Saturday, January 4, 2014

KOORI : the dessert that is good for you!

I don't like milk, but for some reason I grown to love yogurts. But not just any yogurt. Only Red Mango. But the only flavors that I like are Green Tea, and their special flavors like pomegranate and blueberry. I don't like the taste of plain yogurt. Reminds me of milk, bad milk to be exact. Red Mango has the only yogurt taste I can tolerate. Other yogurts just feel icky to me.

I was at Robinson's Magnolia checking out SAC people but suddenly had a craving for something sweet and cold. But I wasn't in the mood for plain old Green Tea yogurt plus their seasonal flavors are out. Add the fact that the store was another floor up and my feet are killing me since I've been walking around Rob Mag since lunch.

I passed by KOORI that was just located in front of toy kingdom at the 2nd level but never really paid much attention to it. But a while ago I saw this big picture of what seemed like an ice cream sandwiched in between 2 waffles. I've missed eating ice cream sandwiches. There are so little of them left on the market. So I went for it. I like ice cream sandwiches of all kinds, brands and types that I see. I decided to get one for myself just to try it out if it is any good when suddenly my whole family rushed towards me. I was doomed. I was trapped. Had to buy more than what I wanted. Poor wallet :(

But what is Koori really? It is Japanese for ICE. That was a product of their innovative thinking and love of a healthy lifestyle. If you didn't know that it was yogurt Koori was serving you, you might think that you are actually eating ice cream.

My family loves ice cream so much that at the sight of  a freezer everyone thinks of ice cream. But Koori isn't serving ice cream. It is serving yogurt, they have 3 forms of yogurt goodness. They have bars, mochi and sandwiches. But we all wanted to try their yogurt sandwiches without a doubt.

They have two serving sizes for the yogurt sandwich.
  • P 60.00 for the small one 
  • P 95.00 for the bigger one 

Guess what I did. I actually measured the sandwich diameters with a tape measure! (crazy lady walking)
  • The small one is 5 cm (diameter) by 2 cm (height)
  • The big one is 8 cm (diameter) by 2 cm (height)

They currently have 5 amazing flavors to choose from.
  • Almond Crunch
  • Dark Pistachio
  • Chocolate Kisses
  • Green Tea Pistachio
  • Strawberry Cheese

The first thing that came to my mind was Green Tea as always. But they were out of the big ones, so I settled for the smaller one. Good thing though, it was too sour for my pallet.

Small Green Tea Pistachio

I also bought another large Almond Crunch and it was a delight! Instant favorite! I just wished that the almond bits was not only on the perimeter, but also on the inside!

Large Almond Crunch
The waffles were at first hard to bite down on since they were frozen, but after a minute or two, it was just right. Not too frozen, not runny and so DANG! Crunchy still! It had sour hints in the first few bites but since it was yogurt to begin with it would be. But as you take in more, the sourness goes away. I guess our tongue does get used to the taste easily. It tastes more of a regular ice cream after a while. Just like ice cream. YOU WOULD WANT MORE! :l

They also have a sign that was specified to mochi but I think it is also applicable to the yogurt sandwiches :) Thank you for the warning Koori. I thought my teeth were gonna break when I was attempting to bite the yummy Almond Crunch that was fresh from the freezer, then I saw this. Haha


If you aren't into sandwiches and you are more of a marshmallow-y type of person, then their mochi yogurt is the one for you. They are softies (of course after a while out of the freezer) on the outside and creamy goodness on the inside. They have also have 5 flavors for each kind of mochi :
  • Chocolate-shelled mochi's for P 85.00 or P 485.00 for a box of 6. 
  • Gourmet mochi is P 100.00 per piece or P 575.00 for 6 pieces

They also have yogurt bars that are shaped like ice cream popsicles. They have :
  • regular flavors for P 70.00 (Box of 6 for P 400.00)
  • premium flavors for P 95.00 (Box of 6 for P 540.00)
Yogurt is definitely healthier for you. I am no saying that you should shop eating ice cream. Coz' I love ice cream. But the feeling ice creams gives to us, yogurt does too but in better ways.

Did you know that Koori's yogurt is 98% fat free. It also has calcium that is great for our bones. Probiotics that is good for the colon, intestines and heart.

I know that my photos aren't that great, so if I didn't make you drool.

Visit Koori's web page for more details and PHOTOS!

Never be too full!
Always save some space for dessert!

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