Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pandora's Box

My mother isn't a compulsive buyer but when she saw this ring that was designed like a crown. I tell you, her eyes lit up and I never saw her so happy. 

On my part, I was so "inggit". I wanted one for myself. No, actually I want one for every finger I have.

So ever since that day I have been dying to have a crown ring of my own. So whenever we go out, I would hunt down jewelry stores for the crown ring. (My preeeeeeecious!). 

Finally when my chinky eyes laid eyes on PANDORA's Fairy Tale Collection. I saw "THE" ring and I fell in love with it and just like my mom I wouldn't let go. She had no choice.

My Awesome Crown Ring!! whaddaap :D

   Pandora didn't stop there.

My wondering eyes started seeing all these cute little charms that were from the Fairy Tale Collection. 

So many charms calling out to me and screaming BUY ME!! BUY ME!! 

I tell you they were not cheap and I am talking about both bracelet and charm.

So my first thought was who cares if I don't have a bracelet yet I can buy it anytime, they aren't as limited edition like the charms!

I had to get the charms first. 

So I bought the castle and fairy tale book first. I was happy for a few hours but then it hits me! "What good are my charms if I cant wear them out?!"

Finally, after several sleepless nights (obsessing over it). I bought my bracelet. YEY!

Let me introduce to you my babies :)

Castle ($110) (Front)

Castle (Back)
Castle (Bottom)
Fairy Tale Book ($37) (Front)
Fairy Tale Book (Back) 

Royal Carriage ($110)

Cruise Ship ($37)
Royal Crown ($37)
Open Your Heart ($31)
Hot Air Balloon ($39)
Heart Safety Chain ($49)
Gold tip Shuttle Cock ($100)

This is how my bracelet looks like for now. The charms I've picked represents the significant things in my life, things that I like and enjoy. Like travelling, sports etc..

I know what you are thinking (well at least what I am thinking!) It lacks color.. Super monotone. Because I can't get myself to pick any Murano beads (they are these colored glass beads) because I feel like I might hit something and it would break or shatter, and I wouldn't get over it.

So if you are thinking of getting your own bracelet and making your own story go ahead!

What I love about it is that "you can redo it whenever and however you want it to look like". Here is a little preview on how to go about it.

Step 1: Pick a bracelet (there are several types)

      > clip bracelets ($82 up)     > silver bracelet with silver ($86, but in the Philippines they sell it for P4500)/gold lock ($457)

       > oxidized silver bracelet with silver ($86)/gold lock ($519)       

       > gold bracelet with gold lock($2210-$2470)*price varies with length                                           

       > leather bracelet with silver ($75)/gold lock ($581)                

Step 2 : Think of things that you like, look for the charm that represents it
             There are 4 types : charms, spacers, clips/stoppers and safety chains

                       > Murano glass beads with silver ($37)/gold core ($200+)

                       > plain silver ($37 up)/gold charms ($300 up)

                       > silver charms with enamel ($37up)

                       > silver charms with hint of gold ($100 up)/with zirconia                                         diamond

                       > gold charms with diamond ($300 up)

                       *princes above are only an estimate, it could be higher or lower

Step 3: Put it all together however you want it. Flaunt it and enjoy!

     Pandora's box is said to contain all the evils of the world, but I guarantee you that this box would bring you nothing of that sort. It may empty your pockets a bit, but beauty comes with a price :)

They have several branches in Metro Manila:
  • Resort World Manila (tel #: 8087427)
  • Podium (tel #: 6236990)
  • Shangri-La (tel #: 4771547)
  • Duty Free Paranaque
  • BGC
  • Greenbelt 5
  • Glorietta 4
  • Podium, ground floor

or you can also visit their

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