Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kichitora perfect for the cold weather

     RAMEN RAMEN RAMEN. There are a bunch of ramen places popping up everywhere! I have a weakness for Japanese food! So when I see a ramen place, I wanna bring out the chopsticks and start munching. I find that there are some Ramen restaurants limit their menu to their special ramen and their usual gyoza that when you eat with other people who aren't in the mood to eat noodles it would be a big problem. Still it hasn't stopped me from drooling over their menu.

     I was craving for ramen. So I asked GOOGLE for a great ramen place that I haven't tried out yet and I found Kichitora, it is located at the 2nd flood of SM Mega Mall (Mega Atrium) and another Glorietta 5,

     I am such a ramen freak that I have my own expectation of what my ramen should taste like and it hitted the spot perfectly! They have their usual ramen and tsukumen-which has the noodle at the side and a few rice topping dishes for those who aren't in the mood for noodles.

     They also have 7 toppings you can add to your ramen if you think that whats in your bowl isn't enough (Which I always do!). When I order, I would always want to go for the house specialty. If that food doesn't deliver, how would their other food meet the people's expectation, right?

     So let us start of with their Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se (P420) which is similar with their Paitan Ramen (P360) that salt or soy based white chicken soup with 24 hour chicken broth topped with either chicken/pork chashu, bamboo shoots, green vegetables, spring onion, fried garlic bits, only difference is that the Zenbu no Se has dried seaweeds and tamago. Ooooh how I love that tamago, you can never go wrong with it!

Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se (P420)

     Their Tan Tan Mien is made from their special paitan soup and pure sesame paste with minced pork, sesame seeds, spring onion, green vegetables, spicy oil and fried garlic oil.

     First sip, and it was pure heaven! It was a bigger hit for me than their specialty. The soup was flavorful, my tongue palette was in extacy. If I say so, this should be one of their specialties too! Good thing this order was mine! I was happy from the top to the bottom of my bowl! :D

Tan Tan Mien (P395)
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Kichitora Branches :

  • Sm Mega Mall : 2nd Mega Atrium
  • Glorietta 5 : 2nd floor


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    1. I think you would love the Tan Tan Mien! It is so rich in flavor.


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