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Rediscover the Filipino in you at Isla Cafe (Robinsons Ermita) by XO46

I do not know if drinking coke early in the morning wrong or if eating junk food for breakfast is right. But whether it is right or wrong. I LOVE IT. (We all know it is wrong, right? I am just in my life long denial stage)

I have never been in the norm or even close to it. I like doing things my way and getting things done my way. I would not care if it is right or wrong as long as I am not hurting anybody.

With that being said. I think eating breakfast for lunch or eating merienda during night time is my kinda style. I have so gotten used to sleeping late that I just follow what my tummy wants or demands not caring if it is night or day.

So I hate how some places restrict me from eating the things I like. 


I really needed to let that out. Been holding on to it for the longest time.

But now I would just like to say, "thank you ISLA CAFE that you serve me merienda during dinner time! I love you :)"

The fact that I don't distinguish food by breakfast, lunch or dinner means I can and will eat whatever whenever I want and this place is the place to be if you are in that mood.

They specialize in PUTO, PANSIT AND PANGHIMAGAS. As stated in their mirror mural.

And I totally agree with what they said! I loved everything that we ordered except for one.

But if I had to choose one Filipino merienda all time favorite, it will definitely be TURON with LANGKA embellished with tons of caramelized sugar! What about you?

Wait.. Why don't they serve turon here?!

Putting turon aside, I will start off with my dad's all time favorite : ARROZ CALDO (P125)

I'll admit that Arroz Caldo might not be the best choice right now because of the blazing summer heat. Good thing Robinsons Ermita's air conditioning is on the up and up making it the perfect time to eat a bowl of hot Arrozcaldo.

I love a hot bowl of Arrozcaldo (rice porridge) or noodles. I don't really know why, but I think it is because of the warm fuzzy feeling it gives my tummy, much like what a big warm hug does to me.

Arrozcaldo would usually come alone, right? So I was surprised that Isla Cafe serves it with puto with cheese. I have never really got puto, I don't know why because my mom loves puto and my other family members. So my puto reference is based on their expertise and they said it was good! (but puto with cheese is definitely not for this girl)

Even if arrozcaldo is just congee with chicken, egg, garlic and scallion it is not that easy to make. Well it is easy to make but it won't always be what you expected or wanted (not unless you are an expert cook, but I was talking about people like me, people who cannot cook and want to cook).

For the life of me. I cannot stand this next dish. I cannot appreciate it's beauty and smell. But we all have our differences. SO DON'T JUDGE.


If I am scared of cheese, I am definitely even more scared of "GATA" or coconut milk, I am like a bomb sniffing dog when I smell gata! I go crazy!! Not the good crazy, the BAD ONE!

I can't stand the smell, let along the taste. OMG! It always makes me wanna puke. (Sorry to everyone who loves BICOL EXPRESS P165), but according to the 2 people who I was with who loves gata, they said it was good and a must try!

But those two were not really on top of my list. What really got me drawn to this place was their BEEF PARES (P179). I don't think I see a lot of restaurants serving beef pares. And suddenly seeing the word "pares" made me miss my favorite food when I was still doing my internship in Makati. Ohh Mr. Mamang Pares, where art thou???

I can say that I am forbidden by my father to eat street foods because of the bad press they are getting. But talk aside the bad press. There are a lot of pretty good street food out there and one of them is the pares in the streets of Makati particularly the one along Chino Roces and I love it a lot!

I was actually very hesitant to try it at first, but because of my friends constant eating there, I had to give it a try. After all, they won't eat bad food. Right?? Haha

But I was actually glad that I got the courage to try it, if my dad knew this, I think I would be in trouble. But the worst is over. The food passed by a long time ago and I am still fine. Thank goodness!

Up next is their special BINAWANG NA SOTANGHON (Cellophane noodles with Fried Garlic, P175) 


I would say that this dish is definitely a must try. I loved the over all taste, the charming aroma of the garlic. I loved it down to the atsuete (in the Philippines) or Annatto.

I think even with the horrid staining color it can do to a white shirt, it still adds to the aesthetic of the dish.

The last but not least is their DULCE DE LECHE BARAKO (P110). I am not a fan of coffee, but I am starting to love it somehow in my own way and pace. The word dulce de leche was the money maker, I associate it with my love a.k.a. sweets. Anything with the word dulce de leche I would always try, because it is a guarantee that it will be sweet and lovely.

And it did not fail me. The drink was really good and there were chunks of leche flan inside the glass and it was a really great surprise! Wish it could have been filled with more chunks of leche flan. Make it like how Starbucks would make coffee jelly and I will have this everyday!

I definitely am looking forward to coming back to ISLA CAFE because they still have a lot of promising dishes that I need and want to try.

If you are new to Filipino favorites and you are hesitant to eat in the streets. This is definitely the place to start and explore the Filipino in you :) Isla Cafe is a dressed down version of their grand XO46 (Century City Mall and another on the ground floor of Le Grand Condominium). But where ever you choose to dine, you will definitely leave happy! 

If you would like to know more about them and their other menu's, you can visit their website :

Facebook page : XO46 Bistro Filipino

Branches :

ISLA CAFE (smaller XO46)

  • 3rd floor, Midtown Robinsons Ermita
  • Upper ground floor, Century City Mall

ISLA KUSINA (smaller Isla Cafe)

  • Ground floor, Greenhills Shopping Center
  • Ground floor, National Bookstore Quezon Avenue, QC
  • Ground floor, Lung Center of the Philippines


  • Pre-departure area, NAIA Terminal 3


  • Ground floor, Le Grand Condominium (130 Valero St. Salcedo Village Makati)
  • 2nd level, Century City Mall

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