Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tacklings Bite Size Taco

     Mexican food is always a delight to eat. Oh how I love taco bell, but it seems to me like it is not that much of a hit anymore. Branches are closing down. Philippines is down to 2 branches : Trinoma, Gateway. PLEASE SAVE TACO BELL!! They don't have taco bell at Sm North Edsa, so I had to grab the next best thing.

     I first got to try this cute little creation at a Bazaar in World Trade Center. This bite size treat is really addictive, I can't seem to have enough of it. TACKLINGS is located at the 2nd floor of Sm North Edsa near Seiko watch center. are bite size taco's that comes in 6 (P60) or 12 pieces for (P110). It may be in Beef or Tuna flavor. But what really gives it its marvelous taste is the Garlic dressing and tomato topping. It looks pretty simple and easy to make. But where to find that exact dressing and the mini taco shell they used?! Oh did I mention that they also have a Malunggay taco shell for those who are health conscious??

Tacklings Bite Size Taco (6 pcs for P60)

     Highly recommended for people who like easy to eat mexican food, and the fact that it is so yummy!! You will come back for more! Next time you drop by Sm North Edsa, you have to stop by :)

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