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Heaven in San Juan : Brasserie Cicou

I have been working for a month now, and I have noticed the biggest change in my life. I sleep early, I eat early and most of all I tire easily. Tire easily was never a word to me before. I have no idea what the word rest mean because I would just go on and on. I would watch movies til wee hours of the day. Sweeping at 3 in the morning because I had nothing better to do.

Even going out on a Sunday, the one rest day I have, seemed like too much work to me now. But my coupon from DEAL GROCER was about to expire, I had to get off my butt and use it.

DEAL GROCER is the "IT" coupon place. They would always have the best deals for the best price. But best of all. IT IS LEGIT. But I'll save it for another post..

Now, my family would frequent Greenhills like clock work and we would always park on the building parking right across the old Gloria Maris. And whenever it is time to go home, I would always love looking out the ledge (not to jump) but to breathe in what's left of the fresh air there, and I would always see this place :


But we never had time nor chance on our side to try this place out. No, that's an excuse. We would never bother to walk out of the perimeters of Greenhills Shopping Center, because it is just way too hot outside and no place is worth the sweat we were gonna produce. (I was so wrong.)

Good thing I bought a coupon from DG. Best purchase ever! Better feeling than buying a bag, getting a massage or even SLEEPING IN.

At this point in my life I would trade food for sleep. I never thought it can happen, but it did. You have no idea how much I wanted to sleep in and just forfeit the coupon! But if I did.

Probably would have missed out on the best meal of my life!
and missed meeting the man (who made the best meal) of my life!

The best meal of my life courtesy of this man (or should I say superman?!!)

Hey I have outgrown the puppy love thing, but this man brought it back! If I only knew that French guys cooked this good. I would have moved mountains just to meet one (I just did, didn't I?!). Wait.. I don't think it's too late! I still can! Hahaha but kidding aside.

Now I know the French love their cheese, bread and wine, which Brasserie Cicou has a lot of! But there is hope for cheese scared people like me in a place like this.

This complementary bread alone can make you keep coming back. It's the best complementary bread I've had. Even their butter is amazing! And I usually don't use butter on my bread. The shape is too beautiful to touch. (No bread survived the attack)

Now, on to the main entrees!

For starters their PORK CHOP glazed in home made garlic sauce, lentils, beaujolaise sauce was heavenly! I don't know what that means but it is BEAU-tiful alright! 

The mashed potatoes that came with it was a delight (even without gravy). Did I just say that? Sorry KFC. The reason I love this mashed potatoes was because IT TASTED LIKE POTATOES, and NOT BUTTER! Coz I hate how some mashed potatoes that are too buttery, big turn off.

Now we all love a good pork sisig right?! I know that it is a great dish to pair wish our local beers for pulutan, but who knew sisig could be this classy. Only chef Cyrille. Only him.

This La Manilenos Sandwich (P320) is made of pork sisig w/ garlic patty topped with atchara, salted egg gribiche sauce, sandwiched in baked crispy french baguette! Makes me think that Chef must have been Cinderella's fairy god father!

Le Manilenos Sandwich
Both dishes were good, but the best one is at the end of this post. You just have to patiently wait for it.

I love food but I am really not the easiest person to impress. I would always prefer not to go to the same place twice, but there are places like this that you just can't stop going to (so much for the one stop shop).


Right now, it is the ultimate place for me. The place feels home-y, comfy yet very sophisticated. Perfect for date nights! :p

I would love to receive a proposal in a place much like this. It would be the most adorable and memorable thing.

I would actually prefer to have my dream wedding reception here instead of the usual hotel ballroom receptions. Ehem ehem!!

Now, I can only imagine what this place looks like at night time. Without a doubt, I am coming back! If you can you picture what I am seeing, just head onto Brasserie :) If you can't still head to Brasserie!

But the place is not all entrees and wallet punching dishes. They also do have some affordable food like tapas and sandwiches.

With chairs and tables like these, it is the perfect spot to have those long family meals. I can totally see my family spending our weekends here!

But at one other end of the restaurant they have this sort of sofa beds that are perfect for just hanging out or game nights with cousins and friends!

But before you see all these things, you surely will be passing by "the bar".

When I entered this place, I was greeted by the friendliest staffs! But these beautiful light fixtures took the focus away from them, I spent a good few minutes just staring at them (what am I!? An insect??).

But seriously I did stare..


Usually it is hard to make me drink, but when the owner/chef is the one pouring me drinks.

I just have to drink!

Thanks CHEF!

But not only do they have amazing light fixtures and entrees. They also have awesome desserts, best one's I've had in a while!

These babies are available in bite sizes so that you can do what I did.


No, not all but at least all the ones you like. These little ones were the syrup on top of my ice cream. They were all great! From the macarons, to the madeleine, to the cannele, to the Kouign Aman! I can go on and on and on..

There are also a bunch of other little things like croissant, liver pates, sausages and marshmallows!

I had the dessert before I had the main entree (badass!) but it totally didn't spoil my appetite. It actually left me wanting more. That was how extraordinary this place is.

And just before stepping out the door, they gave me the biggest reason to come back A.S.A.P.


Why wasn't I warned that this place is highly addictive?! I was totally full but I really wanted one like.. right NOW, but I had to save it for the next trip. (Hopefully this week!)

Now, we came to the restaurant during the dead hour, a little over 4 pm. And because of the heavy rush of people during lunch, sadly there was no more pork belly, salmon and beef.. What a good business.

I was left slightly heart broken and a little sad that most of the things I was looking forward to eat was out of stock. So I was pushed to ordering something a little above my coupon's comfort zone.


I don't know how I started to like lamb, but when I was little, I felt like it was a little mean to eat Shaun the sheep.

Any who! Whatever happened, I am thankful. Learning to eat lamb is probably one of the top 10 highlights of my life and this one plate is by far the best. I don't know and I doubt that any one can beat this dish.

  Totally, absolutely, in and out I am head over heels with this.

This braised Australian lamb shank, Navarin-style is plated with green peas, carrots, potatoes and bacon. What else can you ask for!?

Definitely a must try for anyone who hasn't had lamb yet.
Definitely a must try for people who don't like lamb.

This place will give you a fresh start you need and it will be a start of something new!

I had a hard time walking away from this place, even the thought of shopping left my mind when I got to talking and getting to know the people who operate the place.

It was a treat that I got to eat this place, but getting to meet the owner/chef is priceless!

Like Chef Jill (beside me), Chef Roxanne (the wacky one behind me), between me and Chef Jill is Chef Cyrille's son and the person with the peace sign is the BOSS!!

BOTTOM LINE: Heaven in San Juan

Visit their Website for more information :

and don't forget to like them on FACEBOOK :

Operating Hours : (Closed on Mondays)

Tuesday-Saturday 12 noon-11 pm
Deli Opens at 10:30 am

If you plan on taking your special someone here, it is better that you make a reservation at least a day before :)

Telephone/Cellphone Number : 661-9200; 0917-885-8841


  1. I soooo love this place too. its an alternative to going to far far away just to get an awesome French meal. The lamb itself was worth it... :D :D :D The prices was reasonable and the resto feel is great for a date or a brunch with the fam :D

    1. Yes! I think so too. Plus I/we have no idea if the food in France would be better! At least here sure na tayo! :p haha Diba?! The place looks outrageously good! I would have loved to stay be the couch and play board games all night!


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