Friday, March 14, 2014

UBER Manila : You safe and convenient way to get around the Metro! c/o : ZAP Crawl Greenhills

Sometimes we all need help running around the metro right?

But I know most of us are probably "Praning" to go on a cab alone, after all the bad press it got these past few months. 

I mean fear surely goes both ways. Some cab drivers have been robbed by passengers too, let us not forget that. But the passengers that were robbed by drivers are mostly women, which magnifies the event a billion times more.

I have to be honest, I was REALLY skeptical about UBER. I mean when I am on the internet and the site immediately asks for a Credit Card (CC) info. My mind just goes "CLOSE THE PAGE! CLOSE THE PAGE!! CLOSE CLOSE CLOSE!!".

And UBER is one of those pages. You cannot register an account without a CC.

So I was like, NO THANKS HUNNY!

So here is an assurance from one skeptic person to another. YOU CAN TRUST THEM.

I experience it first hand when I got invited to ZAP Crawl Greenhills. I got to the meet up place at "WINE DEPOT" in Missouri St. San Juan and when everyone was already there, we had to move to the 2nd stop of the night which was the "DEPARTMENT OF COFFEE" in Wilson's St. and so on and so forth! So stay tunes for my next post.

You would think that in a moving event like that, they should have had a car waiting on us.

Wrong. They didn't! Because they had something BETTER for us. UBER. I must say, it is really convenient. And FANCY! I got to ride the car LIZ UY used. If you are a fan, you know she had the BENZ.

By we, I mean Leah from The Bright Spot together with her husband AJ and of course the beautiful lady named Iya from ZAP TAG was riding the BENZ all night! We didn't hoard it. We just happen to be super duper lucky to get it with each and every call!

You might too! You must be expecting that we had the Benz, so we paid more. NO. The benz has the same rate.

We were even lucky enough to have Sir Larry drive us around. He is really very nice, friendly and polite! So if you get Sir Larry, you are in for a good time! There are only 5 starts, but I rate him a good 10 stars!

But sadly, UBER isn't everywhere yet. You can only use UBER if they are within your vicinity. Bummer right? If there isn't an UBER CAR within your vicinity. I am not sure how you could get a hold of them. Not unless you request for one.

They do airport services too, if you are wondering. The rate is a flat rate of P700 - P1000 depending on where you are from.

I wore a black and white outfit for the night and I think they are my lucky colors!

If you like partying around The Fort, you can let go of the drunk driving routine and let UBER do the driving for you. So that you can arrive home safely.

UBER is in 32 countries for now but it is still expanding exponentially. 

Let us go to the FARE RATE. I know that is what you are all waiting for.

You will be surprised. Coz' I was totally blown away!

It just feels like riding our local cabs. But better and safer! No need to be forced to pay extras just to get to your destination. Best of all no more tampered meters!

For a base fare of P90 and around P13 per kilometer. Not bad right!?

So sign up now for a UBER account and download their app for free in the Play store or in Itunes.
  • Facebook page : uberpilipinas
  • Twitter account : @Uber_Manila
  • Instagram account : @uber_manila

You can use my promo code : UBERLOVESAVIEW for a P500 off your first ride before April 14,2014!

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  1. I found Uber is actually now even more affordable in Manila. Uber is awesome. It's expensive by Manila standards. but it's awesome and simple


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