Monday, February 3, 2014

Momax iPower GO/GO+ Powerbank : Is it a gadget or a fashion statement? It's BOTH!

I love my Samsung S3. I have been with it for almost 1 year and a half now. It runs on 2100 mAh battery, which is almost twice my previous HTC Desire HD which has a 1230 mAh battery. I didn’t know that 1230 mAh was ridiculous back then, since it was just the dawn of smart phones. 

Having the Desire HD was totally amazing. Not to mention cool because I was the only one I knew who had that phone. No twins, except for my best friend, while everybody else had an Iphone, Blackberry or Nokia. 

Everyone who sees my phone, comes up to me and is like “Is that an Iphone?!” and I would stare back at them ridiculously and be like :
“Does it look like an Iphone!? No, it is an HTC”

And they would all be like “What’s that?". I don’t think the 2 phones looked alike not even during blackouts. Not to mention the color love! (the Desire HD was brown) and the lack of a round home button should have said "not an Iphone".

I love to have the same stuffs as my friends, but when it is someone I don’t like that much. I am like “Mah….”. I still can’t get over the fact that me and my best friend are so much a like that we don’t even have to speak to each other to know that the other is gonna buy. 

We would just meet one day and BAM! Great minds do think a like!

It was so against my will but I had to give HD up. I still miss her every time I hold my S3. If only they had made the battery better, not to mention BIGGER! I would still probably be a “HTC girl”.

The phone handling and finishing was amazing and UNIQUE, that was what I loved about it. My phone was not everyone’s phone, but I was happy with it. The widgets I had were fit for me and sadly those widgets didn't work with my new Samsung phone. Have no idea why. 

Everyone who saw my phone ended up loving it and YES, they made “gaya-gaya”. All they saw were the good stuff. What giant has a small heart!? Of course it wouldn’t work out.

The constant need to be next to an outlet is finally over (or so I thought!).

I didn’t mind bringing my charger along with me everywhere I go because school is packed with outlets. But now that I am not in school anymore, outlets are not so easy to find. Well, you can find one,but most likely it's already occupied.

I am one of those person who would literally go crazy if there is no internet connection. To think now that GLOBE is placing a DATA CAP! Bullocks! It is not as if my 3G is amazingly fast and when struggling to find a connection, comes in the big problem. The battery drains fast. Like hotdog eating contest fast.

So, a battery pack is the best solution to my dilemma. Back then I didn’t bother buying battery packs because they did not have the capacity that I wanted and needed. Not to mention the Taipei Tower prices attached to it.

I was pretty happy with my S3’s battery. Until “that day” that I started to use the internet heavily because of blogging and my severe attachment to Instagram.

The constant connection to an outlet was surfacing once again. I was actually still hesitant to buy a battery pack for some reason.. I couldn’t shell out 3K for what I need, when I could spend just as much on a dress I don’t really need. “Girls”. But I was pretty blown away when I got to see “MOMAX” battery packs at “DIGITAL WALKER”.

I have been eying it for a while now and I was dreaming of it every night I lay with my phone. It looked a lot like tiny “RIMOWA” luggages!! Their luggages are pretty and pretty expensive to be just tossed around the airport for me. So I just had to get the next best thing that looks like it.

Seriously have you seen Rimowa’s ‘GOLD!” luggage? You might just wanna sell everything you have to get your hands on those (I am kidding!). Gold is one of my favourite colors and it is not every day that a Gold colored stuff would be on the market. Except when Iphone made their debut of their CHAMPAGNE GOLD IPHONE. Now “GOLD” is the thing. Good thing I was on the GOLD market even before Iphone made it a “thing”. I have collected quite a few gold trinkets and I am in love with all of them.

If I could somehow make everything I own gold, I would. Believe me I’ve searched high and low to find a gold casing for my Ipad2 but sadly. I didn’t find any. All I can find on the internet was 24Karat gold cases. I am not Donald Trumps daughter to be able to afford one without making a dent on the bank account.

Oh, come to think of it. I could use a gold spray paint and paint over a plain Ipad case. A future “DIY” project. Ho ho!

Back to the power banks. Momax iPower GO and iPower GO+ are similar in design and function. The only difference is their color and capacity.

iPower GO has a 8,800 mAh Capacity for P2,950.00
  • (Available Colors : black, white, aqua, red, dark blue,yellow)

iPower GO+ has a 11,200 mAh Capacity  for P3,750.00
  • (Available Colors : gold & silver)

Both are have an :
  • Input of 5.0 V (2 A) max
  • Output 1 : 5.0 V==2.1 A
  • Output 2 : 5.0 V ==1 A
  • Dimensions (mm) : 106 x 78 x 25
  • Weight : 260 grams
Momax packs a whopping 11,200 mAh for just P3,750.00. Still feels expensive for me, but what sealed the deal to my desire and need was when DIGITAL WALKER offered 15% off their BATTERY PACKS! For the 12 DAYS OF CHINESE NEW YEAR! Instead of paying for the full price I only paid P3,187.50 after the 15% discount. Promo started on JANUARY 31 and ends on FEBRUARY 11, 2014! It is not every day that you could get a discount this big! Just grab the person who is next on the wheel before what you want is off the shelf.

Besides its color, what made me fall in love with it is that I get to charge 2 devices simultaneously! You can charge basically anything that can be connected via usb port.

Battery packs were made to make up for the short comings of our cellphone batteries due to high demand. What's great about Momax is that it allowed me to charge my Ipad and phone simultaneously. Cool right?! No more sacrifices.

I found it weird, yet still somehow useful that it has a LED flash light built in. In case of emergencies this is pretty cool. It might just be what I need when Meralco pushes through with their blackout plans. Haha! Lets pray that that won’t happen. But admit it! You rely on your cellphone to be our flashlights in times of darkness coz' it's what I do!.

But what if you are at 1% and you suddenly need light? Momax has your back!

Most of us have a subscription for a data plan of some sort too for our phone or tablet that just makes the battery drain faster. The generation today all love hanging around coffee shops with our friends and pass the time. Even the older generations do that too! Isn’t it cute? J It is a great thing that not only can we share our internet to our friends via HOTSPOT but also batteries too! Don’t you think? Well not so good for selfish people. Joke!

Now all you need is a juicy battery pack or a friend who is a girl scout like me, who doesn’t mind carrying around a heavy bag. For as long as I am prepared! Come what may, bring it on! “How lucky are my friends, no?”

Now I never have tweak anything. Thanks to MOMAX! I don’t need to sacrifice the brightness of my insanely beautiful phone just to get a few more minutes on the internet. I can finally leave the internet connection on the whole day without worrying that it would drain the battery. Welcome 24/7 internet connection! WHOOO

Over all. I rate it 5 stars! 
  • Its got style and class. 
  • Loads of colors to choose from. 
  • Not to mention that it packs a mean punch for such a small device.  
  • It is light and compact.
  • It's got a built in LED flash light
  • Built for real emergencies! :)

Really great thing to have. Especially if you are an outgoing person and now that summer is fast approaching. It is good to have one during your outings and vacations. To think that you can get it for a good price too! Bring civilization with you!

What to expect inside the box of iPower GO and GO+?
  • 8,800/11,200 mAh battery pack
  • 1 pc. 20 cm Mirco USB to USB cable
  • 1 pc. 1 cm Mirco USB to USB cable
  • Manual

DIGITAL WALKER BRANCHES and telephone number (You might wanna call ahead of time to make sure that what you want and need is available since things are flying off the shelves fast!):
  • Eastwood - 584-3745
  • Shangri-La Plaza - 654-6589
  • Mall of Asia - 556-0113
  • Trinoma - 900-0525
  • Robinson’s Magnolia - 961-3958
  • V Mall Greenhills - 725-5136
  • Sm Aura - 56-1004
  • Alabang Town Center


  1. This device does not like POWERBANK in general . Jumpr - device name - has reached 6,000 milliampere currents or 6 times larger than that of the standard iPhone charger or most other smartphones .powerbank

  2. Well if you know me, I'm not that kind of a gadget freak so I pretty much sorta like buta IT (don't judge me guys -.-) power bank


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