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Magic Red Velvet Powder to spice up your holiday from CBTL

     I am not a coffee coffee person. Not unless I had to stay in the coffee shop to do some work or study. I know it is crazy, but I can never finish work inside the library, it is just too quiet. I always end up sleeping or staring at other people who are drowning in their work and not getting any of mine done. One problem that always troubled me was that just when I was drowning in my work inside the library, I always end up hungry and have to leave to grab a bite else where. 

     So I like how the coffee shop makes everything work for me. I know a lot of people think that it is crazy how can people focus when it is so noisy there. But trust me, it does work. I have no idea why too. Maybe less pressure, better ambiance? I don't know it just really depends on the person's preference. I prefer mine not too quiet and not too noisy. What's great about the coffee shops that I hang out at is that 75% of the people there are also studying. So the noise isn't too loud. It is just the right amount of sound to keep you concentrated on your work, and not too quiet that you would fall asleep.

     One of the drinks I am crazy about and I have been going gaga about is the red velvet frappe from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. For some time now I just can't stop thinking about their Holiday basket. Not really a basket, more of a cup. I have no idea how long they have been there and how long it is gonna be there but I am glad that I discovered it when I did.

     I decided to get myself an early present when I visited CBTL in Rockwell. Even if I purchased this set, I still decided to get myself a large cup of Matcha Frappe,even if it was freezing cold there.

P 599.00

     It is the time of the year when it is good to have a cup of hot cocoa with the family, but let us step aside from the usual and make it a cup of hot red velvet with the family. I have no idea if this is just a limited thing like all the Christmas holiday drinks out there. Please make it stay! For all the good kiddie's like me :) LOL! 

     I have little or no time at all to go out at all this Christmas season because of all the perfume orders. So I decided to get myself this magic red dust for a little extra energy while working. I have blogged about how crazy I am about red velvet goodies and I am glad that CBTL offered it like this. For P599.00 I think it is a pretty good deal!

     So if you still have holes in your shopping list and know anyone who likes red velvet cakes, cupcakes, or drinks. This one would do well for them. It also comes in their "TRIO" pack along with 2 other powdered drinks for P999.00. They are all wrapped up and ready to go. It also has a "to from card" already. Just write your name and you are good to go!

     Since I only wanted the red velvet, I decided to go for this instead. I was surprised that it came with a tiny whisk. I thought that it was only the cup and powder. I never noticed the whisk until I opened the package. I love it! Makes me feel like a super barista! What they do looks easy when you are on the other side of the counter. But do we really know the exact science that goes on behind the counter? What makes their coffee shop the 'it' thing and why people come back for more? I have always found their art interesting. They always manage make my drink just right. Just like baby bear's porridge.

     What I love about this "to go" concept is that I get to make my own drink at the comfort of my home. I wonder if I would make a good barista? I've always wanted to shout "One large red velvet ice blended  frappucino for Katryn!" I doubt it! Can't even make myself a good cup of regular coffee. But I make great 3 in 1 coffees. HAHAHA. I even have to rely on my "yaya" to make me a great coffee. But ever since she got married and left, I have no one to make me my favorite blend of coffee. I can't even make myself a decent drink let alone be a barista! BOOOO :( I just love how she makes it so sweet. Sometimes it feels more of sugar plus coffee. Not coffee plus sugar. I miss her :(

Instructions imprinted on your mug so that you will never forget!

      I pray that I make a decent cup of hot red velvet for me this Christmas since this bad baby comes with instructions! Got that right! Instructions!!!! I know I can nail this! Just like how I do it in the laboratory. I hope my tongue agrees with the recipe. It is fool proof guys! Just like most things are now until it is not.

Instructions are easy!

For a red velvet cocoa, all you need is 
  • 12 oz. mug and magic whisk
  • add 1/3 cup of powder
  • fill it with steamed milk or hot water

for a red velvet original ice blended drink
  •  fill the 12 oz. cup with ice
  • add 6 oz. non fat milk or whatever milk you choose.
  •  pour into the blender
  • add 1/2 cup of powder
  • blend until smooth. 
  • Add your whipped cream or not :)

     Seems pretty easy, right? But if you don't like the outcome of the science that they have provided you with, then you can tweak it your way. Add a little more or a little less of the powder. With whipped cream on top or blended. A sprinkle of cinnamon or a teaspoon of honey. Whatever makes you happy!

     Great thing about DIY's is that you get to add a little of yourself to what you make. Plus a little more appreciation for the craft.

     I am not sure how long this 8 oz or 227 grams of dust will last. For an ice blended drink I think it can make me 3, 4 cups max. For a hot cocoa I think I can make 5, 6 cups max! Not a lot but I love how convenient it would be especially when I get a craving in the middle of the night in this cold lonely weather! WHAAAT!

     So when I tried opening the can, I really had a hard time. It won't budge! I was worried that I would break my nails, no it is not "maarte". I mean really break my nails! It took me a little more energy to push out the cover. I was scared of pulling the cover since I have no idea what the inside might be. It may be sealed or not. It might have another lid inside or not. So, I took extra caution in opening it. I was relieved when I opened it. It had this little holes just like the top of a baby powder's container. Can you imagine the mess I would be cleaning up and all the powder I would be throwing away if it was just a big plain open canister? Say bye bye to 600 bucks!

     The instruction says that you need at least 1/3 or 1/2 cups of powder for each drink you make. I was really wondering how long it would last. So, I took the liberty of getting the measuring cups and I was mortified that it seemed like it won't last me a long time. I was hoping that it would. Prayed that it would! But no worries! or should I? Do I need to buy or hoard?

    Oh did I mention how much I love the can?? I know that a lot of people love to keep cute containers. Or just buy things because of their cute containers. But I just love how cute and pink it is! I am hoping that after I finish it that I could save it and re purpose it for whatever that comes to mind. Although I am not really sure how I am suppose to remove the lid inside the can yet.

     Just in case you do like red velvet like I do, I think it is a good idea to get them now while they are still available because when I bought mine, all the stocks they have are displayed already and there were just a few left. I am not sure about other branches though.

    If you still haven't tried out Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Red Velvet, I suggest that you do go and try it! Promise, it won't bite!


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