Friday, January 3, 2014

KAGI-gil Chocolate Wafer

I think that the Philippines has more Starbucks than hospitals. I have been visiting Starbucks ever since it came here in the Philippines but I was never much of a coffee person. So I have been indulging myself with their snacks and treats mostly.

Have you noticed that they always have these lolli's for P25.00 on their counters? Back then Kagi has always been on the cashier's counter for P5.00 or P10.00 I think, but they disappeared all of a sudden. I wonder why.. Would it be possible that it didn't sell? I doubt it. Kinda felt sad at first when it was pulled out but eventually forgot about it.

Until I one glorious day that I found it again in Duty Free. I love Duty Free. They have all the good stuff! I missed it a lot that I just snagged one off the shelf. It has been a blur since it was way back when but I know this was what I was eating at Starbucks.

Kagi Mini
$3.35 or P143.00 per pack

I am not a milk person, but I love milk chocolate and chocolate milk. Kagi is like this super yummy soft chocolate coated wafer that just melts right off your tongue! It will cost you around $3.35 or P143.00 per pack.

Inside sneak peak

Goodness inside and out! A sort of imported "HELLO" wafers amplified. This is the mini size. It also has a regular size which has 2 wafers in each pack. :)

It is truly KAGI-GIL :)

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