Sunday, January 19, 2014

Calling the attention of ALL LEFT HANDED people :) Stabilo has a surprise for you!

No matter how old we are, well at least no matter how old I am. I never seem to grow very far away from the bookstore, National Bookstore (NBS) to be exact. For me it feels like wonderland of buting-tings. Back when I was still 'ye tall. I've always loved going to NBS. To buy school supply stuffs that I've never actually needed but mostly just WANTED. I've always liked to draw, but they were never any good. So, maybe it's the frustrated artist in me that keeps drawing me inside (from then 'til now) and telling me to buy everything that sparkles in my eye.

They didn't use to have all the funky things we find there now. Back then it was just ordinary school books, pencil, paper, notebooks, etc. Now they have study tables, office table, conference tables, chairs, filing cabinets, toilette sprays, decorations, Christmas lights, game boards and so on and so forth. A bunch of other stuff that would surely keep you inside for a while. Like say a department store. It will never be just a simple grab what you need and go.

Even after a little growing up, I can still find myself mesmerized inside. Looking at every shelf and every basket. Just to see if there is something new to buy. I've kept my distance from NBS while still in college just because there were no artsy stuff in my courses veins. Just plain books, notebooks and pen.

But since we were about to practice "Shading" for the board exams. I needed to buy a pencil. Haven't used one of those for a while. I don't think that I have even finished 1 whole pencil my entire life. Who knows how many Mongol's I've bought, lost and broke. I lost count after 10.


That was what I know, it was visible from Kindergarten because the teacher keeps moving my pencil to my right hand, she kept changing me!! :(( She even tried to convince me what I was spelling my name wrong (but that story is for another day). It was not so visible in grade school because the tables are a whole. But when I got to grade 3 or 4, it was evident! Up to high school and college just because someone decided to have a cut back (kidding!) I have no idea why the tables are halved. But whatever.

Righties must have never noticed this because it was just like this all their life. 

Did you notice that all brand labels and markings of pens and pencils are facing you when it is held by YOUR RIGHT HAND? Try putting it on your left. Notice anything different?

or was it just me who noticed these little things? :l

Too bad for people like me. I have noticed this way way before that whenever I hold a pencil or a pen. The brand would just not face me. No matter how I turn the pen, move my body, face the other side. Nothing worked. Even my Engraved name didn't face me. BAH! It hurted a little. No! It actually frustrated me! I know I am a weirdo! :)

The photo below is how a left handed pencil should look like and feel like!


After a life long search for the perfect pencil. I can never thank you enough STABILO for making this LEFTIE PENCIL. I bought it for P120.00 roughly $3.00. I was like goo-goo eyes when I saw this. I just had to have one. I wish I had one when I was a kid. It would have been the coolest thing to own. Add the fact that it is PINK! My 2nd favorite color.

P120.00 or roughly $3.00

To some people it will be no big deal. Some of you might even be thinking, what the fuzz is all about. But to me this is a big deal. Finally something designed for people who are different. It is at least a new market and product for some companies. Nothing was really designed for "the others", poor us. Maybe someone "big" from STABILO is left handed, that was why they finally came up with this. haha!

We left handed people know that we are different. Just try the screaming right handed chairs in school. Not a fit, never a fit.. but you just get used to it. You always had to request a Left handed chair, and if you are already sitting in one. You see the world differently. You are on the "OTHER" side of things. Leaning towards the other side to see that you have the best view of the blackboard just because all other heads are facing the right side (during HS of course coz College has a different seating arrangement). That would probably be the only thing I loved back then about being left handed.

Goes the same for NOTEBOOKS. Oh those cursed notebooks. The bottom of my palm has always been sitting on those spiral metals. Ouchie!

Here is what's inside the box :
  • Retractable Leftie Pencil
  • 2mm 2B Lead Refills
  • Leftie Sharpener
  • Seemingly Normal Eraser 
Inside the box
Each set comes already with 8 pieces of refill, which I think should last me a good few years! I don't use pencils that much obviously. I just wanted it for the sake of having it! Who knows in a few years or so it could be worth so much more (I don't think so).

8 pieces, 2mm 2B Lead Refills
The set also comes with a pencil sharpener that is ESPECIALLY FOR LEFT HANDED PEOPLE, with a L on it for emphasis.

When you open the top lid, you can see two holes. But the smaller hole is actually the LEAD SHARPENER. For me it is a more economical pencil, since there will be no more TREE SACRIFICES here.

I think if you have been paying attention, you would be asking yourself, what makes a left handed sharpener different from a right handed sharpener.

I removed the sharpener from the body because I was curious why is it so special? Not that a right handed or ordinary sharpener made any difference to me. I didn't really noticed at first glance. But when I took another look. OOOOH THERE IT IS. 

The blade is sitting and facing the other side!

Left sharpener that is Pink is the LEFT HANDED SHARPENER
the right one that is silver is the RIGHT HANDED SHARPENER
I wish the there is a real life Ned Flanders (from The Simpsons). I would like to take my time shopping at his LEFTORIUM. Hahaha! Wouldn't you lefties? :D


  1. Hello there! I'm Angel and a left-handed too. Since school is about to come, I just want to ask if you know some notebooks that are for left-handed. It's really a struggle for me to use spiral notebooks. Please answer this ASAP. Thank you!!! (:

    1. Hi Angel! I had a STRADMORE notebook before that is for us lefties. The spiral is on the right side of the page which was a total blast and a relief for my hand, but I haven't seen one since then and that was like 4 years ago! I am also not sure if they still make it. But I think the best thing for you to use is the ones with the spiral on top? :) But if I see one, I'll update you.


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