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Experience something extra ordinary at the OLIVE TREE KITCHEN & BAR (OTKB)

I love watching movies, but I try to stay away from romantic movies. Why? Isn't it every girl's dream to be swept off her feet? Yes, of course! It is not everyday that I get swept off my feet. Except when my yaya is in a bad mood, and she sweeps OVER my feet. Haha! Who doesn't like to be treated like a queen? The woman he can't live without. The woman he wants to wake up next to everyday. Watching those movies, keeps raising the bar until it is unreachable. 

It’s no doubt that Valentines Day is just around the corner. I bet all the guys are panicing by now. Well for the one's who are still not prepared for the big day. But to me it seems like the weather is just getting colder and colder. Too bad!

I am a newbie when it comes to this blogging thing. Like a kid riding the bike with training wheels. I know I will eventually learn how, but it is best that you have someone who can guide you through it. I love eating, exploring food I dare not eat and sharing my experiences. I needed a guru and who better to have than The Pickiest Eater?!?!

I was most flattered when I got invited to my very first blogging gig. Haha Is that even what it’s called? No clue, but let us just leave it at that.You know the crazy feeling one gets when a cute boy asks her out. I had that feeling but it was towards the food (Not that you are not adorable Richie). It got me insanely nervous. Nervous that I would get eaten alive (by all the famous people) and be left in a ditch somewhere cold and lonely.

I withdrew all my courage from the Courage Bank and had my chips all in. I am not good in socializing. My friends all know that (I have no idea how we even became friends in the first place). I live in a world of my own that I sometimes don’t even understand me. Since it was my Food Guru who called me in. I knew I would be in good hands.

Serendra, is a place that has its charm built in, plus the fact that most of the “It” places to go and eat at are there. It is the perfect place to be 24/7. Taguig isn’t just a back flip away, it’s really far from where I live. So I made sure I left early just in case the traffic would be heavy. Richie told me we were eating at “OTKB”. My first thought was “Is it a bar-bar?”. Lol No it’s not, well they do host a lot of events related to wine and cocktails. OTKB is actually short for OLIVE TREE KITCHEN AND BAR by TRL “The Roaring Lions”. They are located at B4 of Bonifacio High Street, just beside TGI Fridays.

I had 1 huge butterfly running around my stomach the whole time! I would be sweating if not for the extra cool weather that day.

The moment I stepped through the door, I know the people I would be meeting are all big times. They are the top food and lifestyle bloggers in the Philippines, and I was just the little kid that writes about food. But when Richie introduced me to everyone they were all very friendly and nice. At first they look like normal people (who by the way are famous) who were there, eating on a normal Friday night.

Richie asked me where I wanted to sit. I wanted to sit at the end of the table because I was really scared and it was a good place to avoid and hide the awkward feeling I am having inside. But Richie was hugging the chair on the edge of the table. I sat on the chair next to “THE TUMMY TRAVELER” a.k.a Yen by her friends. I was like "HI!" I lost my words because I was “STAR STRUCKED” by her because she is really beautiful! Gah. The epitome of a hot lady. I looked like a lost dog sitting beside her.

Aside from the gorgeous woman sitting next to me, I noticed the place. I love their ambiance. I immediately thought that it would be a great place for DATE NIGHTS. But the place is really lovely and sort of home-y in a sense that it could also be a great place for hanging out with the dudes. Well done OTKB! You killed all the birds with one stone.

It was not long and we were all finally complete. The food started rolling in. Everyone took out their gadgets  and once the appetizer was placed on the table, I was like “OH GOD PLEASE SAVE ME! RIGHT NOW!!”. It was my first time. So I was shy to do my thing or anything! Since I barely know anyone and I have no idea how it should be done.

I am saying sorry in advance that the photos of the food are nowhere near how I wanted them to look. The other's posts would have a more mouth watering appeal. Promise!

Here we go! Let's get down to business..


The first food that came in was the “ANTIPASTI”. If you do not have a Culinary background or if you are not a food connoisseur. The word is Italian. Where “Anti” means before and “Pasto” means food. Which to me is appetizer for short. It comes pre-arranged and the food combination depends on the chef who makes/prepares them.

It is not your teen grub kind of appetizer. Like fries and onion rings. It appetizer was the grown up kind.

(Top) Foie Gras Popsicle – (Middle) Caponata Macaroon – (Bottom) Eel and Apple Galette

For this course there was :

Foie Gras Popsicle – Caponata Macaroon – Eel and Apple Galette

The first thing that appealed to me was the Foie Gras Popsicle.

 Foie Gras Popsicle

I held it in my hand for a while. It was the easiest thing to eat first because it was in a Popsicle, so I went for it. I was nervous like a child, I guess I ate it like one too!

I had no idea what I was doing. I just took in the whole chunk! Not lady like I know! It was soft and flavorful. I liked it, but I somehow hope that I could undo how I ate it. I would have eaten it in smaller bites! I swear, Richie almost laughed his head off when I told him about it.

I was afraid that it would be the kind of food where it looks good, but doesn’t taste good to be honest.

Just a reminder to all you girls out there. Don’t forget to eat lady like when you are on a “proper date”. You might scare him off!

There was also eel on the antipasti plate. I was not so scared by it since some sushi has eel. Eel looks a lot like “Bangus” to an untrained eye like mine. Sort of tastes like it too, I think. It is placed on top of Apple Gazette which is kind of like dried apple and it was a little rubbery for me.

 Eel and Apple Galette
The center of the antipasti plate was the Caponata macaroon. I am scared of Macaroons alright, that was why I chose to eat it last. Macaroons have coconut in it right?

Three things I cannot live with is cheese, coconut and butter. But somehow I found myself munching on it. It didn’t give me the usual feeling I have when I eat something with coconut. It has the perfect blend of sweet and salty.

It looked too good that you might think it was vanilla and chocolate macaroons! But the macaroon is actually filled with eggplant and a bunch of other stuff. Woah I didn't know I was eating eggplant. I have never eaten eggplants before by the way. It was my first time and I consider it great!

Caponata Macaroon

If I was taken here for a date. Definitely plus “Pogi” points! The ambiance is perfect for dates, but it works well as a chill out place with your barkada during weekends too. It can also be used for meetings and events! 

Speaking of DATES. They are having a “Tasting Menu” meal which is P1,900.00 per person. It is really great for everyday dates or for a date this coming Valentines day.


The next thing that came was their BEEF BURGER SLIDERS and fries!! Yes, even if the place is all “Glammed up” yes, they serve fries for sides. Amazing fries I might say. You don’t need ketchup or gravy people. The fries alone is magnificent!

Speaking of –ificent. Maleficent the movie is coming out and I am excited for it. Oh the burgers yes, the burgers comes in 3 small buns and it has blue cheese in it. I am not a dairy person, so it was a little off for me. The patty was pretty good though. Even if it was thick, it is still juicy on the inside.

Beef Burger Sliders


After eating something as great as burgers. You need something to "suck in the meat grease." or at least that's what Hanna from the "Pretty Little Liars" says. I love a good salad. It has prosciutto slices in it!

Caesar Salad


Next up is BRAISED PORK JOWL AND OYSTER CALZONE. It is something that I would not ordinarily order.

It was just a tiny calzone, at first we cannot actually find it, since it was topped with squid tentacles. Trust me. It might be tiny, but it is really something. It has oysters inside. I have never eaten oysters. Kind of goes against every bone in my body. For some reason, I had enough courage to try it.

The plate was d├ęcored professionally with squid ink. The place has quite an ambiance, so the lights were dim. It would seem like it was drizzled in chocolate syrup but its not!! Ha! Ha! I almost dipped my finger in to get what I thought was "chocolate syrup", good thing I was stopped by the heavens above. I would not be sure what face I would be making if I did what I was about to do.

Braised Pork Jowl and Oyster Calzone

To be honest, I don’t eat a lot of things that was served that night. Although I am adventurous, I still get scared about things that are unfamiliar to my tongue. I didn't know if it was the thought of Chef Rob or was it because it comes with the work I want to do. I am leaning towards the former! I ate all except for one.


Bacon and Maple Pizza

The exotic food finally stopped and the foods that I personally know and love started to come in. First up! Pizza! They served 2 amazing pizza’s that night. One was “Bacon and Maple” and the other was “Margherita”.

Where ever pizza parlor I go to, I go for the ones that have bacon in it. Why!? Because bacon is the best topping EVER! I loved how the aroma of the bacon fills the air and the sweetness of the maple adheres to my nostrils!

Personally, It would have been better if the whole thing was made of woven bacon with the crust and cheese on top! For a change, I know “The pickiest eater” would not share if this was how it was served. 

The “margherita” pizza was also good but it was nothing to bacon lovers!

Pizza Margherita


The food I dare not eat was the..... POTATO AND RICOTTA GNOCCHI. It would be great and it is great for people who likes Carbonara. It is creamy and flavorful. It has a slightly raw egg on top of it and the prosciutto complements the creaminess of the potato perfectly.

Potato and Ricotta Gnocchi

All the food served til here was quite a challenge to me. I have known since childhood that the best things in life are free. Yes we all know that, but what I meant was that sometimes the best ones come in last. Well besides dessert because I didn't get to that. The main dish is what I am all about.


I am a sucker for salmon. I think I was a grizzly bear at one point in one of my past lives.

After the potato dish came my most awaited part of the night. I have been anticipating it the moment I got hold of the menu! PAN SEARED PINK SALMON! I swear a lot on food. But this dish gets the most swears!

If I had more thumbs, they would all be up! Sadly I just had 2.

I would marry the man who cooked this Salmon in a heart beat. Well I pray that it’s a HE. I was also hoping that it was Chef Rob! But he was someplace else. TOO BAD! The thought of meeting him was the final push to come to OTKB!

I knew I had to leave early and I was dreading that I wouldn’t get to this part of the meal. Thank God that He loves me so much that He always makes things happen for me. My stay was exactly til the serving of the Salmon and the Pork Belly. Two tummy favorites!

It was truly the best salmon I’ve ever had. I could only just imagine how their COFFEE CURED SALMON tastes like. It all couldn’t compare to the freshest raw salmon in the market. The meat just slid off itself. The fish was juicy good from the inside out! To top it all off, the sauce was perfect for it.

By far, this is my #1 Salmon! Every penny  for this baby is totally worth it. The dish alone is P600.00. Pricey I know, but promise it is the best!

Pan Seared Salmon


The pork belly tasted and looked so good. The presentation was even spectacular. Kind of makes you just wanna stare at it and not eat it. The pork belly was placed on top of the rice.

Crispy Pork Belly

I wish I could have stayed longer. But there was another Celebration waiting for me. I would definitely have to go back for more!

Thank you OTKB for wonderful experience and to Miss Rizza for the warm welcome! Looking forward to my next visit!

  • Where are they located at : B4, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street, BGC, Taguig
  • Telephone number : 823-0366
  • You can Email them for special events and reservations too at :
  • Don't forget to follow their IG acct. : @otkb_bhs and #otkb

Take someone you LOVE here for the weekend and they might just never let you go <3


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