Thursday, March 13, 2014


As a child I have always loved eating sweets. If ADHD was a big thing back then, I think I would have been probably diagnosed with it. I wouldn't sleep 'til I am so exhausted that I just literally "fall asleep". Now that is how you do it brother! So my behavior now has totally nothing to do with outside influence, social media, peer pressure or what so ever.

I have always been who I was. Just like how I have never out grown the things I love to eat like chocolates, ice cream, junk foods, etc.. I totally have no idea how my brain kept up with me (O my gee! Is it even working?!). I have always wondered, "where am I getting all my nutrition from?". No wonder I am so short. HAHA!

Well now that I am older, a few years of Chemistry subjects later, and I am still no better. I still eat the same old junk. Food corporation are my pusher and I am their loyal junkie.

My thesis was about Diabetes, and you would think I should know better. No. Just like any other person who loves sweets, I cannot resist it. I've had my fair share of Diabetes paranoia. With everything I read on the internet, I can't help but self diagnose and seriously, it is driving me crazy. I feel like I had all the symptoms.

So I had my blood sugar checked out last 2 months or so, and thankfully, it is still normal. I can't blame the internet, I should actually be thankful. It is a good reminder that I should eat with moderation. Bah, who am I kidding?! With all the things we are pressured to eat now, it would be wise to see the doctor at least once a year for a full check up.

I am human. And to be human is to err. We all have our weak spots and this is mine. My love for ice cream stems from my mother. Yes it is in the core of my DNA. Heck, I think my DNA is made out of ice cream. Yummy! 

So I have heard that DAIRY QUEEN launched a new ice cream sandwich. It is no ordinary ice cream sandwich. It is made of :

If you haven't heard, here is a photo :
*photo taken from their Facebook page

I wish such sandwiches were available for "baon" when I was in school. No wait, that would just create a big mess. Maybe in the school canteen. OH LALA MAMA MIA!

I have eaten chocolate ice cream bars like TWIX AND SNICKERS and I think the world of it. If you were wondering where I get them from. You can go to LIBIS, SHOPWISE. I am sure that they have it there in singles, but I am not so sure about other branches. I will get back to you guys about that. 

How generous could the world be?! An OREO COOKIE ICE CREAM?! Felt like I was dreaming the whole time I was eating it. I am still hung over, just so you know.

As of now their Oreo cookie ice cream has no expiration date yet. So no need to worry, they aren't pulling it out just yet. So you have time to drag yourself out to a Dairy Queen outlet.

If you grew up with Oreo cookies and had it for school snacks like me. You will definitely have to try this out. I am actually not a big fan of DQ's Dilly bar or their DQ Sandwich. I am more of a blizzard person, but now that I have tried their Oreo cookie ice cream. There is just no going back.

What excited me most was that, IT LOOKED LIKE A GIANT DOUBLE STUF OREO! Is it really spelled as STUF? not STUFF? Anyway, the great thing about it is that, it is really affordable. It only cost P49 peso each! I wish they would have this forever <3

If you love ice cream cookies or ice cream in general, you might actually like to try another favorite of mine : Blue Bell Country Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich or if you like to splurge, you might like to grab yourself a pint of : Blue Bell Ice Cream. I swear on my reputation Blue Bell is truly a steal. A pint premium ice cream for P250!? It couldn't get any better that!

For more information visit their website :

Don't forget to like their Facebook page : Dairy Queen Philippines

and follow them on Instagram : @dairyqueenphils

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  1. Wow! meron palang Oreo flavored ice cream ung Dairy Queen! grabe (DROOOL), Sana ate katryn meron kang DIY tutorial nitong Oreo flavored ice cream, ang dami kasi naming oreo na pack dito sa bahay. My mom just ordered at (, in a bulk for me and my little sister's baon sa school. Gusto kong i-try ito grabe. Can you make a tutorial? PLEASE! Thank you sis!


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