Saturday, January 18, 2014

Angel's Pizza : A taste of heaven, sent straight to your doorstep

I love pizza! I love ALMOST all types and kinds of pizza's. It is one of the easiest thing you can eat on the go. I like normal pizza's. I am not on the "thin crust" or "stuffed crusts" wagon. Kind of kills the pizza vibe for me, I like the good old average Joe's pizza.

What's your go to pizza when you are craving one? There are dozens of pizza chains and even pizza carts out there. You might be surprised but my top 3's are Pizza Hut, Lotsa Pizza and Angel's Pizza. Some of you might not even know the latter exists.

I remember when I was a kid, my family would always order Pizza Hut but I didn't eat any veggies before, and what they always ordered was the Super Supreme. Since they know me well, they would all kindly leave the crusts for me to eat. Scavenger kid. Haha! It took me a lot of growing up before I eventually ate the harmless bell pepper, onion, blah blah..

When I finally did. My love for pizza grew more and more! I loved how easy it is to find a Pizza Hut booth because it is scattered across the Metro. No need to spend a couple of hundreds just to have a slice. Since it's only P55.00 for 2 slices.

I lived on Pizza Hut's bacon and cheese for a while in UST. I am not complaining that I always eat Pizza Hut (in fact I actually like it), but I am complaining that it is gone. UST is a pizza friendly zone. I mean it! Every corner you turn to there is a pizza place or booth at least. We have Yellow Cab and Pizza Hut at Lacson, Shakey's at Espana, Sicilian at Dapitan, Chansel inside UST's car park, Pizza carts outside the gates of USt and lastly El Bonito at the UST's old gym. I wonder if it is still there now that the gym is gone.

While we were hanging around Rosarito in Dapitan, a man came up to my friends and was carrying some sort of a Coupon Card (Valid for 6 months only) for ANGEL's PIZZA (which I asked about, but they can only be bought from the roaming agents that go house to house and not from the store itself, too bad because this was the best deal). I have no idea why the guys bought it but they did or maybe I do. We all haven't tried Angel's Pizza. But the coupon's seemed to be very promising and makes each order worth the money.

Since whenever we celebrate birthdays, we order pizza. It was a great deal for all of us! Especially to the one celebrating his/her birthday! :)

What's great about them is that their prices are super affordable, worth it and lastly OVERLOADED WITH TOPPINGS! No need to pay for extra toppings 'coz it is already over flowing!

Medium sized pizza - 9 inches - P269.00 to P340.00
Family sized pizza - 12 inches - P366.00 to P470.00
Big Family sized pizza - 14 inches - P431.00 to P599.00
Angel's Double pizza - 14 inches - P647.00

Since it has been a while since I last had Angel's Pizza, I decided to order one for the insomniac nights I am having.

I was thinking of purchasing their APC CARD for P 299.00 which would entitle me to 
  • Either 25% off or a buy 1 get 1 free (which you get to pick the free pizza, MARVELOUS!)
  • Valid for 1 year

But then I changed my mind because they have an ongoing promo of BUY 1 TAKE 1 of their family sized pizza for P 550.00. Since the pizza I was about to order costs P470.00 already, an additional P80.00 for another pizza sounds great! Don't you think?! :) I decided to take advantage of it and forego the card.

They have a + P 30.00 peso delivery charge which I think is reasonable enough. 10 peso less than Mcdonalds.

So here is my killer midnight snack 

Chicken Aloha
Family Size : P470.00
Chicken Aloha Up Close

Pizza  Overload
Family size : P 470.00
Pizza Overload Up Close

Aside from their delectable hand tossed or thin crust pizza's they also have pasta's, pasta's in a dough, calzones, side items, combo meals for those who aren't in the mood for pizza.

They have a total of 9 branches which are open from 10 am to 11 pm

  • Kalayaan, QC
  • Fairview, QC
  • Granada, QC
  • Eton Cyberpod, QC
  • C.M. Recto Branch, Manila
  • Malate Branch, Manila
  • Makati City
  • Paranaque City
  • Dagupan City

Their HOTLINE is really easy to memorize! 
922-22-22 ;) 

If you like you can also ORDER ONLINE at : Order Angel's Pizza

If you would like to know more go to :

Next time you crave for pizza, give ANGEL's Pizza a try!
Heaven Sent!

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