Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ZAP Crawl Greenhills : Wine Depot-Department of Coffee-Torch-Greenhills Cinema

I am just a newbie compared to all other bloggers out there. Since I have just been doing this for about half a year. I have been invited to an event or two already but I still get jitters each and every time!

Enough about that.

We all know how hard it is to get around the metro. I think all of us heard about how taxi's were robbing people blind or the other way around, how they are accomplices to crimes, bla bla bla.. The list goes on. Even on the MRT, jeep - no place is safe.

I was really skeptical about UBER. It was only during ZAP TAG's event that I actually believed that it was legit. I got to see how UBER works first hand and frankly I am impressed!

ZAP Crawl Greenhills was held March 8,2014. It was a moving event that started out at the WINE DEPOT but once we were done there, we needed to move our buts out to the DEPARTMENT OF COFFEE at Wilson's St. (and no we did not have to crawl towards Wilsons).

Most of you must be thinking, that in an event like that, they should have had a car waiting for us. But they DIDN'T! Because they had something BETTER for us. 

UBER, how should I say this. It is a mode of transportation. A great mode at that. It is NOT a cab. It is NOT a rental car. But it is definitely somewhere in between those. Mind you, their cars aren't the usual ones. A good 3 of them are BENZ, Mercedes Benz baby!

Me and Sir Larry!

Leah from The Bright Spot together with her husband Aj and I were the lucky ones to have the Benz when we transferred to The Department Of Coffee. I still can't get over it. For a 90 peso base rate and approximately P13 per kilometer. It is like winning the lottery!

The Department of Coffee (DOC) gives a 5% cash back for ZAP members and it sits beside MU Noodle Bar which is another affiliate of ZAP, who gives a whooping 10% cash back!!

DOC don't have your usual bla bla bla menu. Instead they have a super cute artsy menu. With doodles and all that art! Especially made by Byron Hontiveros for them. What a talented dude. 

He filled the place with art, from the inside out and from wall to wall! He left no canvas untouched.

I've heard the stereotype about leftie's and no I am not great with art but I sure do know how to appreciate them alright.

When going in and out of the place, my eyes kept on glancing over this wall art. It is an unusual place to put art, but I found it to be an eye catcher!

Aj and Leah De Leon from The Bright Spot
Inside we got to hang out a little with our complementary coffee's! YEY!! They make some great Cafe Americano and Cafe Latte using their LA MARZOCCO Espresso Machine! I was actually dying to try their AFFOGATO but I'll save that for another visit!

Here's our drink for the night!
2 Cafe Americano
1 Cafe Latte
Thank you for being very sweet and accommodating Iya and Lia! :)

Iya and Lia

We all have seen pretty Illy cups. But I think I kind of dig this more! LA MARZOCCO.

You like hanging out? Well this elephant does too!

Of course we had to have our photos taken while waiting for our UBER car.

These wall decor too were all made by Bryan. With all these reindeers on the wall I was kind of wishing that I was in the Artic or where ever they are, sitting near the fireplace and drinking ma' hot coffee!

When our car arrived we headed straight to Torch for dinner where you can get a 5% cash back from ZAP! Mam Angelique ordered nothing but the best for us. We had their amazing specialties like their Philly Cheese steak Pizza, Torch Signature Roll, Salpicao Medallion and Burger Mac and Cheese! 

We capped of the night with a 3D screening of the movie 300 at the Greenhills Cinema where they give a 10% cash back!!!! Those men sure do have some amazing abs. Wished it came with bbq sauce! For all movie buffs like me, getting rebates for watching a movie is a definite A thing! They are also partners with Shangri-la Plaza and Greenbelt 3 Cinemas who also give a 10% cash back!

We of course had to have our group photo taken at the ZAP booth.

It was nice meeting you guys! :)

Of course, we didn't leave empty handed because we were given take home goodies from the SUGARHOUSE who gives 5% cash backs for ZAP members! And also a goodie bag from my favorite gadget store! BEYOND THE BOX who gives 2% cash back!

I was totally excited when I saw that The Sugarhouse gave us a RED VELVET COOKIE. When I ate it, it actually felt more of a cake than a cookie because it was so soft unlike usual cookies which are hard and crunchy!

Thank you ZAP for inviting me! I had a blast and it was nice to finally meet the people who are responsible for such an amazing thing! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS! See you around!

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  1. T'was a fun, fun night with you, Katryn! Hoping to bump into you again in other bloggers' events!

    1. You too Leah! I had so much fun with you and AJ! You surely are a lovely couple! ^^, I was glad I was with you the whole time!


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