Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sweetness overload at EPIC Kapitolyo

When my best friend and I went to Gandiva Cafe and Archery a while back, we made sure that we would stop by Kapitolyo.

Why? Kapitolyo is famous for its hole in the wall restaurants and we do not like missing out on great food. Well not all of them are hole in the walls, but that place surely has a lot of unique places that would make a food adventurist go crazy!

It is really hard to just choose one place. You feel like you wanna go through everything in just one whole day, but it is humanly impossible. Well not unless you are a bottomless pit, which I found out that night, that I wasn't.

I have no idea why I felt drawn to EPIC. But one thing caught my eye for sure. The dessert sign that they have. I spotted it from way down the road.

I love a good dessert even if I haven't properly eaten lunch or dinner. I wouldn't mind. But that day drove me over the edge!

I lost all love for food. I was totally overwhelmed with all the sweets I ate. Cake and ice cream overload!

I went ahead with my goal in life to try all the RED VELVET-y things I see. So I ordered a red velvet cupcake. I love a good baker. A baker who knows how to make a moist yet fluffy cupcake is my kind of baker. I give it 10 starts and I would definitely love to have some more. Although I think that I cannot eat more than 1 of it because the sweetness was overwhelming (in a good way)!

I am so sorry, but I just feel appalled that others have the nerve to sell dried out cupcakes. Who would eat that?! Wait, I have no idea if some people like that, but if some does. The cupcake should have a warning label or a verbal warning at the least.

Their truffle cake caught my bff's eye. I think it was because of all the chocolate kisses on top. It was so so. But for me it kind of felt a little stiff.

They also have the famous RAINBOW CAKE. It was all colorful and vibrant. I can't believe that somebody actually came up with that. But sadly, I haven't tried it out yet. Next time I promise!
I don't know what the craze is about Salted Caramels. Personally I haven't grown the taste buds for it. Maybe after all of it is over, my anti social tongue would acquire the taste. But as far as I know, my bff liked it, and she likes salted caramels.

Of course I would not leave the place without trying their Matcha ice cream! It was alright, not so bad, but not one of the best I've had. I think it lacks flavor, a little too mild for my liking because I prefer a strong Matcha flavor.

I love how cozy the place feels like. I love the blackboards and the colorful chalk writings. Makes me feel all grade school-y.

I sure do miss vandalizing with cplored chalks with my childhood friends out on the streets and walls of our neighborhood. I don't think the children of these times still do what we did back then. It was sure a lot of fun!

I think I went overboard with the sweets. I wish I had ordered one of their all day breakfast meals first. It isn't everyday that I get to break the law and eat breakfast at night. LOL!

I sure haven't tried out a "Pour-over coffee" or a "Cafe Affogato" but this place sure has all of the fancy shmancy "uso" things! I would love to go back and try the other stuffs out. I will make sure that I hold back on the sweets, that is for sure!

Here are the other foods and drinks that they have there..

Oh, I don't think I have a photo of it, but I love how there were vintage stuffs scattered across the shop, there were old bicycles, cassette tape player, vinyl player, barrels, etc.. It just brings a good home-y feeling to it. Not that our house has those stuff. But it makes the place feel like home..

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Branches :

  • East Kapitolyo Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig

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