Sunday, March 30, 2014

TGIFridays : Delightful TEX MEX Menu, it will surely make you want some more!

I think everybody who is works wishes that it was Friday everyday, right?! Not so sure how people would make money though, but still, it is an ideal thought to a lot of lazy bones out there (including me of course!). Although, it would not be so great of a thing for work-a-holics. But if it is possible that it would be Friday all the time, sign me up baby!

Well in TGIFridays, it is always Friday! I always loved how cheery the place is. It is just such a great place to be at. It kind of feels like a great place to be at after a bad break up. Haha I don't know why that even came to mind. But the red color from the place, to the uniforms, to the decor makes the place feel so alive and full of life! It feels like HAPPY BIRTHDAY all day, everyday!

I have always loved eating at Fridays. Ever since I was a little girl, eating at Fridays has always been somewhat of a treat. Back then, the prices at Fridays were really way above other restaurants. But as of now, it is not way above that bracket anymore. Let us face it, eating out these days are pretty heavy on the wallet.

But now that I have my "THE BISTRO GROUP PREMIERE CARD". I definitely made up for the time lost.

So, let us start with my favorite! My icing on the cake.

(Small-P395, Sharing-P650)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Red Velvet Cupcake : Twelve Cupcakes

Cupcake is all the rage or it is over? But whichever the case is, they are still everywhere and growing.. I think every person on this planet loves a good cupcake. Who wouldn't?! I mean even as a kid I have always loved eating my cupcake snacks. They weren't freshly baked back then of course unlike these babies!

So, I was at Lucky China Town the other week and I happen to pass by TWELVE CUPCAKES. I have been seeing photos of it around, I am pretty curious if it is any good.

I would not say where, but I was seriously traumatized by one cupcake place. I was super excited to try their cupcakes because they were all so lovely looking. If looks could kill, I would have been dead already. I wasted a few hundred peso bills that could have gone to someplace better.

But we learn from our mistakes. Well at least I have learned from my previous mistake and I didn't let the glutenous monster in me take charge. I was smart enough this time to start with one (not that I didn't want more, I was just scared that it would be dry or unpleasant and it would just go to the back of the refrigerator to be thrown out a week or so later).

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sweetness overload at EPIC Kapitolyo

When my best friend and I went to Gandiva Cafe and Archery a while back, we made sure that we would stop by Kapitolyo.

Why? Kapitolyo is famous for its hole in the wall restaurants and we do not like missing out on great food. Well not all of them are hole in the walls, but that place surely has a lot of unique places that would make a food adventurist go crazy!

It is really hard to just choose one place. You feel like you wanna go through everything in just one whole day, but it is humanly impossible. Well not unless you are a bottomless pit, which I found out that night, that I wasn't.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bono Gelato : The gelato made with nothing but pure love and passion

If I figure out how to use Blogger's Pages properly. I will be creating a tab labeled "Crazy Ice Cream Lady" for easy access to ICE CREAM related posts. Well not just ice cream, but all its family and friends like yogurts, gelato, ice cream cookies, etc.. Just because I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love a good ice cream. I love anything cold and shivering feeling it gives me. Just like how much I would love to see snow someday and just lie in it 'til I turn blue violet. Haha.

I don't know if what they say is true. That people who love sweets are either sad or depressed. I think the one who said that was the one who is depressed! Haha defensive much!! I am kidding.

But seriously?! I think a lot of people love sweets! Just see the alarming number of people who have type 2 diabetes. Although there are lots of different factors. But come on. We all love sweets.

I think sweets are the sweetest part of life, aside from our gift of life.

Sweets just brings people closer. It is one way to kill time. Chat over a good cup of ice cream, crepe, yogurt, cake, etc..

When Richie posted a drooling photo of BONO GELATO, I was like man, where is that!? 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Red Table : The Best Korean Fast Casual Restaurant

If you happen to ask me where is the SM I least wanna go to, my answer would definitely be SM SAN LAZARO. Why? I have nothing against it, it is just too close to home. Also I feel like the restaurants there are dated and common.

But as of now, I finally have a reason to go back there. RED TABLE!!!!

It has really been a year since I last went to San Lazaro. Can't believe that it has been that long already my dear UST. Anyway, I went there to buy something for a project I am working on and suddenly I felt hungry. I was grasping for dear life, slightly hoping that after a year later, there would be at least something new and there IT was.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

COCA Restaurant at SM Aura: Truly Appetizing!

I have been to SM Aura twice since it opened and I still haven't seen the whole thing yet coz' I keep arriving at the place at least 2 hours before it closes. To think that it is such a small place, I really need to leave the house earlier!

Since I am still unfamiliar with the place, I kept wondering, "Where are all the restaurants at!?". I mean yes, aside from the ones on the ground floor, Shine, Paul and the food court, Munch Punch listed a bunch of other places but I haven't seen any of them.

I was about to give up when I saw one last escalator leading no where. Since I was staring at it, I decided to get on it and see what is on the other side.

Ooooooooooooooh my dear. So there they all are!

Mind blow. The first restaurant I saw was Ramen Nagi and the line was going on and on and on and on. It was spitting out people from its insides. Pass. I would never wait out a line that long. No matter how desperate I am for a good ramen.

I walked both sides of the top floor to scour for a good place to eat at. There were a couple of promising places but COCA Restaurant just took my breath away.

It is also affiliated with "Mango Tree" and "Mango Tree Bistro".

Coca originated from Thailand but it is actually a Cantonese Restaurant.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ZAP Crawl Greenhills : Wine Depot-Department of Coffee-Torch-Greenhills Cinema

I am just a newbie compared to all other bloggers out there. Since I have just been doing this for about half a year. I have been invited to an event or two already but I still get jitters each and every time!

Enough about that.

We all know how hard it is to get around the metro. I think all of us heard about how taxi's were robbing people blind or the other way around, how they are accomplices to crimes, bla bla bla.. The list goes on. Even on the MRT, jeep - no place is safe.

I was really skeptical about UBER. It was only during ZAP TAG's event that I actually believed that it was legit. I got to see how UBER works first hand and frankly I am impressed!

ZAP Crawl Greenhills was held March 8,2014. It was a moving event that started out at the WINE DEPOT but once we were done there, we needed to move our buts out to the DEPARTMENT OF COFFEE at Wilson's St. (and no we did not have to crawl towards Wilsons).

Most of you must be thinking, that in an event like that, they should have had a car waiting for us. But they DIDN'T! Because they had something BETTER for us. 

UBER, how should I say this. It is a mode of transportation. A great mode at that. It is NOT a cab. It is NOT a rental car. But it is definitely somewhere in between those. Mind you, their cars aren't the usual ones. A good 3 of them are BENZ, Mercedes Benz baby!

Me and Sir Larry!

Leah from The Bright Spot together with her husband Aj and I were the lucky ones to have the Benz when we transferred to The Department Of Coffee. I still can't get over it. For a 90 peso base rate and approximately P13 per kilometer. It is like winning the lottery!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Blue Bell Ice Cream : NEW FLAVORS!

Last month, the love month, I was invited by Ms. Ebe Puno of Blue Bell Ice Cream Philippines to the Pinoy Romantic Eats at The Podium. I for one, I was totally psyched and excited!

I was glad to meet her in person, but I was even happier to hear about her story about Blue Bell. Apparently their love of ice cream is what brought Blue Bell to us (Philippines).

She and her cousin felt like Blue Bell was one of the best ice creams they've had that they took a chance and asked permission for a franchise to bring Blue Bell to the Philippines. Of course they got it! Because Blue Bell is here!

Did you know that the Philippines, is one of the first in South East Asia to get a franchise from Blue Bell?!

Thank you Ms. Ebe for a wonderful time!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

SHINE in on your inner child at "Shine Bakery and Cafe" by Chefs Rob and Sunshine Pengson

SM AURA wouldn't be the first place I would turn to for a stroll just because it is tad too far from where I live. It baffles me that no matter how many times I go to the Fort, I can't seem to ease my way in because it doesn't have the usual land marks the city of Manila has like the sari-sari store in the corner or a distinguished establishment, etc.. The place looks and feels like a giant maze for me. Every street and corner looks the same. Or maybe I am not as great with roads as I thought.

So, I have been dying to try Shine for quite a while now, but I never seem to find myself near the vicinity. So last week, I was suppose to be there with Eugene from Hefty Foodie and with the ever so famous Richie Zamora from The Pickiest Eater. Well he is the pickiest eater. 

But something important came up and I was unfashionably late that I didn't even get to see Eugene (Aww).. So eating is down to 2..

Friday, March 14, 2014

UBER Manila : You safe and convenient way to get around the Metro! c/o : ZAP Crawl Greenhills

Sometimes we all need help running around the metro right?

But I know most of us are probably "Praning" to go on a cab alone, after all the bad press it got these past few months. 

I mean fear surely goes both ways. Some cab drivers have been robbed by passengers too, let us not forget that. But the passengers that were robbed by drivers are mostly women, which magnifies the event a billion times more.

I have to be honest, I was REALLY skeptical about UBER. I mean when I am on the internet and the site immediately asks for a Credit Card (CC) info. My mind just goes "CLOSE THE PAGE! CLOSE THE PAGE!! CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE!!".

And UBER is one of those pages. You cannot register an account without a CC.

So I was like, NO THANKS HUNNY!

So here is an assurance from one skeptic person to another. YOU CAN TRUST THEM.

I experience it first hand when I got invited to ZAP Crawl Greenhills. I got to the meet up place at "WINE DEPOT" in Missouri St. San Juan and when everyone was already there, we had to move to the 2nd stop of the night which was the "DEPARTMENT OF COFFEE" in Wilson's St. and so on and so forth! So stay tunes for my next post.

You would think that in a moving event like that, they should have had a car waiting on us.

Wrong. They didn't! Because they had something BETTER for us. UBER. I must say, it is really convenient. And FANCY! I got to ride the car LIZ UY used. If you are a fan, you know she had the BENZ.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


As a child I have always loved eating sweets. If ADHD was a big thing back then, I think I would have been probably diagnosed with it. I wouldn't sleep 'til I am so exhausted that I just literally "fall asleep". Now that is how you do it brother! So my behavior now has totally nothing to do with outside influence, social media, peer pressure or what so ever.

I have always been who I was. Just like how I have never out grown the things I love to eat like chocolates, ice cream, junk foods, etc.. I totally have no idea how my brain kept up with me (O my gee! Is it even working?!). I have always wondered, "where am I getting all my nutrition from?". No wonder I am so short. HAHA!

Well now that I am older, a few years of Chemistry subjects later, and I am still no better. I still eat the same old junk. Food corporation are my pusher and I am their loyal junkie.

My thesis was about Diabetes, and you would think I should know better. No. Just like any other person who loves sweets, I cannot resist it. I've had my fair share of Diabetes paranoia. With everything I read on the internet, I can't help but self diagnose and seriously, it is driving me crazy. I feel like I had all the symptoms.

So I had my blood sugar checked out last 2 months or so, and thankfully, it is still normal. I can't blame the internet, I should actually be thankful. It is a good reminder that I should eat with moderation. Bah, who am I kidding?! With all the things we are pressured to eat now, it would be wise to see the doctor at least once a year for a full check up.

I am human. And to be human is to err. We all have our weak spots and this is mine. My love for ice cream stems from my mother. Yes it is in the core of my DNA. Heck, I think my DNA is made out of ice cream. Yummy! 

So I have heard that DAIRY QUEEN launched a new ice cream sandwich. It is no ordinary ice cream sandwich. It is made of :

If you haven't heard, here is a photo :
*photo taken from their Facebook page

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stop by HUGO'S GRILLERY AND TAPAS at the Greenhills Town Center for a good time!

If you frequent San Juan you probably have seen this place. But it really isn't the most convenient place to stop by. I mean not unless you really planned on stopping by this place.

I have been meaning to go back to Greenhills Town Center for quite a while now and I only had the chance to when we tried to go to Robinson's Magnolia and the parking was literally on queue by the streets. It just seems ridiculous to wait it out.

I suddenly thought of "GREENHILLS TOWN CENTER"! It was the perfect time and it was the perfect opportunity! There were barely people when we got there. So it was a happy day after all!

When we arrived, I instantly wanted to eat at HUGO'S. Their menu seemed to have the things I love to eat, like lengua, quesadilla, pizza, etc.. Not to mention that their prices were fairly cheap.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Be Katniss for a day at GANDIVA CAFE AND ARCHERY

If there is one thing we all can't help but do, is "MAKI-USO". So while Hunger Games is all the rage. Most people can't help but idolize Katniss and her super power (Well it is more of a skill than a power but I think it is a power!). Her power doesn't come close to Superman's or the Justice League's but it is close enough.

GANDIVA CAFE AND ARCHERY can help you be like Katniss, Robin Hood or the Green Archer.

But archery was not all the rage when men did it. You go girl! She is famous for her flaming dress and not to mention the "archery skill" she had, it was the cherry on top of the icing. Maybe if it were something else, the movie wouldn't be as cool as it was. Imagine her with a knife or a sword. BORING!!!

So, Katniss made archery look cool. She did if flawlessly and effortlessly! Well reality check people! That was a MOVIE.

Movies has its way for stretching the truth! That is why Myth busters are so famous! They make "reality" vs "movies" experiments, what could be cooler?! I want a job like that. Destroying peoples expectations and waking them up for the harsh reality in a fun way.

So like what I said, the truth was stretched. It was crazy! The bow itself was dead weight! It wasn't a hold bow, put arrow and pull, then BAM! If I was stuck in the forest with a bow and arrow, I might die after 3 days or less! I would not be able to kill anything, much less hit anything!

Well the world is far from ending, the zombies aren't walking yet, but it wouldn't kill me to try a thing or two before that actually happens and the world is gone for good.

I think it is a great activity to do with family, friends, or lovers! Yes boy and girls! You can impress the opposite sex with this seemingly simple skill. "SEEMINGLY".

Whenever I do something new, I would always wonder, "DO LEFTIE'S DO IT DIFFERENTLY? DO WE HAVE A DIFFERENT EQUIPMENT?".

Thursday, March 6, 2014

NOW BREWING : TULLY'S Iced Green Tea Latte

I am a crazy Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf lady and somehow I have slightly outgrown the Starbucks freak in me (but I am still hooked in just enough to still collect their cute tumblers. I swear, no person in their right mind can stay away from their collector boggling stuffs and freebies!).

If you ask me what is their best drink is, I would say "Green Tea Frappe" without a doubt. It is the best for me! (Well aside from my precious Red Velvet drink from CBTL of course!) It is the only choice when I am at Starbucks. Especially when I was still in college. That is my go to drink, be it in the early morning or late at night.

I am crazy about everything green tea! Be it a frapped, iced, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, cupcake? (is there any? If you know of a place that has green tea cupcakes, please tell me!), etc..

Come to think of it, I have no idea how this madness started. Hmmm..

So we tried out Archery last week and I was really exhausted after all the crappy shooting I did. I was super dehydrated from stress because I couldn't seem to hit the bullseye! I am really starting to wonder if there is something wrong with my eye, or I just really don't have the talent. Anyway.

I wanted to have a cold drink to take the stress away. It was a good thing there was a TULLY'S COFFEE right around the corner from where we were.

I haven't been to Tully's, I wasn't even sure how to pronounce it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

PINKBERRY : My 5 Star Yogurt Bar!

Nobody likes an ogre, well except for Shrek and Fiona of course!

To be honest, a bad attitude from a restaurant employee can turn me off way more than their worst tasting food. No matter how much I liked the food, I wouldn't go back for the world. Especially when I am all excited and what greets me is a frownie face.

Baah, I understand that we all have our bad days but it is really just - bad for business.

When it was about closing time at Rockwell the other day, I suddenly remembered that I haven't had dessert yet.

The only dairy I touch is ice cream and Nestle Magnolia's chocolate milk. My tummy gets all weird and fuzzy whenever my tongue touches a dairy product that I don't like. Don't we all?! I used to never eat yogurt, especially the ones sold in supermarkets. I tried that once and it was a total waste of money. I have no idea how other people eat that thing (sorry!).

But ever since I tried Red Mango, I started to appreciate yogurts for what they are. I started out with their green tea, I didn't even bother with the original/plain one because I know I wouldn't like it (and I was right).

Well Red Mango was not an option in Rockwell because they didn't have one. So I settled for what I thought was the next best thing : PINKBERRY.

Monday, March 3, 2014

CALIBURGER Experience : It won't be complete without their WILD STYLE FRIES

I am one for burgers! I love a good burger. Who doesn't?

Even if it is not an ideal thing to order on a date, I would still go for it (if the crave arises).

I don't mind acting like myself on a first date. I mean I don't eat like a pig or whatever. So, I have nothing to hide.

But I've always wondered :
Why do people act weird on a first date? 
Why act "over" poised? (This is actually how you end up clumsier than you already are.)

I mean, if he likes you, he likes you. If he doesn't, he doesn't. Just be yourself because you will never be anyone else, not even with plastic surgery. You would still be you, no matter what, well not unless you are bipolar.

For me it is crazy that people who are in the "dating" stage always pretends to be something they are not. Always best foot forward, always dressed fancy, bla bla bla..

I think this is one of the reasons why people end up divorced or crying in a corner 5 years later. No matter what you do, eventually, the true you will show. 

No matter how much you bury it in, or layer on top of it, the nooks and crannies WILL eventually show.

I am side tracking again! 

So back to business. Everyone has been raving about CALIBURGER. I see it in all my newsfeeds, be it on instagram, twitter or facebook - FLOODED.

And there is nothing that makes me want to try out a new food more than a good picture of it in the middle of the night!

I think it's the only reasons that I actually get up in the morning.

Caliburger got me really curious and it sent me straight to CENTURY MALL, but they have their 2nd branch in Timog (Right across GMA).

The mall itself is fairly small. Nothing big like Glorietta or MOA. You can finish the whole place in 2 hours.

I finished roaming the place in less than an hour and I was starting to wonder why I still haven't seen Caliburger. I was actually starting to wonder if I was even in the right place.

If I didn't bother going up the last flight of escalator, I would not have dined at Caliburger, good thing I was as resilient as a hungry lion!

As it turns out, Caliburger sits on top of the mall. On the 4th floor to be exact, you have to walk out towards the open space to get there.

Other things that might interest you

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