Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Euroo Touch Mouse (EM-100TW)

When have you last used a mouse? No, not the rodent! Groes! I am talking about the mouse you use to navigate around your desktop or laptop screen. For me it has been 5 years since I last used one. I bet some of you too have been living without a mouse for a long time now. 

When I first got my laptop I seemed that the mouse was unnecessary since its got a built in track pad. Almost everyday I bring my laptop to school with me, it's just a net book. Even if it is a net book, I've always felt like it was still far from "light" to carry around since it still weighs 1 kilo. So I never bothered bringing all the other additional accessories that comes with having a computer. I get enough exercise from my books, notebooks, manuals, etc. alone. A full size laptop weighing 2 kilos is definitely out of the question. I ditched the unnecessary stuff and sticked with the basics. 

So, I got used to the track pad that the mouse was never even missed. Since all I ever do is type formal reports, term papers and read e-books. It didn't really affect me that much. I never missed using it. Not even for a second, but while I was walking around with my mom and dad over the holidays. I kept noticing one particular mouse. EUROO, I thought about it for a long while. I wondered if I would really be needing it or do I just want it? I guess the latter weighed so much more. I really wanted it. Since I was doing a lot of editing these days, I thought it would come in handy too. I was pretty happy with my purchase and here's why.

A lot of good wireless mouses costs around a thousand bucks or more. Which is way too much to pay for if you ask me. Ever since CD-R King, the king of all accessories made it impossible for me to shell out that big of a money when I can get something just as great for less the price. They are like the king of "buting-tings". They have mouses of different colors, sizes, designs, brands and type. Too much to choose from. I would probably be stuck there for a whole day trying to narrow it down to just 1 that I actually needed, liked and wanted.

But good thing I was at Automatic Center, they don't have as much option as CD-R King, but they have just enough to choose from. Which was good or bad depending on your preference of course. Sometimes I like to just go with the first thing I really liked, instead of having billions to choose from that I would have a seizure!

While looking around I spotted the mouse of my dreams! Yup got that right! THE MOUSE OF MY DREAMS!

Dreamy aren't they? But much like how a guy's brain functions. I went with the instinct to just get what's needed and be done with it. Not like how we girls are. Pick something, look for another, then go back to the 1st choice, and repeat process. It really saves time and energy! No wonder they like it so much. Not bad I might say. But it can only apply to so many moments in my life. I can't live, much less think like a man. Not in this life time I won't.

I really can't shake the feeling that I wanted it. It looked like a grown up, mature person's choice. No prints what so ever. Very corporate and elegant. Which usually isn't me. Coz I like all the cute fancy stuff that screams I am a girl not yet a woman! But maybe I was growing up? NAH!! I was smiling from ear to ear at the first sight of it.

When I asked how much it was. I was even happier and more inlove. Wanna know how much?? It retails for P 890.00 but it was on sale for P 740.00. It looked pretty expensive, but it is really affordable. It also carries a 1 year warranty. It is a pretty good deal. Most stuffs in this price range would have at least just 6 months warranty, or none at all. My thoughts were it was perfect!

But it was the usual boring black or white decision. It looked a lot like Apple's Magic Mouse, that retails for $69.00 around P 3,000.00. Which has amazing features by the way. But I feel like it's way too much for just a mouse!

If I was an Apple person I would have jumped on the white one for sure, it looked so clean and the silver lining just makes it look even better. But the black one called out to me because it was more elegant looking per say, especially with its gold trimmings around. 

But here is the list that made me love my EUROO's EM-100TW

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows.
  • It has a stable wireless operation. (No more messy tangled wires)
  • It has flexible "Smart Touch" experience. (It utilizes a touch scroll for easy navigation, facing out the scroll wheel)
  • It has portable gold-plated mini plug and play receiver. (No need software installation anymore!)
  • It is capable of at least 10m wireless transmission distance. (I don't think I would be going that far from my computer, but thanks!)
  • It has a 13 minute auto power saving function (that allows the mouse to save battery when not in use) and is then reactivates by movement. (It runs on less than 20 mA power consumption.)
  • and most of all it has an 7 mm Ultra-thin design that adds to its charm and has a size that fits perfectly on your hand. Not to big and not too small. Not too thin and not too thick. (Super light weight, easy to carry around and it doesn't take up much space)
Con :
The thing about that black mouse is that finger print marks are more visible on it, rather than on the white. But it's not a big deal since you are not gonna stare at your mouse or something.

So, here is an idea of how the bottom of the mouse looks like 

As you can see it is an optical mouse already with an ON and OFF Switch to properly turn off the mouse when not in use. Talk about saying goodbye to the previous generation mouses that has a ball thingy on the bottom of it that you have to clean once in a while because it attracts dust and all that.

There is also a bottom compartment where the 2 pieces of AA battery is placed. Its back panel serves as the usb toggle holder where it is slightly magnetized for it to adhere and not fall off whenever you open or close it.

I have been using it everyday since I got it. So far I am very happy with it. No problems what so ever, works perfectly and smoothly. 

It is not visible in the photo but remember how the old mouses would have a scroll wheel in between the left and right click. But Euroo EM-100TW doesn't have that anymore because it now utilizes a "TOUCH SCROLL" which you use basically just like the scroll wheel. I got used to it pretty easily. 

So which color do you think is better? It was so hard for me to choose. But since my laptop is black. I chose the black one and decided to pimp it up myself. Speaking of pimping things up, did you notice that the black mouse has a letter K on it? :) If you didn't see it here it is again! Sorry. I am just so happy with it!

The rub on letters I used was the one I recently bought from the bookstore because the font was so great. Its got a "Victorian" vibe to it. So I used it to personalize my Euroo mouse. I really liked the idea that I can add a little more "ME" to my stuffs. I used to live on track pad alone, but now I cannot even live without my mouse. Clingy much? :) When I go out, I used to never bring accessories. But now I always check my bag to make sure than I have my Euroo mouse with me. It got me mesmerized!

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  1. Your post is good. I like style of your writing. So I got pleasure reading it. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi there! No, thank you very much, pleasure is all mine. I am happy to know that you got to enjoy what I wrote. Come back for more? :) Yes? :)


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