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CALIBURGER Experience : It won't be complete without their WILD STYLE FRIES

I am one for burgers! I love a good burger. Who doesn't?

Even if it is not an ideal thing to order on a date, I would still go for it (if the crave arises).

I don't mind acting like myself on a first date. I mean I don't eat like a pig or whatever. So, I have nothing to hide.

But I've always wondered :
Why do people act weird on a first date? 
Why act "over" poised? (This is actually how you end up clumsier than you already are.)

I mean, if he likes you, he likes you. If he doesn't, he doesn't. Just be yourself because you will never be anyone else, not even with plastic surgery. You would still be you, no matter what, well not unless you are bipolar.

For me it is crazy that people who are in the "dating" stage always pretends to be something they are not. Always best foot forward, always dressed fancy, bla bla bla..

I think this is one of the reasons why people end up divorced or crying in a corner 5 years later. No matter what you do, eventually, the true you will show. 

No matter how much you bury it in, or layer on top of it, the nooks and crannies WILL eventually show.

I am side tracking again! 

So back to business. Everyone has been raving about CALIBURGER. I see it in all my newsfeeds, be it on instagram, twitter or facebook - FLOODED.

And there is nothing that makes me want to try out a new food more than a good picture of it in the middle of the night!

I think it's the only reasons that I actually get up in the morning.

Caliburger got me really curious and it sent me straight to CENTURY MALL, but they have their 2nd branch in Timog (Right across GMA).

The mall itself is fairly small. Nothing big like Glorietta or MOA. You can finish the whole place in 2 hours.

I finished roaming the place in less than an hour and I was starting to wonder why I still haven't seen Caliburger. I was actually starting to wonder if I was even in the right place.

If I didn't bother going up the last flight of escalator, I would not have dined at Caliburger, good thing I was as resilient as a hungry lion!

As it turns out, Caliburger sits on top of the mall. On the 4th floor to be exact, you have to walk out towards the open space to get there.

As I approached the resto, I was thinking to myself "Caliburger must be short for California Burger". I googled it, nailed it, BOOM! What were the odds?!

For me nothing feels more inviting than a Guard opening the door with all smiles. (Now that was a good start!)

First step inside and I suddenly felt like at about 10 steps I would be seeing the open sea!

The place decor is like all summery vibes. The color, chairs, tables, wallpaper, etc..

WARNING : If you don't like burgers. Turn back now before it is too late!

There is nothing but BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS, BURGERS AND FRIES on the menu. 

There is nothing but CHICKEN and BEEF patty too.

The only thing you can do is ADD MORE PATTY or CHEESE.

I would never go for multiple patties. One patty is enough for me. Double or triple patties are just too much for me (usually). I find them hard to eat, since I am a small person. If I ordered a double patty, I would just be creating a mess I can't clean up.

But if you like layers and layers of patties, feel free to have as much as you can.
  • (P90) for a beef patty
  • (P80) for a chicken patty

So we got the oh so simple HAMBURGER and CHICKEN BURGER, they are both (P195) each. 

Add (P100) : You get it with soda and fries, which is their SET MEAL A (P295).

-Chicken Burger/Hamburger
-French Fries
Their Chicken Burger is made out of ground chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion with their wild style sauce.

I love chicken, but I only like the leg, thigh and wings. I don't eat chicken breasts as for me they are too dry. Which was how this burger was like for me. It was good, but a little to dry for my taste.

So if you like the breast part of a chicken, you will like this burger just fine.

Hamburger with Strawberry Milkshake and Wild Style Fries!

I had the Hamburger meal for myself. For some reason, I upgraded it into their "WILD STYLE FRIES" by adding (P100), if I am not mistaken, or P50? 

Their wild style fries has melted American cheese (same cheese they use on their burgers), sauteed onions and their signature Cali sauce.

If you know me, adding cheese would be the last thing I would do. But for some reason (maybe the cute cashier), I went ahead with the add on without even thinking. By far, I think that was the most "epic" cheese I have ever had. Normally I would always ask for the cheese to be left on the side or not at all.

This is all I can say.

"You haven't experienced Caliburger if you haven't had their cheese fries!" -avftl

It is a real must try! I think I loved the cheese fries more than their burgers. If you hate cheese as much as I do, trust me. You'll feel otherwise.

The Hamburger was not bad for me. Although the patty could have been thicker (seriously, especially for the price).

If you don't believe my statement that there is nothing but burgers and fries. Here is their menu :)

Oh! I almost forgot, I upgraded my soda to a STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE by adding (P55) and I really loved it! The taste was just right for me. I have yet to try their chocolate milkshake <3

I had a blast at Caliburger, even if I had the most heart stopping meal ever (I lost count of how much Calories I have taken in). 

If my heart did stop, at least it felt like I was near the shores of California itself, minus the beach and sand of course. 

What I love about new places is that they have amazing updates like the state of the art buzzer, that lights up when your food is ready.

I think this device is pretty ingenious. You don't have to do unwanted exercise anymore. Haha!

So if you are eager to try it out here are their branches :

  • 4th Floor, Century City Mall
  • Timog, Right across GMA

or you can visit their facebook page at : Caliburger PH for more info

and lastly, don't forget to tag your photos to their :

  • Twitter : @CaliburgerPH
  • Instagram : @CaliburgerPH
Travel to California, via CALIBURGER airlines :))

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