Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Bistro Group Premiere Card : The ultimate VIP card, grab yours now!

I love eating out. My goal in life is to get to try as much restaurants that I can. People associate good life with good food. So basically I have been living the "good life" and I love it!! Restaurants are popping out left and right, but only the good ones get to stay. These are places that you just can't get enough of.

I am happy and proud to say that The Bistro Group (TBG) is here to stay and they have been around since my toddler days. To be honest, back then I wasn't a fan at all. To me their food are a little pricey (and it still is by the way!). Yeah but back then I did see TGI Fridays and Italianni's but I didn't even know that they were from a group. I didn't know that they had a group.

When thinking of TGI Fridays, my mind think Mozzarella Sticks!! I order that each and every time I eat there. I love mozzarella sticks. I don't like cheese, but mozzarella is an exception. The only exception. Maybe is the reason I even get to eat pizza.

But they turned me into a fan when they started their Bistro Premiere Card (PC). Basically almost all restaurant groups or individuals have some sort of  "CARD" even gas stations have them now! Haha Be it promo cards, discount card, rebate card, points card, etc..

I hate how much clutter they create. But people/me collect them anyways. That is why I find it hard to carry around a tiny bag these days. Cards are just piling up! Card holders are really easy to find now. National book store has them, Fully booked, Leather bag stores. You can't have just a wallet anymore. You can surpass the coin purse. But thing is now that you even need a separate wallet for your cards alone just because you've exceeded your card limit in your everyday wallet! Erg..

I remember one time when we were sitting at Globe to pay the bill. A lady came up to my dad just to ask where he bought the card holder. I am guessing she is desperate and has some card clutter in her bag as well. We all do.

So we all collect these card thinking that it would save us money. It actually does make us spend more money don't you think? Thinking at the back of our minds "well yeah at least if I spend this I get to save a little". Not at all people! :))

But still we collect them thinking that in the long run "rebates, points, blah blah blah". So instead of not spending any more money after eating dinner. I had to shell out P2,500.00 but I was more than happy to!

But since I love eating out, and I love dining at TBG's restaurants. It's well worth the money for me!

I love the VIP treatment from them. They give you complementary Coffee or Tea with every visit. I didn't like coffee before, but I think for some reason I am beginning to. Am I getting old? :(

So here is the thing everyone says that after Sundays they don't have money anymore. I seriously doubt that. Then you get encouraged by TBG to dine in their restaurants because they give you 30% off during Mondays.

When you decide to purchase the Premiere card, you fill out the form inside the booklet and you get to tell them when your BIRTHDAY is!! Yehey or not? Who likes getting old? :( I don't! But I like celebrating my birthdays because they know how to make birthdays extra special! They give you a 25% off during your birth month! There you go! Another reason to celebrate.

You get the card the moment you pay for it. No need to wait a few days to have them print your name on the card. Express service!
The ribbon and lips are covering my full name and the Card's expiration date

So if you had the card last year. You will notice 1 small (almost unnoticeable), but major difference. There is only (1 piece) 40% off coupon as suppose to last years (2 pcs.). I was looking forward to that. But sadly it was changed. It was the best part if you ask me.

Last but not least. It's just like the online coupons you buy. Think of it as something pre-paid. Where you get 6 free appetizers of your choice up to P400.00 in value. So if there are 6 pieces it is already P2400.00. So lets say you paid for the free appetizers. Thing is you still get the 20% discount. Yes I know most of us aren't Seniors yet, so no the 20% off for them cannot be applied to you. That's why we kiddies have this card!

You won't feel stingy ordering the appetizers that are pricey because you are thinking it's free (but you did sort of pay for it already, well at least that is how I feel). You can now freely order the expensive appetizer platters and just pay for the excess amount which would mostly be a P100.00 - P200.00 

Here is a summary of why the Premiere card is a must have :

  • You get 20% off your bill every time you dine
  • 25% off your bill during your birth month (More reason to celebrate!)
  • 30% off your bill every Monday
  • 1 time 40% off dining voucher up to P3,000
  • 6 pcs. Free appetizer worth up to P400 each (You only pay for excess amount)
  • Complimentary single serving of Coffee or Tea for every visit (Coffee is about P120.00 per order)
Things to remember :
  1. Present voucher before ordering
  2. No card, no discount (They need the card to process the voucher)
  3. Cannot be combined with other promos and discounts
  4. Not valid on Valentines day, Mother & Fathers day
  5. 1 voucher per visit - you can use your 20% off and 1 free appetizer
  6. You cannot combine 40% off the bill and free appetizer
It is super worth the money if you usually dine in at The Bistro Group's affiliate restaurants
  • FISH & CO.
I have dined in most of their restaurants. I yet have to try Tonkatsu and Siklab. But my top 3 favorites are Bulgogi Brothers, Watami, Fish & Co.

See you around TBG guys!

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