Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I love spending holidays with my family and friends. People now a days are often too busy to even breathe and check up on themselves. Some are often tired from work that they just prefer to stay home alone and relax. But I've never been the "home buddy" type. I've always loved hanging out with my friends. Out as in out or till the mall closes out. Holidays are never complete if I don't get to hang with the people closest to my heart, it leaves this empty empty void in my heart. It wouldn't stop until I get to see them.

Since most of my loving friends are still in med school or still in school. I barely get to see them. But distance was never an issue. True friendship can stand the test of time.

Since it is now the perfect time to be with my loved ones. We decided to hang out even just for a while since most of them are gonna be going abroad or spend the rest of the vacation someplace else. But where to go? Since Robinson's Magnolia is the new 'IT' place. Since it is new. The place is so clean and cold. It's new alright, but did you know that there are several new malls just around the corner. In the near 2014 or so..

There are several great places to eat at at Rob Mag, but my friend and I were brave enough to try out Misohana. We actually patrolled around other restaurants to see if we were craving for something. Nothing came to mind except RAMEN! Poor old Mr. Nissin. Nobody thinks of him whenever craving for hot noodles.

There are actually several other places like Ramen Bar or Miso Ten. But since Misohana is the new Ramen place. We decided to try it out!

We checked out Ramen Bar before dining at Misohana and saw that the former had a lot more variety to their menu as compared to Misohana. But it was not that bad. I actually loved their salad. I am never a salad person but whenever I am with my friend Sel. We always order salad. I really don't know why. I never asked why. But I love having great adventures with this girl! Best friend the world ever gave :)

Misohana has a simple modern welcoming ambiance. I don't know if it's just me. But orange seems to be around lately. All day long I can see orange bags, orange shoes, orange chairs. Who knew orange would one day be cool! I remember when I was a child, people would always ask you your favorite color and the usual colors would be pink, blue, yellow, red.. I seldom hear orange, and if someone said that they like orange, people would react funny.

Come to think of it. It is really eye catching and I really like oranges, as in the fruit. :) I can never have enough fresh orange juice! Mabuhay ORANGE!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Have you heard about HANUTA? Read about it here!

     I am the crazy chocolate lady. I even have my own little fridge in my room to keep my stash away from prying eyes and unwanted strangers. I practically save or spend half of my money for food alone. I was taught not to be stingy when it comes to food, good food to be exact. You can live without so many material things, but you cannot live without food. So to every waking day, most of my problem is "what am I gonna eat!". Even on my sad days where I have no appetite to eat, I would turn to chocolates for comfort. No chocolate is too expensive for me. Chocolates are said to have a special effect on people and they really do. Think about flowers on Valentines day, they have always gone hand in hand with chocolates. 

     Can you imagine your life without chocolates!? I can't!! That would be my world gone mad! I love sweets so much that I just felt like I am close to diabetes. Had to go to the doctor to get my blood fasting glucose checked! We can never be too careful especially when it comes to our health. My dad says that everything should be in moderation. But I just can't stay away from my little joys. How about you guys? When have you had your last check up? With all of us foodie people out there eating their hearts away. We mostly have no idea how much junk we eat. How much calories we ingest, how much sugar we gulp. I suggest that if you had not visited the doc for a while now. You please must go visit him right away just before it's too late, visit him now, now that you have the time to because it's the holidays! and people are on vacation, I hope some doctors are not. :) I heard they are workaholics! haha Imagine the hardship they go through med school. If they aren't workaholics, I don't know what they are. I wouldn't even last a minute inside. Good thing I never dreamt of being a doctor.

     Back to our sugar-y business.

     So hanuta is one of Ferrero's babies. But let us save that for a little later. Let us talk about how Ferrero practically changed most of the ladies life today. Every Valentines day girls would receive bouquets of flowers with a pack of 3 pieces or more if the guy really really likes you. It has been like that ever since I can remember it or a heart cake from the canteen of our school. I don't think anybody has really eaten that cake to be honest. I never did. It looked nice as a gift but not to eat. SORRY!

     So, who doesn't love Ferrero products? To be exact Ferrero Rocher. I have no idea what kind of person would not love it. Not unless you have allergies or what not. It has been used time in memorial for special occasions like Valentine's day, Birthdays, Christmas, etc. It is just so "gas-gas" but still very yummy! It hasn't lost its touch and I doubt it will any time soon. It has been such a big deal that it has been made into bouquets substituting the flowers that will wilt and die with in a week vs. yummy edible chocolate balls you can keep to yourself or share. I go for the latter without a blink but only to keep it for myself!

     Ferrero has a variety of chocolates to choose from and I hope the collections grows bigger. The famous Nutella is also made by Ferrero and it is all the rage now too. From tiny, small, medium, large, LARGE containers. I even saw a pack of 7 mini nutella container that is designated for each of the 7 days a week! There is this new contraption called nutella-go. Basically like our famous "school snack" Yan-Yan. Chocolate dip and stick biscuits. Some people just eat nutella straight from the jar and lick it off the spoon like it's a lollipop. Crazy but I've seen people do it. But Nutella-go is not worth the money for me. It is better to buy a nutella jar, and go buy bread or biscuit sticks separately because paying P100.00 or $2.00 is a bit too much for such a tiny tiny, did i say TINY THING?!?! I was so disappointed with nutella-go :( For the others out there who has tried it, did you feel the same as I did? or not?

     Ferrero also debuted their coconut flavor "RAFFAELLO". Great for people who like coconut, but definitely something not for me. I hate coconut for some reason. The smell makes we wanna vomit. I can smell it from miles away. Anything that has coconut. I will pass. Even if it is coated in chocolate-y goodness. It can't mask the taste of the evil coconut!

     But my ultimate favorite is Kinder Bueno, Kinder Surprise, Kinder Chocolate they are also made by Ferrero. Pricey but I love Kinder products. They are just so creamy and yummy! Top to bottom. Inside and out! and to be honest it is not crazy sweet but just right for the taking! I love putting it in the freezer before eating them because I don't like it melting inside the plastic when I am eating it (savor every last bit) and the coldness adds this crazy icy sensation that is delectable.

     Last but not least. HANUTA! HANUTA! HANUTA! But what is Hanuta?


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Magic Red Velvet Powder to spice up your holiday from CBTL

     I am not a coffee coffee person. Not unless I had to stay in the coffee shop to do some work or study. I know it is crazy, but I can never finish work inside the library, it is just too quiet. I always end up sleeping or staring at other people who are drowning in their work and not getting any of mine done. One problem that always troubled me was that just when I was drowning in my work inside the library, I always end up hungry and have to leave to grab a bite else where. 

     So I like how the coffee shop makes everything work for me. I know a lot of people think that it is crazy how can people focus when it is so noisy there. But trust me, it does work. I have no idea why too. Maybe less pressure, better ambiance? I don't know it just really depends on the person's preference. I prefer mine not too quiet and not too noisy. What's great about the coffee shops that I hang out at is that 75% of the people there are also studying. So the noise isn't too loud. It is just the right amount of sound to keep you concentrated on your work, and not too quiet that you would fall asleep.

     One of the drinks I am crazy about and I have been going gaga about is the red velvet frappe from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. For some time now I just can't stop thinking about their Holiday basket. Not really a basket, more of a cup. I have no idea how long they have been there and how long it is gonna be there but I am glad that I discovered it when I did.

     I decided to get myself an early present when I visited CBTL in Rockwell. Even if I purchased this set, I still decided to get myself a large cup of Matcha Frappe,even if it was freezing cold there.

P 599.00

Sunday, December 15, 2013

51% OFF on Las Paellas at ENSOGO

I have been blabbing about online shopping for a while now, it may be a little late but better than never! Saving money especially this Christmas season is a must! So deals are everywhere.

I have been so busy filling out orders for my customers that I barely got the time to write or do some shopping myself. So I would just like to share to you what I have found last minute, it may save you a couple of bucks for a special occasion or two. Your birthday treat to friends and family, a date with your girl, or just a nice quiet meal for yourself. 

Sometimes planning ahead can save you big bucks. Imagine the extra change you get for the same quality and amount for half the price or sometimes more! I admit to hoarding coupons for my favorite places and it truly saves me money since I know that I would be visiting the place over and over again!

Special doesn't always have to extravagant or expensive. It may just be a simple well planned out blue print.

 DEAL Ends TONIGHT or atleast it says that there is one day left. Grab the chance now, you don't know when you will be craving for paella but it is a great thing to have a coupon on hand "JUST IN CASE". Since I had the time today to do some browsing on online shopping sites, I saw that my favorite ENSOGO had a deal on my recent blog article LAS PAELLAS, which is located at Greenhills Shopping Center.

They have 2 different offers for us.
if you haven't been there.
get a taste of LAS PAELLAS for an amazing 51% OFF!
the deal would be great for you and your date, or you and your family.
deal ends TONIGHT!
They are offering 
Set meal for 2 for only P 489.00 (valued at P980.00)
1 Paella
1 Main Course
2 Iced Tea

Set meal for 6 for only P1199.00 (valued at P2420.00)
2 Main Course
6 Iced Tea

deal can be used on January 16-April 16, 2014
*max voucher is 2 coupons per person per visit/redemption, but unlimited purchase
*reservation is atleast 1 day prior to redemption

by the way coupon can only be used at Greenhills shopping center branch :)


Thursday, December 5, 2013

SAC People, eco bags with personality!

     I may not be mother earth's best child, but I do love her and I do what I can for her. Eco bags were not the best solution for some just because back then it was PLAIN and BORING. Some of them were and is still BULKY and are NOT "BAG" FRIENDLY. Can you imagine putting this in your bag?

     I can't! Not cool. So I was really happy when I started seeing very colorful and fun shaped eco bags! They looked too cute that they didn't seem to look like reusable bags. When in storage of course! Some of them are shaped like cupcakes, animals, flowers, etc. Take your pick, they have it.

Magic Bin. Can you spot the ice cream? :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Muy Bien : Las Paellas Cafe

     In the busy streets of Greenhills shopping center. With dozens of restaurants to choose from I believe that LAS PAELLAS CAFE is one of the best Spanish restaurants I've tried. I have been here a couple of times and the food never disappoints. As you can see the restaurant name is Las Paella, therefore we must assume that they serve paella there. They do! They have 4 different paella's there, I am not sure if other Spanish restaurants have this too. But as of what I know they usually serve 2 types. The NEGRA and SEAFOOD. I know that sometimes a long wait is worth the wait. But for now I would say PASS to paella. I am just so hungry that I could eat a horse or not (that would be weird).

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Breakfast at Ling Nam

    I am not ashamed to admit that I am an addict. A sugar addict. I love everything sweet. Even my coffee tastes like sugar and not coffee. I have to admit that I am pretty scared of getting type 2 diabetes. Even my thesis had something to do with Diabetes. Everything has got something to do with sugar. So after a long while that I haven't gone to the doctor, I finally had the courage to face the fact that I need to check my fasting blood sugar (FBS) level looked at. So it was early in the morning around 8 am. God I hate needles. Even after 3 strikes of Dengue, I am still not used to the needle prick. Went there with clean dry palms but left there like I had just washed my hands. Sweaty.

     After the dreadful blood taking. I can finally eat a decent breakfast. It was too early for our usual time. But I didn't want a Mcdonald or Jollibee breakfast. I want something warm. Since I got my FBS checked at Hi-Precision in Del Monte, QC. We were near Banaue and what good way to start the day with noodles. Or so I thought!

     I love Ling Nam, whenever I am sick or just feeling sad. I crave for noodle soups, I don't know why, but there is this warm fuzzy feeling they bring to me when I eat. Kind of a warm embrace of a different kind. My go to sick food. If it is clam chowder for some. This is mine. What I love about it is that I have grown to love this food. Been eating at Ling Nam ever since kinder I think. I remember the time when we ate at Ongpin, and the place would be jam packed. You would have to share tables with people you don't know and feel as if you know them. No awkward feelings. It was the perfect place to eat that morning. With the sun shining and with the super blue sky.

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