Monday, March 24, 2014

Bono Gelato : The gelato made with nothing but pure love and passion

If I figure out how to use Blogger's Pages properly. I will be creating a tab labeled "Crazy Ice Cream Lady" for easy access to ICE CREAM related posts. Well not just ice cream, but all its family and friends like yogurts, gelato, ice cream cookies, etc.. Just because I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love a good ice cream. I love anything cold and shivering feeling it gives me. Just like how much I would love to see snow someday and just lie in it 'til I turn blue violet. Haha.

I don't know if what they say is true. That people who love sweets are either sad or depressed. I think the one who said that was the one who is depressed! Haha defensive much!! I am kidding.

But seriously?! I think a lot of people love sweets! Just see the alarming number of people who have type 2 diabetes. Although there are lots of different factors. But come on. We all love sweets.

I think sweets are the sweetest part of life, aside from our gift of life.

Sweets just brings people closer. It is one way to kill time. Chat over a good cup of ice cream, crepe, yogurt, cake, etc..

When Richie posted a drooling photo of BONO GELATO, I was like man, where is that!? 

Malls can't help but expand when other mall expands, right?! It is the way they do business. More stores, more profit. Well I cannot complain because those new spaces are the future of future ideas like this!

So BONO GELATO is one of the lucky ones to occupy the ever so new SM Aura and I am all ecstatic about it! Since Haagen dazs closed down on me. I was felt so abandoned and betrayed! Wife much? hahaha

When we were at SM Aura last week, he made a bet with me that I would be taking home a tub of gelato. He was right.

I love how ice cream bars place themselves near the escalator. Have you noticed? I mean, yes the rent would definitely be cheaper that a store store and people would surely notice the place. I mean if you look past it, something must definitely be in your way (a cute guy or girl perhaps?).

I am sorry for the crappy photos. I didn't do any justice to it. I actually didn't have much time to snap a decent photo because it was near closing time already, and I was just in a hurry to have my gelato.

There were 16 flavors. Although, when I came back a week later, RED VELVET wasn't on the menu anymore, I asked and the lady told me that they do, I think rotations? I mean like if there is a new flavor, something would be left out and it goes on and on.

Too bad that was the case. I was dying to grab a tub of it to inspire me to review for the exams. So, yes, haven't started studying.

The moment I saw the board, one flavor was screaming badly at me. RED VELVET. It feels like the trend it over. But I am still not over it. I like it for "IT", not because it was "USO".

Hmm... gelato? What is the difference between ice cream and gelato? If you ask me, can we just please call it cold dessert? There is no point arguing that gelato is ice cream or that it is not ice cream.

They both are good if you ask me. Dessert is dessert. Although gelato's feel richer and it's got more soul to it. The line is so thin between them, as long as I am happy. Who cares. 

Well I know the one who prefers one over the other would be mad. So lets just leave it at that.

Well I must say this but gelato's aren't cheap. Which ever brand or what. Gelato's are usually more expensive than ice cream (it is just based on experience, it is not a fact). One scoop from BONO Gelato is P130, some would say it is crazy, but it is CRAZY GOOD I tell you.

Come on, by now you must know that "You get what you pay for", right?! You have no right to complain about the taste if you paid cheap. But you have the right to complain if you paid a lot of money and you didn't get your money's worth. That I know of.

I loved their waffle. Seriously, my mom would kill to have this waffle whenever she eats ice cream or gelato at home or out.. And the smell of the waffle in the air will make your heart melt. I am not sure if you can order extras. But most likely you can for a price of course! I'll give you guys an update about that the next time I go there.

I had the MALTED COOKIE DOUGH on top on the RED VELVET on the bottom and I love how there were hidden surprises inside. They are the good one's okay!? There were chunks of cookie dough inside the malted cookie dough, and the red velvet had chunks of yummy cream cheese inside. I have now gone to Italy and back.

If you want the whole story about BONO. Please click this link and see what Richie and Rina saw! Totally behind the scene! :)

  • For more information visit their website : BONO GELATO
  • Like and follow their Facebook page : Bono Gelato
  • Don't forget to tag your photos to their Instagram account : @bonogelato
  • and don't forget Twitter : @BONOgelato

  • Sm Aura : Lower Ground floor
  • Sm Makati : 2nd floor, bridgeway to and from Glorietta
  • Sm Mega Mall : Ground floor of Mega Fashion Hall
  • The Podium :  Ground floor behind the escalator, across Wild Flour


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    1. I know!! :) but the red velvet is such a tease! hahaha it left me wanting more!! :((


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