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Money well spent at : 8 STREET BITES at SM Manila

Back when I was still in high school, I would always love to go to Sm Manila. I would be there almost 3 times a week, which would be a lot for a high school student right? I don't know why but I just really loved eating out even on a school night!

So even on a school night or on a work day, Sm Manila would always be filled with people from different offices near by like from the City Hall or the schools near by like PUP or Adamson. I was so used to the crowd that it was a shocker to me that on this fateful Saturdate, there were barely any people.

But even if it has really been a long while. The stores were pretty much the same but the restaurants.. It was news to me!

I was  a little melancholy but somewhat happy. I was actually craving for some good BRASO DE MERCEDES from REYES (which is now sadly gone!). But it was truly a blessing in disguise.

I was now on a mission to find a new place to eat at.

Sm Manila is a little place and if I put it to will, I can finish roaming the place in less than an hour.

On the 4th floor, I noticed the biggest change. There were a couple of great places to eat at like RED TABLE, SEAFOOD ISLAND, ARISTOCRAT, KEBABERS, but what caught my attention was :

What is it about the number 8? It seems like the number 8 is making it's mark on the industry. Eight this and 8 that. Did they forget about lucky 9? Lol

The place doesn't seem to be over flowing with people when we came, but when one table empties out, another is filled.

The place is rather simple, almost fast food-ish. You go to the counter and order and they serve you your food unlike your typical restaurant where you order in your seat. For those people who hate service charge this is the place for you. But it would be really great of you to leave a tip or two for the staff. After all you will love them because they are very good at their jobs. They will keep you happy from before you enter and after you leave.

But full speed ahead and on to the FOOD.

I am crazy for Nacho even if I don't like cheese that much and their Nacho was just the mucho I needed. It was not too big or too small. It was a perfect size for an appetizer. Great while you are waiting for your mouth watering entree!

Their drinks I would say was very well priced. I hate how I have to pay P100 for a glass of soft drinks, or P70 for a bottled water. Don't you? I can see that there are a lot of people who doesn't bother to order drinks when eating out because of the outrageously priced drinks. 

But I don't know why, not that I am "maarte" but I would always opt to order a bottled water than take the risk of drinking tapped water.

But here in 8 Street Bites, you can order your favorite soft drink or juice, even a milk shake! Without blowing your budget. :)

They have 4 SALTED MILK SHAKES to choose from for just P78!!
  • Vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Oreo
  • Chocolate
Of course my choice would be Oreo Salted Milk Shake! It was great from top to bottom! The glass was I think almost a venti size! You can share if you want :)

But if you think that a milk shake is too much for you, you can go for a HOUSE BREWED ICED TEA for just P38 or get a FROSTEA for the same price!

A frostea is just like your 7-11 slurpee but even better!

So you can eat the food you like and drink the drink you want within your budget, with that it made me fall in love with it.

When the food came. I was blown. The smell was delicious, the presentation was lovely and I was hungry.

I don't know why but I seem to be craving for chicken these past few days and this one really satisfied me. Made me feel like I haven't eaten chicken before. The chicken was just very soft and moist and the mushroom gravy was addictive. I had to ask for more!

You have the option of STREET RICE or FRIES, but if the chicken comes with gravy, the right choice would be rice. Bow :)

Someone was feeling a little over weight and decided to go with their CLASSIC FISH AND FRIES (with honey mustard) also for just P148. It was the best fish I have had. We all agreed that it was the best amongst the other things we ordered (don't get me wrong, they were all exceptional!)

With fish, you can actually go for either way. You can't go wrong. But I think fries would be a better choice if you aren't really hungry and just want a light snack. I suggest you dip the fries in the honey mustard. (droool)

The last but not least was their BBQ PORK SPARERIBS for P268, and P268 is the priciest thing on their menu aside from their NEW YORK STREET WINGS of 1 KILO BITES for P528.

The d*** good spareribs was just falling off the bones, the bbq marinade was perfect. I just wished there was a couple more on the plate. But not bad.

I don't know if it's me and my charms (groes right!) or the fact the it was a day before mothers day but we got a free BANOFFEE PIE worth P58!! I don't know why but my mom would always scold me whenever I want to order a frozen banoffee pie from our usual chill spot, but that night, she was the one who ate the whole thing. She was in love with it, and so was I. It was really good and the banana was just right.

Sweet without going over board.

They have just started operation in SM MANILA last December 8, 2013 and they are expecting their 2nd branch soon at the SM NORTH EDSA. Watch out for that! :)

A place worth your hard earned money. I will surely be back for another round. Thank you for being so accommodating Ms. Jennifer!

  • Facebook page : 8stbites
  • Twitter and Instagram : 8stbites
  • Hashtag : #8stbite

  • SM MANILA-4th floor, near Sm Cinema (tel no. : 585-42-11)



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