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Every Girl's Dream : The Tannery Manila (Leather bags and more!)

It is not everyday that I get to meet beautiful ladies like Macy and Mariel.

ME and MACY (the designer)

ME and MARIEL (the chemist)
And you are probably wondering who they are. Well for starters, they are the sisters who are responsible for the great merchandises of THE TANNERY MANILA.

I think I have came across their brand a while back but took no interest in it for some reason. But during my relentless search for the worthiest camera bag ever, I stumbled upon them once again. Talk about fate.

They aren't rookie girls in the world of leather bag making mainly because they come from a long line of leather bag makers. Four generations long (wish I was born into that family!)

Not that I don't love where I was born into, but imagine this : "I can have whatever bag I want", ain't that every shopaholic girl's dream!.

But even if people are born into a blessed family like this, not all next generations would like to meddle with the family business.

So, I asked Macy and Mariel what made them want to be a part of the family business and also what made them want to launch a brand of their own, and they said that :
"What inspire us to build tannery is we have been in the bag business since 2007 but we have made for other brands (local retailers and entreps alike). Aside from passion for the business of bags and leather, its the desire to build on our legacy as pioneers in the leather industry. With our great grand lolo starting the trade locally in 1901. "

It is really nice to have a family business, don't you think? Not only can you have free merchandise, but you can also help innovate the products your family produces and make a ton of profit out of it.

Best of all, it doesn't feel like work if you are happy with what you are doing.

I can't remember a day in my life where I never carried a bag. I change my bags like crazy when I was a kid. I would like change my bag at least every other day (true story!). I am a bag-a-holic since childhood.

Well, minus the lazy days where I would just have nothing but money and my phone with me (but that days are like once in a blue moon). You would often see me carrying a humongous bag because I would like to have everything I need with me. I am a girl scout by nature or a hoarder of some sort. Haha!

Me with my beautiful bag from THE TANNERY MANILA

I don't mind carrying a heavy bag, as long as I have everything I need because I don't like the feeling of not having something I need, especially with emergencies. It will drive me crazy.

So I always tell my mom, "What is the point of carrying around a bag if you are not gonna stick things in there?!" Coz mom would always pity my bags. But for me, that is its purpose, that is why you have a bag!

If you are gonna pay for something on the thousands (a thousand to a hundred thousand). I expect that it will pass "the test of durability". If not why not just buy a "BAYONG".

So far most of my bags have withstood the test of time, and the test of mine (heavy load).

And the bag I was looking for, they had it. They really gave me a hard time when I was at their Private Sale Event. They had a ton of bags to choose from. In different colors and sizes.

When I was there, it felt like I was in heaven! A heaven for girls alone and girls alike!

TO MEN READERS : If you are looking to surprise your girl, this is the place to look for the perfect gift for her. Be she your girlfriend, mother, sister or grandmother. You can never go wrong giving a girl a bag! (Ask for their gift box) I am sure you'll be the favorite child after this! Lol

I already have ton, but I will never be contented with whatever I have. Good to say, I don't feel the same about men.

Although I love whatever bag I carry, I can't help but look for another. I think no girl can have enough bags. It is just impossible.

For now their merchandises are currently limited to bags and accessories but they are planning to extend it this year.

I did spot a couple of good leather shoes from them! Maybe it would be a part of their future endeavours. Comfy leather shoes for a shopaholic is a definite must!

Their short term plans is to open a store in QC (by popular demand). It could only mean that business is good! But how can it not be? Good craftsmanship and good design and not to mention good quality! Of course they will make it big. I hope that one day they would be the famous names in the industry like LV big!
They say that dreaming is different from doing. But I believe that it is harder to make it big if you don't dream dream.
The girls are currently balancing their time as they are also focusing on their major business which is currently in exporting. 

God speed girls! I know you can make it.

They even had ROSEMARIE's (my favorite RED VELVET CAKE MAKER) for hungry guys, girls and kids.
Look! Raffle freebies!!

But just like every other thing we do in life, there are so called "Bumps before success" and Macy and Mariel did have their fair share of it. 
Probably finding our market. Haha Philippines is not as fashion forward as with other countries. There is a difference between export and local taste. To grow the brand locally, we need to develop products to suit their tastes. We wanted to make global products that is readily available locally as well. In a nutshell, we wanted to make products that looks imported, but is actually, proudly pinoy --from material to manufacturing.
And I believe that they have achieved their goal. Don't you think? I know when I carried my beloved bag, everyone wanted to know where I got it from! I wished I could have said "SEEECRET!!", but what's the point of keeping it to myself. They deserve all the glory they can get.

Congratulations Macy and Mariel! Thank you for being so nice and sweet! I do hope to see you guys again! :)

Bags are one thing, but camera bags are another thing. And if happen to want a well crafted bag for your precious and expensive cameras (here here!!), they do have a couple of designs and colors to choose from!

Like this..

And this..

And this.. 

But there will be more!!! Soon!! So turn the page and head on to their

and GO CRAZY!!

From time to time, they hold a private sale, so don't forget to like their Facebook page and be up to date with their future promos and events!


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