we even became friends in the first place). I live in a world of my own that I sometimes don’t even understand me. Since it was my Food Guru who called me in. I knew I would be in good hands.

Serendra, is a place that has its charm built in, plus the fact that most of the “It” places to go and eat at are there. It is the perfect place to be 24/7. Taguig isn’t just a back flip away, it’s really far from where I live. So I made sure I left early just in case the traffic would be heavy. Richie told me we were eating at “OTKB”. My first thought was “Is it a bar-bar?”. Lol No it’s not, well they do host a lot of events related to wine and cocktails. OTKB is actually short for OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR by TRL “The Roaring Lions”. They are located at B4 of Bonifacio High Street, just beside TGI Fridays.

I had 1 huge butterfly running around my stomach the whole time! I would be sweating if not for the extra cool weather that day.

The moment I stepped through the door, I know the people I would be meeting are all big times. They are the top food and lifestyle bloggers in the Philippines, and I was just the little kid that writes about food. But when Richie introduced me to everyone they were all very friendly and nice. At first they look like normal people (who by the way are famous) who were there, eating on a normal Friday night.

Richie asked me where I wanted to sit. I wanted to sit at the end of the table because I was really scared and it was a good place to avoid and hide the awkward feeling I am having inside. But Richie was hugging the chair on the edge of the table. I sat on the chair next to “THE TUMMY TRAVELER” a.k.a Yen by her friends. I was like "HI!" I lost my words because I was “STAR STRUCKED” by her because she is really beautiful! Gah. The epitome of a hot lady. I looked like a lost dog sitting beside her.

Aside from the gorgeous woman sitting next to me, I noticed the place. I love their ambiance. I immediately thought that it would be a great place for DATE NIGHTS. But the place is really lovely and sort of home-y in a sense that it could also be a great place for hanging out with the dudes. Well done OTKB! You killed all the birds with one stone.

It was not long and we were all finally complete. The food started rolling in. Everyone took out their gadgets  and once the appetizer was placed on the table, I was like “OH GOD PLEASE SAVE ME! RIGHT NOW!!”. It was my first time. So I was shy to do my thing or anything! Since I barely know anyone and I have no idea how it should be done.

I am saying sorry in advance that the photos of the food are nowhere near how I wanted them to look. The other's posts would have a more mouth watering appeal. Promise!

Here we go! Let's get down to business..


The first food that came in was the “ANTIPASTI”. If you do not have a Culinary background or if you are not a food connoisseur. The word is Italian. Where “Anti” means before and “Pasto” means food. Which to me is appetizer for short. It comes pre-arranged and the food combination depends on the chef who makes/prepares them.

It is not your teen grub kind of appetizer. Like fries and onion rings. It appetizer was the grown up kind.

(Top) Foie Gras Popsicle – (Middle) Caponata Macaroon – (Bottom) Eel and Apple Galette

Monday, February 3, 2014

Momax iPower GO/GO+ Powerbank : Is it a gadget or a fashion statement? It's BOTH!

I love my Samsung S3. I have been with it for almost 1 year and a half now. It runs on 2100 mAh battery, which is almost twice my previous HTC Desire HD which has a 1230 mAh battery. I didn’t know that 1230 mAh was ridiculous back then, since it was just the dawn of smart phones. 

Having the Desire HD was totally amazing. Not to mention cool because I was the only one I knew who had that phone. No twins, except for my best friend, while everybody else had an Iphone, Blackberry or Nokia. 

Everyone who sees my phone, comes up to me and is like “Is that an Iphone?!” and I would stare back at them ridiculously and be like :
“Does it look like an Iphone!? No, it is an HTC”

And they would all be like “What’s that?". I don’t think the 2 phones looked alike not even during blackouts. Not to mention the color love! (the Desire HD was brown) and the lack of a round home button should have said "not an Iphone".

I love to have the same stuffs as my friends, but when it is someone I don’t like that much. I am like “Mah….”. I still can’t get over the fact that me and my best friend are so much a like that we don’t even have to speak to each other to know that the other is gonna buy. 

We would just meet one day and BAM! Great minds do think a like!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stickhouse : Gelato and Sorbet on a Stick!

Have you seen or tried Stickhouse? If not you might just not have paid any attention to it, thinking that it's just ordinary but expensive ice cream. I haven't for some reason. It is weird because anything that screams ice cream-ish or ice cream like, I pay attention to. 

So stickhouse isn't your ordinary Popsicle. Well it is gelato. Some would say "You say tomato, I say tomato". But there is a difference between the gelato and ice cream.

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