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Country Cookie by Blue Bell

I love ice cream. Even if I am dying because of the freezing cold weather, I still can't help but grab myself an ice cream stick or tub or cup every time I go the supermarket (doesn't really matter which, as long as it looks good). Ice creams are always depicted as comfort food in movies. Specially when there are break-up scenes! Bring out the bucket!! Whooo.. But does it really ease the pain away? Or it just adds more pain!? Imagine all the pounds they would gain and the pain they will have to go through to take that away. haha!

I can remember when I was a kid. I never ate veggies or basically any decent food. Junk foods were most of where my nutritional needs come from (if they had one). I remember eating a lot of chocolate cookies at an early age. I loved going to the grocery with my brother since we both love cookies, and we always get "Chips Ahoy Sprinkles". The one that used to come in a white packaging. I know I wasn't dreaming when I was eating those. But it seemed to have vanish overnight. Did they really exist? Or was I really dreaming? Every time I go back to Unimart, where we used to do groceries, I would always HOPE that I would get to see it again someday..

I don't think it was my dad nor my mom who taught me to eat junk food. But for some reason I've been chowing down on chocolates, chips and cookies through out my life. I am crazy for a good cookie. Much like how Angelica from the Rugrat's loves cookies. She goes ballistic when somebody else eat her cookies.

I am an Angelica in a way. What's mine is mine! I am not a sharing person when it comes to food. Not unless you are somebody truly special to me! I wouldn't care if you are crying in front of me. I would just tell you to bugger off and buy one yourself (what a monster right?). A cookie monster perhaps?

I also like Mrs. Fields. She is an awesome lady. But I find myself "kuripot" to buy them. It would be my special cookies. The fresh ones I like, but I am not much of a fan for their packed cookies in supermarkets. They don't have the "p-zaz" in them.

So cookies I like, ice creams I love. So ice cream cookies!? It's a heavenly combination.

Blue Bell's Country Cookie
Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Every moment with Blue Bell Ice Cream has been a delight. I love how their freezers are vertical, I know that there are other "vertical freezers" but they are mostly the imported ice creams. The local ice cream freezers are usually the chest type. Does that even matter to you? For me it does. I dislike bending over just to see the available ice creams. The vertical ones, they let you see what is inside them in broad day light. And you see all of them too, except when you have to dig behind the facade! I wasn't expecting that there would be an ice cream cookie because at first sight I only saw tubs of ice cream. Ice cream sandwiches aren't all that big of a deal here. I don't see a lot of them. But they have been making its way out to the market, but it is a slow pace..

I can't remember the last ice cream cookie I had. So I was really anxious to try it. It didn't come across immediately as cheap ice cream for me since I saw at the door of the freezer that each pack is P110.00. Although when it comes to ice cream there is nothing that I would not do. No money I would not spend. I opened the package immediately and chowed it down before it even gets the idea of melting.

When I opened the pack, I was so happy that there was a huge chunk of ice cream staring back at me. It has a generous Vanilla ice cream scoop, sandwiched between 2 huge Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I was so into it but had to "SHARE" it to my mom because she was giving me the eye. Even though she was coughing like a mad man, she took a bite and she liked it! So the moment I knew she liked it, I sprung the price to her! "Of course it would be great mother! It's P110.00 each." She gave me an even bigger stare. But good ice cream has a good price too. That she understood.

I loved how soft and chewy the chocolate chip cookie was. It was sweet but not too sweet, even with the ice cream. But I am wondering if I would be buying a bunch of these from the supermarket. I don't know how they would be able to make it for the trip back home. It's not as if I live in Mars. But the ice cream would melt and if it would refreeze it wouldn't look as good anymore. Right?

I just really have to say this. I love ice cream and I am crazy about it. I always read their Nutrition Facts at the back of their packaging. But it never really sinked in to me that they have all this and that in there. Ice cream is ice cream to me. No matter how much Calories or Fat or Carbs. NO PAIN NO GAIN!

"Life is too short, eat what you want, do what you want."

While reading around I found a little something from Blue Bell's website from the States which I totally agree on.
although Blue Bell is only available in about 26% of the nation’s supermarkets, it ranks as one of the top three, best-selling ice creams in the country. Our products are sold in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming. No matter how much the market grows, quality standards never change and are never diluted or compromised. That's why, people who are lucky enough to live where they can buy Blue Bell Ice Cream, say it's "the best ice cream in the country."
It might just make it to my top 3 ice cream list. If it doesn't, it is still way up the ladder. I may not be from the States, but I am just happy that it has found its way here to the Philippines. Such luck we have now that we are living in the modern times. I think it would be hard for me to be blasted to the past where there is no proper refrigeration. How would I be able to keep my ice creams fresh!? :(

Maintaining quality is truly something to be proud of, especially these days. For me a company is better off raising their prices instead of compromising quality with substandard replacements. Right? Food is not something to be tampered with.

If you share my love for ice cream. I have a list from their Philippine website as to where you can find them. Do know that not all branches would have the same flavors and stocks :)

Save some for the up coming summer season, or just buy a new one when it comes! Take your pick ^^, They do have it in summer capitals like Cebu and Boracay. You really don't need to worry. Maybe expand to Palawan and other summer spots for the "cool people"?

Cebu City

  • Robinsons Banilad Town Center
  • Rustans Ayala
  • Rustans Banawa
  • Gaisano One Pavilion
  • Gaisano Country Mall
  • Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa
  • Waterfront Lahug
  • Moon Cafe (IT Park)
  • Sweet Surprises
  • Hi Mart
  • H Mart
  • Islands and More at BE Resort
  • Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa
  • Texas Creamery (Ayala Center Cebu)


  • Budget Mart

Metro Manila

  • Robinsons Supermarket-Eastwood
  • Robinsons Supermarket-Z Square Mall, Banawe, Quezon City
  • Robinsons Supermarket BF Paranaque
  • Robinsons Supermarket Ermita
  • Robinsons Supermarket Magnolia
  • DEC Chinese Deli-Wilson St., San Juan
  • Pioneer Center Supermarket

South Luzon

  • Robinsons Supermarket-Nuvali
  • Robinsons Supermarket-Tagaytay City

Share sweets to your sweets, 
especially this Valentines day!

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