Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sparking Iced Tea by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

There is no doubt that I am Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's fan. From their drinks, food, powdered drinks, ambiance, excellent customer service, their "light up buzzer when your drink is ready" gadget and now they have sparkling iced tea too!? They never cease to amaze me.

 I can't say the same about their tumblers though. If they could get that tiny thing right. I need not another coffee shop... not until there comes a new place with a better sense of style. For me CBTL is a "classy coffee shop". Makes me feel like all "grown up", NOT!!

Well I heard from a friend that CBTL has a great iced tea. I immediately asked if it were from CBTL Coffee Shop, but it wasn't. No wonder I haven't seen it yet. It was from Family Mart. I for some reason haven't seen one 'til that fateful day in UP Town Center.

Family Mart is no where near the places I thrive at. Even if they have 32 outlets here in the Philippines (felt sad that I haven't seen one til now). When I came up to the refrigerator, I saw that there were several CBTL drinks. I was yearning for the iced tea. There are 3 flavors. I had no idea which flavor is good or which is bad. Since it was just P51.00 each, I gambled and took all 3 because I had no idea when I would be seeing another Family Mart again.

With a set back of P153.00. I was hoping that at least one of it was good. At the top of my head I was expecting that it would taste like tea that is iced. You know what I am talking about. But I was so relieved that it wasn't. It was just like my favorite Nestea drink but better. Iced tea that doesn't taste like tea, my kind of iced tea.

Well for now at least I know where 1 Family Mart stands and it is at UP Town Center. I am kinda digging that place a lot. I will definitely come back there to try out their other restaurants.

 Family Mart is just like our everyday convenience store. But I felt like it has a little bit more class to our usual 7-11. The food selection is better, chocolates are better, hell everything is better! They even have stuffed toys! Just like your everyday convenience store, you can expect that the prices are a little bit higher than in our local supermarkets. For the sophistication they offer, it's a little price to pay.

I think if I would be craving for this (which I already am), I would have a hard time since Family Mart is on the other side of my planet.

So here we are with their 3 amazing flavors. They all have BLACK TEA as their base.

  • Berries
  • Apple
  • Lemon

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Craving Katsudon? Try GINZA BAIRIN, truly the best Katsudon I've had!

Whenever going to an uncharted territory, first thing I do is map out the place and scout for a good place to eat. That is what we all do for survival right? Not that the scenario was this drastic. But I love exploring new places because I am always in search for something new. 

UP Town Center is the perfect place for what I had in mind. Majority of the place is a breather. An artisan's place. A place built or brought here as a fulfillment to its owners who has passion for great food. A place where the food and satisfying the customers are the top priority, not just the $$$$$$ (granted that it is a given). UP Town Center might be a little place for now, but already has lots to offer.

On a cold afternoon, almost night. The air around it was the perfect time to ask for a hug (especially if you are with someone you like, it is the perfect place to make "pa-simple moves"). Haha because the place was just freezing cold. A Tagaytay or Baguio kinda feel. A good ramen would be the perfect thing to eat, but there was not a lot to choose from only "RYU" and another Vietnamese place. There were a couple of pastries and coffee places and places I haven't seen before.

The closest thing to what I had in mind was GINZA BAIRIN. At first glance of the place, I immediately loved the plain and simple interior. Gives the place a "relaxing" vibe. I would have loved the place even more if it were a floor sit down kind of resto. There is not much of those places, and probably for a good reason too. Can you imagine a bad smell (you know what I am talking about) emanating through out the place? Turn off right?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

EL POLLO LOCO drives me loco!!

There are just places that you can't get enough of. Not all restaurants have the "Charisma" to lure you in each and every time. Sm Mega Mall has tons of good restaurants, fancy restaurants. Heck, even as I write this new restaurants are opening. But ever since I can remember, we have always dined at EL POLLO LOCO for some reason.

El Pollo Loco, pronounced “L Po-yo Lo-co” and Spanish for “The Crazy Chicken”. They specialize in flame-grilled chicken which is healthier compared to other methods of cooking chicken, but better in taste!

8 Pieces Chicken

Although some of you might not even have heard of this place, or might not even have seen it. There are just 3 branches and 1 is like at the bottom of Mega Mall, the other is at the out skirts of MOA. They used to have more branches, but unfortunately not all made it through "the flame".

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Country Cookie by Blue Bell

I love ice cream. Even if I am dying because of the freezing cold weather, I still can't help but grab myself an ice cream stick or tub or cup every time I go the supermarket (doesn't really matter which, as long as it looks good). Ice creams are always depicted as comfort food in movies. Specially when there are break-up scenes! Bring out the bucket!! Whooo.. But does it really ease the pain away? Or it just adds more pain!? Imagine all the pounds they would gain and the pain they will have to go through to take that away. haha!

I can remember when I was a kid. I never ate veggies or basically any decent food. Junk foods were most of where my nutritional needs come from (if they had one). I remember eating a lot of chocolate cookies at an early age. I loved going to the grocery with my brother since we both love cookies, and we always get "Chips Ahoy Sprinkles". The one that used to come in a white packaging. I know I wasn't dreaming when I was eating those. But it seemed to have vanish overnight. Did they really exist? Or was I really dreaming? Every time I go back to Unimart, where we used to do groceries, I would always HOPE that I would get to see it again someday..

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Bistro Group Premiere Card : The ultimate VIP card, grab yours now!

I love eating out. My goal in life is to get to try as much restaurants that I can. People associate good life with good food. So basically I have been living the "good life" and I love it!! Restaurants are popping out left and right, but only the good ones get to stay. These are places that you just can't get enough of.

I am happy and proud to say that The Bistro Group (TBG) is here to stay and they have been around since my toddler days. To be honest, back then I wasn't a fan at all. To me their food are a little pricey (and it still is by the way!). Yeah but back then I did see TGI Fridays and Italianni's but I didn't even know that they were from a group. I didn't know that they had a group.

When thinking of TGI Fridays, my mind think Mozzarella Sticks!! I order that each and every time I eat there. I love mozzarella sticks. I don't like cheese, but mozzarella is an exception. The only exception. Maybe is the reason I even get to eat pizza.

But they turned me into a fan when they started their Bistro Premiere Card (PC). Basically almost all restaurant groups or individuals have some sort of  "CARD" even gas stations have them now! Haha Be it promo cards, discount card, rebate card, points card, etc..

I hate how much clutter they create. But people/me collect them anyways. That is why I find it hard to carry around a tiny bag these days. Cards are just piling up! Card holders are really easy to find now. National book store has them, Fully booked, Leather bag stores. You can't have just a wallet anymore. You can surpass the coin purse. But thing is now that you even need a separate wallet for your cards alone just because you've exceeded your card limit in your everyday wallet! Erg..

I remember one time when we were sitting at Globe to pay the bill. A lady came up to my dad just to ask where he bought the card holder. I am guessing she is desperate and has some card clutter in her bag as well. We all do.

So we all collect these card thinking that it would save us money. It actually does make us spend more money don't you think? Thinking at the back of our minds "well yeah at least if I spend this I get to save a little". Not at all people! :))

But still we collect them thinking that in the long run "rebates, points, blah blah blah". So instead of not spending any more money after eating dinner. I had to shell out P2,500.00 but I was more than happy to!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream by Blue Bell

If I could go on a diet.
  • I can let go of my junk food stash. 
  • I can let go of meat (maybe). 
  • I can let go of rice. 
  • I can let go of soft drinks.
I can let go of everything EXCEPT ICE CREAM. That is literally my soft spot, that's what my soft spot is made of.

If there would be a thing that would let me know that I am my mother's child. It is that we love ice cream. Ice cream's don't stand a chance in our house. It will be gone before you even notice it.

If there is one thing we agree on, it is definitely good ice cream. My mother alone can finish a half gallon in a day's time. I am not kidding! Give her whipped cream and waffle cone. You will be wishing you ate some before you even showed the container to her.

One thing I love about Robinson's Magnolia is that, it is the mall that keeps on giving! I have found so many treats there that it feel like I have been exploring another planet. From great ramen places, to new boutiques, to top it off it has A LOT of good ice cream parlors.

I have been freezing these past few days because of the unusually cold weather here in Manila. Thank God! Even if it sounds like I am complaining(because I am) I am still enjoying the cold weather at the same time. But even if I feel cold, I can never complain that an ice cream is too cold! There is no such thing. I love ice cream. Just not melted ice cream ok? :)

If I would be left on an island and asked what food I can take. I would ask for an ice cream, not just an ice cream but a complete factory that can make ice creams. Can I ask for that? If I could. I am not so sure about what ice cream flavors I can make. I bet it would only be coconut ice creams. Not unless there would be miracle trees growing, I would not be able to make the best of my wish.

We got there a little later than usual, so we decided to just do the groceries. Whenever entering the magical boarders of supermarkets. The first thing I look for are the ice cream freezers. I know it would be silly for some, what could I be expecting? It would always just be the usual ice creams. But surprise surprise!!!! Robinson's Magnolia's supermarket has a different ice cream freezer! All those ice cream freezer stalking paid off!

Bulgogi Brothers : Korean food at its finest!

I love Korean food. I basically love any type of food. Whenever sad, it makes me happy. Whenever happy, it makes me even happier. There is no down side to eating. Well maybe except for the few pounds you are gonna gain.

My mother keeps telling me that even if I was a skinny kid when I was a child. I loved eating out. She said that I wouldn't stop crying if I don't get to eat out before we go home. Seriously, I can't remember. Well to be honest the most I remember is wailing around, but I'm not sure why. Maybe this was it.

My family and I would always go to Korean Village in Malate when craving for Korean food. But they say that life goes on. I've moved on. I am now associating Korean food with BULGOGI BROTHERS! Even if I love food, I am still picky about the stuff I eat. I don't just eat anything.

So when I say the food is good. I bet my life that it is.

I have been to Bulgogi Brothers a few times and I just can't seem to get enough. Although they are a bit pricey compared to other Korean Restaurants but I can be sure of one thing. THEY ARE DANG GOOD!
I never leave my plate dirty whenever dining there. I always make sure that I am STARVING before I go there, so that I can eat whatever I want!

Since my coupon from The Bistro Group is about to expire. I still have one 40% off coupon. I wanted to use it wisely and I thought that this is the perfect place to use it. YES, 40% OFF! Sounds amazing, 'coz it is! PROMISE!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Calling the attention of ALL LEFT HANDED people :) Stabilo has a surprise for you!

No matter how old we are, well at least no matter how old I am. I never seem to grow very far away from the bookstore, National Bookstore (NBS) to be exact. For me it feels like wonderland of buting-tings. Back when I was still 'ye tall. I've always loved going to NBS. To buy school supply stuffs that I've never actually needed but mostly just WANTED. I've always liked to draw, but they were never any good. So, maybe it's the frustrated artist in me that keeps drawing me inside (from then 'til now) and telling me to buy everything that sparkles in my eye.

They didn't use to have all the funky things we find there now. Back then it was just ordinary school books, pencil, paper, notebooks, etc. Now they have study tables, office table, conference tables, chairs, filing cabinets, toilette sprays, decorations, Christmas lights, game boards and so on and so forth. A bunch of other stuff that would surely keep you inside for a while. Like say a department store. It will never be just a simple grab what you need and go.

Even after a little growing up, I can still find myself mesmerized inside. Looking at every shelf and every basket. Just to see if there is something new to buy. I've kept my distance from NBS while still in college just because there were no artsy stuff in my courses veins. Just plain books, notebooks and pen.

But since we were about to practice "Shading" for the board exams. I needed to buy a pencil. Haven't used one of those for a while. I don't think that I have even finished 1 whole pencil my entire life. Who knows how many Mongol's I've bought, lost and broke. I lost count after 10.


That was what I know, it was visible from Kindergarten because the teacher keeps moving my pencil to my right hand, she kept changing me!! :(( She even tried to convince me what I was spelling my name wrong (but that story is for another day). It was not so visible in grade school because the tables are a whole. But when I got to grade 3 or 4, it was evident! Up to high school and college just because someone decided to have a cut back (kidding!) I have no idea why the tables are halved. But whatever.

Righties must have never noticed this because it was just like this all their life. 

Did you notice that all brand labels and markings of pens and pencils are facing you when it is held by YOUR RIGHT HAND? Try putting it on your left. Notice anything different?

or was it just me who noticed these little things? :l

Too bad for people like me. I have noticed this way way before that whenever I hold a pencil or a pen. The brand would just not face me. No matter how I turn the pen, move my body, face the other side. Nothing worked. Even my Engraved name didn't face me. BAH! It hurted a little. No! It actually frustrated me! I know I am a weirdo! :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Angel's Pizza : A taste of heaven, sent straight to your doorstep

I love pizza! I love ALMOST all types and kinds of pizza's. It is one of the easiest thing you can eat on the go. I like normal pizza's. I am not on the "thin crust" or "stuffed crusts" wagon. Kind of kills the pizza vibe for me, I like the good old average Joe's pizza.

What's your go to pizza when you are craving one? There are dozens of pizza chains and even pizza carts out there. You might be surprised but my top 3's are Pizza Hut, Lotsa Pizza and Angel's Pizza. Some of you might not even know the latter exists.

I remember when I was a kid, my family would always order Pizza Hut but I didn't eat any veggies before, and what they always ordered was the Super Supreme. Since they know me well, they would all kindly leave the crusts for me to eat. Scavenger kid. Haha! It took me a lot of growing up before I eventually ate the harmless bell pepper, onion, blah blah..

When I finally did. My love for pizza grew more and more! I loved how easy it is to find a Pizza Hut booth because it is scattered across the Metro. No need to spend a couple of hundreds just to have a slice. Since it's only P55.00 for 2 slices.

I lived on Pizza Hut's bacon and cheese for a while in UST. I am not complaining that I always eat Pizza Hut (in fact I actually like it), but I am complaining that it is gone. UST is a pizza friendly zone. I mean it! Every corner you turn to there is a pizza place or booth at least. We have Yellow Cab and Pizza Hut at Lacson, Shakey's at Espana, Sicilian at Dapitan, Chansel inside UST's car park, Pizza carts outside the gates of USt and lastly El Bonito at the UST's old gym. I wonder if it is still there now that the gym is gone.

While we were hanging around Rosarito in Dapitan, a man came up to my friends and was carrying some sort of a Coupon Card (Valid for 6 months only) for ANGEL's PIZZA (which I asked about, but they can only be bought from the roaming agents that go house to house and not from the store itself, too bad because this was the best deal). I have no idea why the guys bought it but they did or maybe I do. We all haven't tried Angel's Pizza. But the coupon's seemed to be very promising and makes each order worth the money.

Since whenever we celebrate birthdays, we order pizza. It was a great deal for all of us! Especially to the one celebrating his/her birthday! :)

What's great about them is that their prices are super affordable, worth it and lastly OVERLOADED WITH TOPPINGS! No need to pay for extra toppings 'coz it is already over flowing!

Medium sized pizza - 9 inches - P269.00 to P340.00
Family sized pizza - 12 inches - P366.00 to P470.00
Big Family sized pizza - 14 inches - P431.00 to P599.00
Angel's Double pizza - 14 inches - P647.00

Since it has been a while since I last had Angel's Pizza, I decided to order one for the insomniac nights I am having.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bellychon : Belly busting goodness!

I know some people are still not over that the holidays are OVER. Whenever I think of festivities. The first thing that comes to mind is not gifts okay? The first thing that comes into my mind is LECHON. Although I was never a fan of it. A lot of people are. Its over rated for me that it seems like every person in this world are lined up (at too early for my mind to know) just to order lechon.

Have you tried getting lechon for your family during the holidays, if you have then you know what I am talking about. The line is not really a line. It looks more like the Great Wall of China, you need to hurdle over to survive a.k.a. getting some lechon! 

It just feels ridiculous for me. But when the holidays aren't in. There is barely a line, more like dots are what's left. When we went to Shopwise, Libis last week. We were starving because of the long traffic and decided to eat a little. In fairness, the food there are better than it was before. They now have Potato Corner, Pancit ng taga Malabon, Lapids Chicharon, etc.. But what caught my eye was.. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New to the palette : BRASAS (Latin American Street Food)

There's just always 2 things on my mind. Food and shopping. When I am not thinking of one, I am thinking about the other. Kind of my boyfriend A and B. Always there for me. I know I can count on them. But just like men. They just seem to all look alike, look the same. No more surprises. Too predictable. Too out there.

A midst all of them. There are still a few good men. Someone who will still manage to surprise you. Someone who will manage to offer you something new. This is what BRASAS is to me!

Mexican food, American food, Filipino food, Chinese food, Japanese food, Korean food. How does Latin American food sound? Even if it still has American food next to it. At least it has the word Latin before it. Close enough. Music to my ears! I hear bells ringing. Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!! We have a winner!

Whenever I get bored of eating. Yes, that does sometimes happen. I run a list on head on what else to eat. The usual things come to mind, and I always ask my mom. Ma, isn't there anything else to eat? She would always answer me with "What else is there??".

Brasas is really a breath of fresh air! The moment I stepped inside. I immediately asked "What is that smell? What food is that??" (with a big grin on my face, and my nose sniffing the air like a squad dog). Everything smelled delicious. I just wanted to order every single thing on the menu since there isn't really a whole lot to choose from. Just your hands and toes combined.

It is on my life's check list that I get to order everything on the menu of at least one of my favorite restaurants. Has anyone ever thought of that? I dream of that everyday! Wouldn't it be one hell of a feast!? :)

We saw Brasas at Sm North Edsa a while back, but we weren't in the mood for it. Since we are back there and have no where new to eat.

Sm North Edsa, The Block

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Chicken Rice Shop Promo on Metrodeal

Who doesn't like discounts? Discounts don't mean that the stuff is old or the thing is damaged in one way or another. Some people are so paranoid when they hear things are on sale! You may pass on it when you don't really need it. But everyone needs food and when food is on sale?!!? You just have to buy!

From my previous post about THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP, I know some of you wanted to just print out the photo, and eat. You can never go wrong when buying Food Promos. It is a no brainer that whenever we go out with our families and friends. People can always go window shopping, but it is hard to window eat?! Is that even a thing?

So if ever you are wondering why I like TCRS so much, now is your chance to get to dine there for less than their actual price.

While I am writing this, it is down to 13 hours to go before METRODEAL'S promo on THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP ENDS!!

There are 2 choices :

  • Meal for 2 persons (P340 instead of P461)

Half Chicken (Choice of Hainanese or Roast)
Ipoh Bean Sprouts
Chicken Rice Platter 

  • Meal for 4 persons ( P660 instead of P956)

Quarter Chicken (Choice of Hainanese or Roast)
Nyonya Pai Tee
Golden Fortune Rolls
Fried Wonton 
Chicken Rice Platter
Iced Tea 

Click here now before time runs out! : PROMO LINK

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Euroo Touch Mouse (EM-100TW)

When have you last used a mouse? No, not the rodent! Groes! I am talking about the mouse you use to navigate around your desktop or laptop screen. For me it has been 5 years since I last used one. I bet some of you too have been living without a mouse for a long time now. 

When I first got my laptop I seemed that the mouse was unnecessary since its got a built in track pad. Almost everyday I bring my laptop to school with me, it's just a net book. Even if it is a net book, I've always felt like it was still far from "light" to carry around since it still weighs 1 kilo. So I never bothered bringing all the other additional accessories that comes with having a computer. I get enough exercise from my books, notebooks, manuals, etc. alone. A full size laptop weighing 2 kilos is definitely out of the question. I ditched the unnecessary stuff and sticked with the basics. 

So, I got used to the track pad that the mouse was never even missed. Since all I ever do is type formal reports, term papers and read e-books. It didn't really affect me that much. I never missed using it. Not even for a second, but while I was walking around with my mom and dad over the holidays. I kept noticing one particular mouse. EUROO, I thought about it for a long while. I wondered if I would really be needing it or do I just want it? I guess the latter weighed so much more. I really wanted it. Since I was doing a lot of editing these days, I thought it would come in handy too. I was pretty happy with my purchase and here's why.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I when I sea-food, I eat at FISH AND CO.

Bistro group has always produced the best and the finest restaurants. Their company is so big that you get to see them everywhere you turn. There is no escaping it. They sit side by side usually and you can never look away. They are just so inviting that you can't say no. What I love about them is that whichever branch you visit you get these things all the time, every time :

Let us see the things they got on "The Check List" :
  • Big Generous Servings.
  • Big and Heavy Plates
  • Large Menu's. 
  • Friendly Staff
  • Super Discounts
  • Amazing Promos
  • Great Birthday Treats
  • Drooling Desserts
What more could you ask for? I remembered when Fish and Co. first opened. My family and I can't seem to have enough of their restaurant, let along their BEST FISH AND CHIPS. When you look at it. It looks so simple. Fish and breading = TADA! So simple that I even feel like I can whip it up in my sleep. But to be exact, in my dreams. I can't in reality. If I did the fish would turn to chips and the chips would be dust!

I've always wanted to be a lot of things. But I've never dreamed of being a chef. I like food. I appreciate food. But I am no cook. But it was when my loving yaya left to get married that I needed to start cooking for myself. Just the little things of course. Stuffs like fried egg, hot dog and frozen dumplings are all that I can cook. I can't cook a decent meal, not even to save my life. I have always relied on frozen foods or take out to survive midnight hunger.

My mom would always call me a "rat" since I would usually look for food in the middle of the night. In the dead of night, you would hear pots and refrigerator doors banging. If your imagination is wild, you might just think there are ghosts wrecking the kitchen or there was an intruder. But in reality it would just be a hungry kid squandering for food.

Fish and Co.'s restaurant is really more about fish and seafood. They have loads of seafood items in their menu. Have I mentioned that my family loves seafood. On family gatherings alone we would consume several kilos of crabs and shrimps. Everyone would sit on the table for hours at a time until there is nothing more to eat.

By the way, our family has CHEF NG to thank for our diet buster meals. He cooks way better than 5 star hotel chefs! We all keep telling him to just open up a restaurant, but he refuses as there are so many things to do and consider if you open one.

What is great about Fish and Co. is that they have a lot of set meals to choose from. They are great especially to families with big numbers. When it first opened we would eat there like clock work. It was great at first, but we eventually got tired of it.

It has really been a long time since we last ate there. When we lined up it was as always packed with rows and rows of families dining. Had to wait a while. To be honest I was a little excited (NO! REALLY excited) since I can see that there has been a few things that are new in their menu and this is what I love. This is what excites me.

We have ordered so much food and I was wondering if I would still be ordering their Fish and chips. Even after a long time I can still remember how blown away I get in each and every bite. The fish is good, but their sauce makes it even better! Their tartar sauce isn't really the same as the ones in the supermarket. We have tried so many brands but still no luck! We still haven't found their secret. I know how my mom loves it when we add garlic to their tartar sauce and that other thing. It gives this spicy kick to it that makes the food taste even better. But I didn't order it anymore since we ordered their Seafood Platter already. Too bad :(

I love bundled up appetizers. I love how they put all my favorite little things together. Ordering starters usually ends up stuffing me up that I wish I hadn't ordered anything else. It makes me turn into a gremlin and wishes that I wouldn't have to share this with other people I am dining with (Evil hahahahaha laugh!). FISH AND CO STARTER SAMPLER is P 595.00 got it all, it has tacos, fried shrimp that was HEAVENLY I might say especially the dip too bad there were 4 of us. So it had to be 1 shrimp for 1 person :( The starter plate also has fried calamari and salad.

Fish and Co. Starter Sampler
P 595.00
I was looking through the menu. I saw that they serve SOFT FISH TACO. I was kinda curious, wouldn't you be? I was sort of craving something "Mexican-y". Good thing they had one in stock! :)

Soft Fish Taco
When the server placed down the plate. My eyes widen as I was really disappointed. Especially for something around P400.00 if I remember it correctly. In the description in the menu it it will be served with 2 pieces of soft taco's with nachos. My thought was not bad at least there are 2 tacos. But when I opened it up to see what was inside of the taco. I was sad. There was 2 pieces of tiny fish lings on one taco, and just 1 for the other taco. Felt like I ordered wrappers and veggies.

The skinny insides of Soft Fish Taco
What is I love about ordering her is that most orders here is that it either comes with gigantic fries or rice. We ordered their small SEAFOOD PLATTER for P 795.00. For 4 pieces of shrimp, grilled fish, calamari, fries and rice.

Since my dad loves pork. We ordered their GRILLED PORK BELLY for P 395.00 it was the most disappointing one of all. I love belly. It is suppose to be really juicy and soft. But it was a little over cooked, it was dried out and hard to chew. It was the only thing we had to wrap for take out just because nobody really liked it.

Grilled Pork Belly
P 395.00
After evaluation, 2 good 2 bad. It's a great place to eat, maybe the cook was just a little bit off his A game. Or was it just bad choices on my part? But I will still definitely come back to this place. Coz I love their FISH AND CHIPS SO MUCH!!

After ordering everything we expected that the bill would be a shocker, but since I have their BISTRO PREMIERE CARD that takes 20% of the bill, really makes a difference! The card comes with a lot of perks too! Will blog about it if I get the new card, as mine is about to expire already!

I swear that this is super "SULIT". I will tell you all about it next time! :)

For more mouth watering photos please go to their website at :

To see their affiliate restaurants go to :

Never worry because Fish and Co. will do the FISHING for you :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Clubhouse @ Robinson's Magnolia

What comes to mind when you hear the word clubhouse? Is it the one on trees in backyards? Is it the place where you meet and hang out with your friends? Is it the sandwich you order at restaurants? Is it the place with the swimming pools? Is it the place where birthday parties are held? It can be a lot of different things. It is a lot of things to us. This is where memories are made and this is what "the clubhouse" delivers.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

KOORI : the dessert that is good for you!

I don't like milk, but for some reason I grown to love yogurts. But not just any yogurt. Only Red Mango. But the only flavors that I like are Green Tea, and their special flavors like pomegranate and blueberry. I don't like the taste of plain yogurt. Reminds me of milk, bad milk to be exact. Red Mango has the only yogurt taste I can tolerate. Other yogurts just feel icky to me.

I was at Robinson's Magnolia checking out SAC people but suddenly had a craving for something sweet and cold. But I wasn't in the mood for plain old Green Tea yogurt plus their seasonal flavors are out. Add the fact that the store was another floor up and my feet are killing me since I've been walking around Rob Mag since lunch.

Friday, January 3, 2014

SAC People is now on Post New Year Sale

I have good news to all you guys!!! I have blogged about SAC people and I am now in Robinson's Magnolia and guess what! SAC people is now on post New Year sale! This is great if you are still on the hunt.. or if you are planning to give someone a gift for their birthday or something..

Non the less. Now is the perfect time to get a great eco bag because it is now half the price! Yes HALF THE PRICE! For the same versatile, sturdy and reliable bag.

Only P150.00 for their artsy princess eco bags previously P300.00! And P250.00 for their sling eco bags. What a steal!! Kinda felt sad. For the price I 've paid I could have gotten two!
Ninja bags are still on their regular rate P150.00

You will never regret buying one for yourself. It is really convenient and useful. I am really stopping myself right now from buying a new eco bag! Please help me God! Why you so cute!??!

ALL SAC PEOPLE'S BRANCHES ARE ON SALE!!!! Can t get any better? Do ask them which ones are on sale because other eco bag items are really just P150.00

Visit their stores in :
  • Robinson's Magnolia, 2nd floor
  • Sm Mega Mall, 2nd floor
  • Alabang Town Center, 2nd floor
  • Trinoma, 2nd floor
  • Glorietta 1, 2nd floor
  • Mall of Asia, 2nd floor

Hurry now because sale is only until supplies lasts!

Happy Shopping Shoppers!!

Brownies Unlimited : Truly, my kind of brownies.

Baking. Sounds easy to a lot of people. But it isn't exactly 1+1=2. Even if you buy recipe books by the hundreds. It is still hard to find that perfect one. Sometimes even if you go to school. It wouldn't be as perfect as you want it to be.

I gave my baking hopes a shot a few summers back. Bought all my survival kit. Didn't even last a week. Did I just lack motivation? I think not! I love sweets. All types, kinds and forms. I love to eat! I am addicted to sugar. But I think I will leave it to the professionals. I will give my heart to some other profession that can make me money to me those goods.

I thought it was easy. Just like how ready to bake stuffs are. Just add water and poof! I made a crappy lifeless cake. What as waste. So from then on I left the baking to the master. It is better for me to buy them and consume immediately!

Baking was too much work for me. I didn't even get to enjoy the goods because they were bad! I like brownies a lot. I also like how the holidays make people bake. I am always looking forward to those 'seasonal' bakers. They have the good stuff. They make you wait. They make you want more and take it away. Meanies! So what to do when they are not in season? BROWNIES Unlimited, I love their brownies. They have the good stuff the whole year round.

KAGI-gil Chocolate Wafer

I think that the Philippines has more Starbucks than hospitals. I have been visiting Starbucks ever since it came here in the Philippines but I was never much of a coffee person. So I have been indulging myself with their snacks and treats mostly.

Have you noticed that they always have these lolli's for P25.00 on their counters? Back then Kagi has always been on the cashier's counter for P5.00 or P10.00 I think, but they disappeared all of a sudden. I wonder why.. Would it be possible that it didn't sell? I doubt it. Kinda felt sad at first when it was pulled out but eventually forgot about it.

Until I one glorious day that I found it again in Duty Free. I love Duty Free. They have all the good stuff! I missed it a lot that I just snagged one off the shelf. It has been a blur since it was way back when but I know this was what I was eating at Starbucks.

Kagi Mini
$3.35 or P143.00 per pack

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Chicken Rice Shop

Meet Bok bok bok!!! 
(that's just my name for her)

Let us open with this super lady comfortably sitting on the table. You might be wondering what she is doing outside of her nesting cage? She works over time here to give you the full service of serving you your spoons and forks, and her kids too (mind you)! Sweet huh? and pretty cool right?! First time I saw it, I didn't expect that this would be the utensil caddy. What I thought was that it was just a piece of art on the table! What a great accent to the place, gives you the whole chicken vibe and because it is also a great table ware.

Other things that might interest you

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