Saturday, May 31, 2014

Izakaya Den : Japanese food haven in Malate

Nothing complements Japanese food like KIKKOMAN (bow)

And whenever dining at a Japanese restaurant I would always love the sight of this sexy body with the red cap, not that I don't appreciate the beautiful condiment containers of other restaurants, but nothing beats simplicity.

By the looks of IZAKAYA DEN's facade, I was totally excited because I feel like a lot of Japanese people eat here (which would say a lot about it's authenticity) and also because I have seen the place for quite a while now and have been dying to see what the inside looks like. I have passed by this place over and over again, but never had the time to stop and give it a try.

.... Til now! For the longest time, my mind has been constructing the inside of this place! Seemed to me like it is the Japanese "A" place to be and it is! And I would always see a ton of cars parked outside whenever passing by.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Heaven in San Juan : Brasserie Cicou

I have been working for a month now, and I have noticed the biggest change in my life. I sleep early, I eat early and most of all I tire easily. Tire easily was never a word to me before. I have no idea what the word rest mean because I would just go on and on. I would watch movies til wee hours of the day. Sweeping at 3 in the morning because I had nothing better to do.

Even going out on a Sunday, the one rest day I have, seemed like too much work to me now. But my coupon from DEAL GROCER was about to expire, I had to get off my butt and use it.

DEAL GROCER is the "IT" coupon place. They would always have the best deals for the best price. But best of all. IT IS LEGIT. But I'll save it for another post..

Now, my family would frequent Greenhills like clock work and we would always park on the building parking right across the old Gloria Maris. And whenever it is time to go home, I would always love looking out the ledge (not to jump) but to breathe in what's left of the fresh air there, and I would always see this place :


But we never had time nor chance on our side to try this place out. No, that's an excuse. We would never bother to walk out of the perimeters of Greenhills Shopping Center, because it is just way too hot outside and no place is worth the sweat we were gonna produce. (I was so wrong.)

Good thing I bought a coupon from DG. Best purchase ever! Better feeling than buying a bag, getting a massage or even SLEEPING IN.

At this point in my life I would trade food for sleep. I never thought it can happen, but it did. You have no idea how much I wanted to sleep in and just forfeit the coupon! But if I did.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Every Girl's Dream : The Tannery Manila (Leather bags and more!)

It is not everyday that I get to meet beautiful ladies like Macy and Mariel.

ME and MACY (the designer)

ME and MARIEL (the chemist)
And you are probably wondering who they are. Well for starters, they are the sisters who are responsible for the great merchandises of THE TANNERY MANILA.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Money well spent at : 8 STREET BITES at SM Manila

Back when I was still in high school, I would always love to go to Sm Manila. I would be there almost 3 times a week, which would be a lot for a high school student right? I don't know why but I just really loved eating out even on a school night!

So even on a school night or on a work day, Sm Manila would always be filled with people from different offices near by like from the City Hall or the schools near by like PUP or Adamson. I was so used to the crowd that it was a shocker to me that on this fateful Saturdate, there were barely any people.

But even if it has really been a long while. The stores were pretty much the same but the restaurants.. It was news to me!

I was  a little melancholy but somewhat happy. I was actually craving for some good BRASO DE MERCEDES from REYES (which is now sadly gone!). But it was truly a blessing in disguise.

I was now on a mission to find a new place to eat at.

Sm Manila is a little place and if I put it to will, I can finish roaming the place in less than an hour.

On the 4th floor, I noticed the biggest change. There were a couple of great places to eat at like RED TABLE, SEAFOOD ISLAND, ARISTOCRAT, KEBABERS, but what caught my attention was :

What is it about the number 8? It seems like the number 8 is making it's mark on the industry. Eight this and 8 that. Did they forget about lucky 9? Lol

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rediscover the Filipino in you at Isla Cafe (Robinsons Ermita) by XO46

I do not know if drinking coke early in the morning wrong or if eating junk food for breakfast is right. But whether it is right or wrong. I LOVE IT. (We all know it is wrong, right? I am just in my life long denial stage)

I have never been in the norm or even close to it. I like doing things my way and getting things done my way. I would not care if it is right or wrong as long as I am not hurting anybody.

With that being said. I think eating breakfast for lunch or eating merienda during night time is my kinda style. I have so gotten used to sleeping late that I just follow what my tummy wants or demands not caring if it is night or day.

So I hate how some places restrict me from eating the things I like. 


I really needed to let that out. Been holding on to it for the longest time.

But now I would just like to say, "thank you ISLA CAFE that you serve me merienda during dinner time! I love you :)"

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