Saturday, January 25, 2014

EL POLLO LOCO drives me loco!!

There are just places that you can't get enough of. Not all restaurants have the "Charisma" to lure you in each and every time. Sm Mega Mall has tons of good restaurants, fancy restaurants. Heck, even as I write this new restaurants are opening. But ever since I can remember, we have always dined at EL POLLO LOCO for some reason.

El Pollo Loco, pronounced “L Po-yo Lo-co” and Spanish for “The Crazy Chicken”. They specialize in flame-grilled chicken which is healthier compared to other methods of cooking chicken, but better in taste!

8 Pieces Chicken

Although some of you might not even have heard of this place, or might not even have seen it. There are just 3 branches and 1 is like at the bottom of Mega Mall, the other is at the out skirts of MOA. They used to have more branches, but unfortunately not all made it through "the flame".

I have always loved eating here. The chickens are forever amazing. It hasn't changed one bit. I think the only thing that changed there was their corn side dish. I hate how it suddenly went retro and turned back to the cob! I hate it. I loved the corn kernels, much easier to eat. Although it makes you eat a lot of it. 

But I never really appreciated it all until a few years back. I only started to understand its full potential when I was in high school, that was when I started eating decent food. Even if I only ate the chicken and Spanish rice back then. It was enough for me to keep coming back. But ever since then, I have always watched my family eat there "THE RIGHT WAY".

You are all probably wondering what "THE RIGHT WAY" is, but we'll save that for later.

I never ate tomato back then. I instinctly have to remove it even in burgers. I felt like all healthy foods were out to kill me. So basically I didn't use their main "ingredient", not that it's a must. But when you eat there and see the people who "knows" how to eat there. You just wanna do the same. 

The salsa I must say makes the food better for some reason! The SALSA comes in MILD or HOT. Don't bother with the mild if you are not sensitive to spices, because the spiciness of the hot salsa is amazing!

Their Spanish rice is really something. I can never eat there without ordering this. Carbs, carbs.. So hard to stay away from. 

I am so angry at people who can eat a lot EVERYDAY, but for some reason their bodies have this amazing capability of ignoring all the Calories they consume. Those blessed people! My constant battle with food and weight.

We all know that great food is great. But when you get to "SAVE" money, the food becomes even better! There would always be the 3 of us eating. Dad, mom and me. So we have always ordered the 8 piece chicken for P925.00. Sometimes, for some reason. It would still lack. So if there would be another person dining with us, the chicken plate is a battle ground.

For P925.00 you get :
  • 8 piece Chicken
  • 3 tortillas
  • 4 salsa (mild or hot)
  • 4 dessert (you can choose from brownies, leche flan, choco revel, fruit cocktail, ube halaya)
  • 4 drinks (soft drinks or iced tea)
  • 4 large side dishes (Spanish rice, potato salad, Spanish beans, coleslaw, loco fries, corn cobbs)

Here are the usual side dishes we order minus my favorite corn :(

Potato Salad
(Regular : P50.00, Large : P60.00)

Loco Fries
(Regular : P25.00, Large : P50.00)

(Regular : P50.00, Large : P60.00)
I have no photo evidence of how it is to eat the "Do it yourself chicken taco" because when I already did mine, my hands were smudged. Next time I promise to show you, step by step :)

But it is just basically :
  1. Open the tortilla on your plate
  2. Take some chicken bits and place on the tortilla
  3. Take some Spanish Rice and place on the tortilla
  4. Take some side dish bits and place on the tortilla
  5. Last but not least! Place a generous amount of Salsa on top of everything else
  6. Fold like a taco

VIOLA! You have your own master piece!

If you love chicken, and you love taco. This is the place to go. I promise you, no regrets when you eat there. You never have to complain about there isn't much chicken or there is too much of this and that. 'Coz you are the MAKER!

It’s not really easy to eat like you don't care. Especially not on the first dates. It would be a great place to take someone, if you don't mind the way they eat. Or it may be a great gauge on how much you like the person, to watch them eat this messy! Nah, I am just kidding. Always be yourself, except when you should not. HAHA!

 *here is a trick on how to not look "Groes" when eating with a date. Try not to put a lot of things inside. To make it easier to bite down. Also, try to hold down the other end of the taco so that the guts won't spill out.

We are often so full that we never get to the dessert part. I only learned to eat Leche Flan recently. I have no idea why I didn't eat them back then. But then again maybe it was because of a bad 1st time. Not everyone makes great leche flan you know. Some make it too bland. Some make it too gelatin-ish. But when I got to try El Pollo Loco's Leche Flan. I liked it. It was super soft, sweet, and the texture was just right! If you can, try to save some for dessert as they have the best leche flan for me!

Leche Flan
They also have brownies for dessert. It doesn't look much, but it is a huge bar and it is really yummy! I think they should start serving ice cream too! Therefore, you can have ice cream brownie for dessert! That you really need to make room for.

If you haven't tried this place out, this should be one of your priorities before all the other new restaurants open in Mega Mall.
  • SM Mall of Asia Branch - 1st Level, Entertainment Mall, Central Business Park Bay Blvd., Bay City, Pasay, Metro Manila Tel. No. 02-556-0574
  • Ground Level, Bldg. A, SM Megamall, Edsa cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City Tel. No. 633-4977, 633-1617
  • Araneta Center Branch - I actually have no idea where this is. But their company site says that it is still there.

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