Thursday, March 20, 2014

COCA Restaurant at SM Aura: Truly Appetizing!

I have been to SM Aura twice since it opened and I still haven't seen the whole thing yet coz' I keep arriving at the place at least 2 hours before it closes. To think that it is such a small place, I really need to leave the house earlier!

Since I am still unfamiliar with the place, I kept wondering, "Where are all the restaurants at!?". I mean yes, aside from the ones on the ground floor, Shine, Paul and the food court, Munch Punch listed a bunch of other places but I haven't seen any of them.

I was about to give up when I saw one last escalator leading no where. Since I was staring at it, I decided to get on it and see what is on the other side.

Ooooooooooooooh my dear. So there they all are!

Mind blow. The first restaurant I saw was Ramen Nagi and the line was going on and on and on and on. It was spitting out people from its insides. Pass. I would never wait out a line that long. No matter how desperate I am for a good ramen.

I walked both sides of the top floor to scour for a good place to eat at. There were a couple of promising places but COCA Restaurant just took my breath away.

It is also affiliated with "Mango Tree" and "Mango Tree Bistro".

Coca originated from Thailand but it is actually a Cantonese Restaurant.

I love how the beautiful facade continues onto the inside of the restaurant.

I love the wooden frame around the dining table. It is simple yet classy in a way. I am not really sure but this, but it would be pretty cool if you can draw in the shades! Don't you think? Although I think it is just decorative. Haha

I love how the yellow drapes adds a certain sophistication to the dim lights of the place. It feels so cozy to sit in for hours at a time. Not on a busy day of course!

Onto the food! I for one am a super fan of fried rice. Whatever kind is fine with me. The only problem I have with it, is that it makes me eat more, a lot more rice!

But one type of fried rice is always present in restaurants! YANG CHOW FRIED RICE!

But it isn't my usual Chinese Yang Chow Fried rice. It lacks the yellow stereotype. Maybe it is this way because first of all, it is from a Cantonese Restaurant and not from a Chinese Restaurant. Non the less, it is good in its own way.

(Small -P200, Large- P300)

The PORK BELLY was a winner. Until now, I actually don't get the pairing with Mustard. Does anyone know why this is? I would love to have an explanation. Although it is not bad, but I just don't get why mustard of all things..

The just love the soft fat stuck in between all the meat layers (no wonder I don't loose weight, I love eating belly fat!). The meat layers itself just peels off like onions, if I am properly explaining myself. It is just so soft, almost marshmallow like! And crunchy skin just adds a boom to it.


Even if I love my pork, I am really a duck person. No not the duck lips photo you are picturing. But roast duck. For me it is really special, no cold cuts order would be complete without duck in it. I just love how different the texture is and how it tastes like.

Normally I would prefer the leg or thigh part but their roast duck is already deboned. Which makes it even better because "no more eating around the bones!".  Awesome!

The duck meat was very juicy and tasty and the skin is a little crispy but not too much ,which I like! Definitely a must try!

(Small - P450, Large P750)
The last thing I had was the STIR-FRIED SQUID w/ GARLIC AND CHILI, and it was my favorite for the night! It was just down right great.

The way it was cooked was just so good that I couldn't let any of it go to waste. I think the plate was good as clean when I was done with it.

Light bulb: I think if they turned this Stir-fried squid with garlic and chili into a fried rice. It might just kill me. Kill me of gluttony and stuffiness.

But what I haven't tried is their famous SUKI. From the looks of it, it is really great but it can cost you at least P1000 and up. It will surely be on the table on my next visit! :)

Visit and like their Facebook page : COCA Restaurant PH

Tag your photos to their Instagram account : @cocarestaurantph

Twitter : @COCAPhilppines


  1. Have you tried checking out the looloo app or for restaurant listings nearby/specific area? :)

    1. Hi @peanut! I have actually downloaded the app, but haven't used it at all, I've been meaning to.. :) why?


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