Sunday, March 16, 2014

SHINE in on your inner child at "Shine Bakery and Cafe" by Chefs Rob and Sunshine Pengson

SM AURA wouldn't be the first place I would turn to for a stroll just because it is tad too far from where I live. It baffles me that no matter how many times I go to the Fort, I can't seem to ease my way in because it doesn't have the usual land marks the city of Manila has like the sari-sari store in the corner or a distinguished establishment, etc.. The place looks and feels like a giant maze for me. Every street and corner looks the same. Or maybe I am not as great with roads as I thought.

So, I have been dying to try Shine for quite a while now, but I never seem to find myself near the vicinity. So last week, I was suppose to be there with Eugene from Hefty Foodie and with the ever so famous Richie Zamora from The Pickiest Eater. Well he is the pickiest eater. 

But something important came up and I was unfashionably late that I didn't even get to see Eugene (Aww).. So eating is down to 2..

But as usual, my nutrition deprived brain was picturing another place. Shine is located at the 3rd floor right in front of Toy Kingdom not the ground floor which was where my head was picturing it at.

When I got to Shine, my tummy was all giggles and butterflies! Why? Besides that I am finally here. My eyes are seriously looking at some giant candy cane, good thing I wasn't crazy hungry or else there would be a giant baby eating their door handles!

I love everything about this place! It feels very clean, very chic.

Especially when I got inside, oooh those beautiful aquamarine chairs, it just makes me wanna grab them all ('coz they are the same color as my baby Scrump). 

I just love how this place related to the old and young me.

You can see cute little trinkets scattered across the place.. But out of everything else, Lady Liberty is my favorite :)

The candy cane madness doesn't stop at the doorway, it extends all the way to the core of the restaurant.

Don't you just feel like, you wanna grab a toy and sit in one corner all day long?!

Putting Toy Kingdom aside, Shine is one of the 3 restaurants owned by Chefs Rob and Sunshine Pengson. It only came to light when we saw Chef Rob inside the resto! 

"Oh my, my heart totally dropped and I was mesmerized!"
Talk about chef crush!

Before I even knew that Shine is one of Chef Rob's babies, I already wanted to order their... wait for it...... HONEY BAKED SALMON (P488), which is salmon glazed with whole grain mustard sauce, green beans with mashed potatoes. I can never go wrong whenever ordering salmon at Chef Rob's restaurants.

As expected, the salmon was perfect in every way, just like how it was for at Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar's. I can't say the same for the portion, because no portion of salmon will ever be enough for me. For the price it's not half bad.

I love how the sweetness of the honey makes the salmon taste even better! I wish there was more of it. I was shy to ask for an extra sauce for some reason. But I managed to make do with what was on the plate.

I also loved their very 5 star-y presentation. The different colors from the vegetables makes it even more appealing to the eye!

I had my heart set with the salmon, but something else caught my eye. The BACON MUSHROOM FONDUE (P388)! It is made of Angus beef with bacon in Brioche bun with sauteed mushrooms, Kentucky bourbon aioli, dill pickles and potato chips!

I am naturally scared of cheese. There are so many of them and there is so little of them I like and I feel like no matter how much I try to stay away, they keep finding me :( Waah!

Their burger is awesome from the bun down to the core (I just wished that there was less cheese, sorry Chef Rob for ruining you master piece!). The burger was cooked medium rare that is why it is perfectly juicy, just the way I like it! The cheese was not as bad as I was expecting. It was fairly good, once I pushed some of it away. 

But for people who love cheese. This burger is heaven!

If you think that was it. Salmon for AVFTL and Burger for The Pickiest Eater, there is more!

The GRILLED PORK CHOP (P433), it is a Mongolian style grilled pork chop with vegetables, mashed potatoes and mustard sauce.


Pork chops are like on the forever menu at home, that whenever I go out to eat, I wouldn't even dare consider ordering pork chops. 

But I was glad that the person I was with was a meat lover! Super soft that it almost felt like I was eating chicken!

Last but not least! The UMAMI FRIES (P233)! It is their best selling homemade french fries with grated Parmesan cheese, toasted sesame nori with dip made out of Kentucky Bourbon and Honey cola. I mean for the price I normally would never order this. But I must say it is crazy good and addictive. Especially the dip!

The dip would be great with whatever food you eat. I think if I dipped the popcorns in, it will still be amazing!

Here is a photo of the Menu, it isn't crazy clear, but you can open the photo in a new page and it will be just fine :)

There are tons of great things on the menu, so take your time to decide which you wanna try! Or you can just keep coming back!

Shine is located at the 3rd floor of Sm Aura, right in front of Toy Kingdom.

Tel. No. 5536566 and +63917-7047118. 

I've read on the Inquirer that they cater and also customize desserts for parties and corporate events.
I'm sure that will be one hell of a party! :)


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