Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LE TOUCH Cable for Apple and Android Devices. When you see how it works, you'll never go back to your old boring cable. PROMISE!

I charge my phone like crazy. The 2,100 mAh battery of my S3 is never enough, not even on a bad day. I even got my baby a Momax 11,200 mAh Powerbank for it to have a constant supply when I am on the go. 

It was too bad that just a little over 3 months, the cable that came with my Samsung S3 broke. Very crappy Samsung! It was good thing that I still had my old HTC cable with me. I had to make do with that since then.

Whatever cable I use gets murdered with each and every use. It amazingly stood up to the murderous intent of my phone. Twisting and turning, tugging and pulling the cable more than it can bare. I sometimes even pull the cable off from the outlet. I loved that it lived as long as it could, 'til a couple of days ago. Not bad if you have seen the way I used it. Haha

I am crazy paranoid when it comes to my gadgets. I only want the best or maybe the cutest. Anyway, I went through to all the electronic stores that I can in Glorietta 1 in search of a new cable. I went through a lot of stores and nada, nothing good. I was about to give up but I decided to go to that one last place, OCTAGON. I seem to have so much love for Octagon these past few months. All my new stuff were bought from them.

I was originally looking for an original Samsung cable for my phone for some reason and I know it will be pricey if that was what I am gonna buy. Since my last encounter with it was not good at all. I thought of looking for another brand. You might be thinking that I am brand conscious? Yes I am, maybe not. It depends actually. 

In my mind I always expect that if I pay well for something, I expect that it would live up to the company's real standards or at least my standards. But sometimes my being brand conscious is just plain WRONG. Not everything expensive lasts. My being brand conscious is really a drag in the wallet. Good thing my "senses" decided to come back to me just in the nick of time. It prevented me from paying a huge amount just for a charging cable.

Likewise I would not like to pay P100.00 for a fancy cute sub-standard cable because I am scared that it might catch fire (or am I just being paranoid because of the photo posts that I saw on Facebook of burned phones because of charging). I was also thinking that it might break just after a few times use. So I looked and looked until I found LE TOUCH.

I love how I have the patience to keep on looking, keep on searching until I find the one thing that I want and I am satisfied with. Maybe that is why I don't work out because I consider my rampage, my exercise. I could walk for hours and hours at a time, just to find what I want. I am a very determined lady.

I was crazy happy that I stopped obsessing to find a Samsung cable. I saved me a good couple of bucks. I was also VERY pleased that what I found was so cute! Just like the fake cables, it had a couple of colors to choose from. There were cables for android phones, lightning cable and the old cable for Apple devices.

I found the android phone charger cheaper because it was only P350.00 as compared to the lighting cable that was P500.00. I wonder why that is! Haha Although with the lighting cable there is a sticker that says "it is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH IOS7". It only means that it does charge your Iphone but the lighting data transfer doesn't work, it only works the normal pace.

They also have a 3 in 1 charger too for the people who doesn't like to carry a bunch of cables. You just need to connect the adapter and VOILA! Cool right. It is for P599.00 which is a fair price for me as compared to just 1 original cable from Apple (Although I have to say those cables are pretty sturdy!). But unlike Apple's plain white cables, Le Touch has 5 colors for you  to choose from!

I was drawn to LE TOUCH because one of their cables was the same color as "Scrump", Lilo's voodoo doll? Do you know it? I am crazy about Scrump. Scrumped changed all time favorite color pink to mint green or something to that shade. I like finding things that are mint green because it reminds me of Scrump. Since no body in the Philippines seems to share my fancy. Although there are tons of it in Hong Kong and Taiwan for some reason.

Aside from the fancy colors, I saw on the box that the cable has LIGHT INDICATORS! When I bought it I was like "yeah,ok". But once I plugged in when I got home. I was like "THIS IS WAY COOL!!!" I was glad I got this (I am currently thinking of getting another one for my Divoom speaker). What's actually helpful about the light indicator is that, I have no idea when my speaker battery is full (Been charging it by guess work). When I started using Le Touch the light indicator tells me when to stop charging my speaker. Pretty cool! Swear! 

Do you have those times when you are asleep with no lights on, and you suddenly awoke because you needed to rescue your phone from dying? I always find myself in that sticky situation and I find that the light from the cable actually helps. It is also easier to spot the needed cable from the bunch of other cables tangled with it because of the light at the end. (Although I am not sure if the light indicator would last long or if it would burn out fast, let's see! I will be updating you if ever the light decides to go out on me)

The lights is BLUE when in que and when your battery is full,
when it is plugged to your phone the light turns RED
Smart and convenient! 


BLUE Light : Que or Battery Full if plugged to your phone/device

Did you ever have those moment in your life where you thought that your phone was charging, but only to find out hours later that it wasn't!? 

With the "Light Indicator" you will never again have this blooper moment, because the blue light indicates that there is electricity flowing in the chord.

RED Light : Charging

Over all! I really like that I found this cable. I will never go back to my boring light less, black chords. HORAY for LE TOUCH! I am actually looking forward to seeing their 2 in 1 charger that you can either use as a WALL CHARGER or CAR CHARGER. Can you tell me if you spot in this in the market? :) Thanks!

Amazing Features:
1.Cable with LED indicator standby/full charged (blue) or charging status (red) 
2. Easy to plug into phone/tablet/device in the dark 
3. Colors to choose from : White, Black, Pink, Orange, Blue (more of mint green)

Cable Specification:
1. 3.3 ft. length
2. soft-touch TPE material
3. Good for 2.1A charging
4. Able to sync and charge
5. Work with mirco-USB power devices

  • For more product information visit their website at : Le Touch
  • Cables are available at OCTAGON
  • 7 days replacement only

If you got yourself a LE TOUCH cable because you've read my blog. I would very much like to hear about it and tell me which color you got for yourself or someone else! 

Don't forget to light up your world 
with Le Touch cables.


  1. I want that cord!

    Also, ang taray naman ng manicure.. Pati Kuko, GOLD!!

    1. Sa glorietta lng my octagon e. Tignan natin if sa greenbelt meron hehe National color ko eh.


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