Saturday, August 24, 2013


     What I love about being lakwatchera is that I get to discover the wonders of my world. There are a lot of restaurants who are not in the food zone. Most of them are hard to get to, especially if you are not familiar with the place. But, sometimes these hidden places are the wonders one is just looking for.

     Good food and great dessert goes together. At Betty's you can have both worlds for a steal. Food is really great and definitely very affordable. They can also cater to your party needs whether it be for your baby's baptismal, your birthday, debut, weddings, etc..

     Instead of eating at our beloved fast food chains, which I like by the way, why don't you go down to Betty's and grab lunch for just P108.00 where you already have your main dish with free ice tea and soup!

     Their main entrees range from P98.00 to P198.00 only! They also have all day breakfast, appetizer, salad, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and piadina ( it is an Italian flat bread folded in half, it looks like soft taco).

     They also have brownies, food for the Gods, sans rival and choco revel bars per slice or in small/big box to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Sans Rival quarter box (6 slices) : P255.00

Sans Rival
  • big box (9'x13') : P935.00
  • small box (6.5'x9') : P475.00
  • quarter box ( 4.5'x6.5') : P255.00
  • per slice : P40.00
Food for the Gods
  • big box (12 slices) : P408.00
  • small box (6 slices) : P215.00
  • per slice : P35.00
  • big box (25 slices) : P308.00
  • small box (12 slices) : P160.00

Choco Revel Bars
  • big box (24 slices) : P315.00
  • small box (12 slices) : P175.00
  • per slice : P32.00 

Visit Betty's at 101 Mariano Cuenco St., cor Biak na Bato, QC
             tel no. 712-1733, 712-1752, or 414-0838

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