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Red Table : The Best Korean Fast Casual Restaurant

If you happen to ask me where is the SM I least wanna go to, my answer would definitely be SM SAN LAZARO. Why? I have nothing against it, it is just too close to home. Also I feel like the restaurants there are dated and common.

But as of now, I finally have a reason to go back there. RED TABLE!!!!

It has really been a year since I last went to San Lazaro. Can't believe that it has been that long already my dear UST. Anyway, I went there to buy something for a project I am working on and suddenly I felt hungry. I was grasping for dear life, slightly hoping that after a year later, there would be at least something new and there IT was.

I am a sucker for good food. Whatever cuisine is fine with me. I don't really favor one over the other, but when I crave for something, I make sure that I follow the desire. Because when I do, it fills a certain empty feeling I have inside, and when I don't it leaves a bigger hole in my emotional wall.

Have you ever had that feeling, you know.. When you eat something good or bad, cheap or expensive, but you don't feel anything. You feel like you are full (or sometimes you feel even hungrier), but no satisfaction, no smirk on your face, no what so ever. 

That is the feeling I hate, more than a heartbreak or muscle pain..

The place actually seemed empty at first glance from the outside. Just because the place is really spacious and the interior finishing is clean. 

Unlike other restaurants there, where the place feels so cramp and congested even when there aren't any people inside.

But the food is why I am really here. Enough stressing Ms. Frustrated Interior Designer!

I have this favorite little Korean place I love going to in UST along P. Noval called SANTORINI. School gets a toll on me at times, that I just need a good food. And there is no comfort food like a good Japanese food or a good Korean food. I don't know. Chinese food isn't my go to comfort food, I wonder why. Maybe I maybe Korean after all.

Kidding aside. Korean food just makes me go crazy. I know that when I left with this face. It was all smiles and tummies out!

Let us top this post with this beautiful DONKKAS-DEOPBAP (P230) which is Korean style pork cutlet with rice. I have said this before that pork chops won't usually be my order since it is always available at home. But something about Korean style pork chop made me want to try this. I have no idea what the sauce on top of it was, but it kind of feels like ketchup but lighter and richer in a weird way (the good weird).

The pork chop was lean, but not as thick as what you would normally expect in places like Yabu or Ginza Bairin. But it's got a few more slices to make up for the thin strips. It was really good!

If you like your chops with cheese, they also have a CHEESE DONKKAS (P240) for you. Which is exactly the same thing as the DEOPBAP but with cheese inside.

I can't stop obsessing about their round lights, the O.C inside of me wanted to just grab the black one from the far left of the room and put it in the middle of the 2 white ones. Why of all things is this in this order.  HAHA!

I felt like I was in SANTORINI, they had my favorite BULGOGI GIMBAP (P115)! I was so excited because this is my bff and I's favorite thing to share back in college.

Bulgogi Gimbap it is made of egg, marinated beef, yellow radish and carrot. You dip it in this delightful soy sauce, that is not as strong as Kikoman or Silver Swan. And no, there is no Wasabi. This is a Korean restaurant remember?! Haha

I think that this is one of the most memorable food I've had. Because this is my "Hold on" food. Without this I think I would not have made it out of college alive. I love eating this stuff while eating, especially during long exams.


Another thing I love about Korean Restaurants is their fresh greens. And the SAMGEOPSAL (P195) has just that! 

It is actually fried seared pork belly with rice and lettuce. I have no idea what the rice for especially with the lettuce right there, but I think the rice is for the ones who doesn't like to wrap it maybe?

The BULGOGI SIZZLING PAN (P160) is simply bulgogi served in a sizzling pan. It was my favorite out of everything we had.

The beef was just so soft and the taste was just phenomenal. The portion was not bad for the price. It was really good, I swear!! I would love to have it for myself, but I had to share since I was about to sink from stuffiness.

Regular- 160, Large- 310, Combo Meal-180
This place is really worth going to and going back to. The ones who own this sure knows GOOD KOREAN FOOD! I love am just really in love with this place. Forget all those fancy shamancy expensive Korean restaurants. With the price you pay them for one time, you can eat here a couple of times and you will surely be happier!

So what are you waiting for?? Try RED TABLE and you'll know what I am talking about! They also have your traditional bibimbap, salad, etc.. :)

Branches :

  • SM San Lazaro : 4th floor
  • SM Manila : 4th floor
  • RCBC Building in Makati

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  1. Do u know who is the owner of the place or any phone #?


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