Thursday, September 5, 2013

SEVENFRIDAY Boutique now open at Greenhills Shopping Center Promenade Extension

     I was surfing the web looking for a new watch just because I have an empty spaces in my watch box, and it is a NO NO! So I found SEVENFRIDAY. It caught my attention because its face was square and it looked sporty yet classy at the same time. It also reminded me of my favorite Nike watch that retired a few months back. Seriously, who doesn't like Fridays!? It means rest day for most people but not all, and to have 7 of it?! Immaculate! But reality check. NOT HAPPENING!

     I went to their website to check out the different models that they have and guess what I found. It is certainly more than what I expected. When looking at watches online you have no idea how big they are, and how they would fit your wrist. So here is something new. They have this PRINT AND TRY tab. So I clicked it and to my amazeballs. You can print the watch and try it on! KUDOS to their advertising strategy. BRAVO!! I found it really cool and if you like what you see. Then you might actually get the real deal. But it doesn't come cheap. Well for a pretty watch like that who wouldn't cash out!

     I know it is stupid. But just because I am bored and just for fun, I am actually gonna try the paper watch so that their advertisement won't be in vain. When you print the watch make sure to uncheck the fit to page option and in no time you will have a watch that is totally flat and won't even tell you the right time. Which tells you that you need to go now and buy the watch! :)

     So here's how the paper watch looks like when printed on a short bond paper :

P1 model

P2 model
After cutting out the watch delicately. This is how it looks like :)

     I have a tiny wrist and this is how it looks like on my hand. I dig it! If you know what I mean. It looks more of a guy's watch, but who cares! If it fits, it fits!

     I wanted an idea on how it would look like on a guy's hand so I asked my dad to do me a favor and wear the super awesome watch I am giving to him and this was how it looked like.

     Great thing about family is that they support you with whatever. I know it is silly of me. But I am seriously running out of things to do inside the house. Below is more information about SEVENFRIDAY watches and where you can get them :)

They have 3 models + A Special PHILIPPINE EDITION

P1 : industrial ESSENCE (retail price is P55,500.00)

     It is the suave watch. It comes with a black strap and stainless steel case

*photo taken from their website :

P2 : industrial REVOLUTION (retail price is P59,500.00)

     It looks like it was from the wild west! with a brown strap and warm grey case

*photo taken from their website :

P3 : industrial ENGINES (retail price is P60,500.00)

      It is the GUY GUY's watch. It is all black with red accents

*photo taken from their website :

     BUT WAIT! There's more. If you are makabayan! They have a special watch waiting for you. What is great about this P1:  PHILIPPINES EDITION is that it comes with 2 straps. Black and white. But since it's limited edition it is pricier than the other models. It retails for (P63,000.00). There is only 150 pieces of this watch. So if you like it, go grab one now! or it might be too late.

*photo taken from their facebook page : sevenfriday manila

     The great thing about this watch is that it is AUTOMATIC and Swiss made. The face is made of treated mineral glass and the body is made of stainless steel which is great especially for the price you pay. The watch back says that it is good til 3 ATM. Which means that it can only be good for water splashes from hand washing and a little rain So it CAN'T be used for water related work, swimming, windsurfing and skin diving.


SEVENFRIDAY has now opened its own Boutique in the new Greenhills Shopping Center's Promenade Extension. It is just by the entrance right across from Starbucks and Wee Nam Kee. They have all their designer models there in display! If you've loved their previous models which are classy. You would might actually like their newer models that are the same model but looks more sporty! Their new colors only came in this December 2013. 

What I loved about it is that their P1 Model has 3 new colors. They have ORANGE (which was the one I liked!), GREEN and BLUE. All of them are show stoppers! 




I tried them on. OH! They looked good alright! There is no doubt about that! Girl's these days are blurring the lines of which are for men and which is for women. The great thing about being a girl here is that if you wear men's watch. It would look swag. I can't say the same about guy's wearing girl's watches. Or do they?! Maybe in secret? LMAO

Thing is if you are a girl and you are planning to purchase a SEVENFRIDAY watch, make sure that the leather strap fits you well or if you are planning to give this as a gift and not surprise them make sure that you have their WRIST SIZE. Yes, that's a thing now. It's not just ring sizes anymore people. 

I have a pretty small wrist like 5 1/2 inches in circumference. So the regular strap even belted to the last hole is still pretty loose. Now you have an idea that if your girl's wrist is tiny, the regular strap is too big.

Even if I have a tiny wrist, the watch still l ooked DOPE! :) Its face isn't too out there. It would have been better if I had walked out of the store with this on hand. Maybe next time!

You can ask "Ms. Dianna" who takes care of the SEVENFRIDAY BOUTIQUE at GH to change it to a short strap for free but the available colors for now are only BLACK, RED and BROWN. The 3 new colors of P1 has no short straps available yet for now. She is really very accommodating and nice.

If you are looking to purchase a new watch, you would have to ask yourself if you would like a "light" as in feather weight watch or any type of watch will do. I am saying this because the watch does have some weight to it and if you don't like that, you might not like this.

Oh! I forgot to say that it retails for P60,500. But they are still offering 10% off for cash which makes it P54,450 and 5% off for credit card payments

Whatcha think? :)
(Sorry for the messy hair!)

   If you are interested you can go to their retail partners :

  • SEVENFRIDAY BOUTIQUE at Greenhills Shopping Center Promenade Extension
  • Washington watches Alabang town center,festival mall Alabang ,and Rockwell powerplant mall , Robinsons Ermita ,greenbelt 1,Glorietta 1, Shangri-la mall (installment payment is good for 3-6 months, you get -5% for one time payments)
  • Trilogy boutique Alabang town center,and trilogy Glorietta 1


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