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TGIFridays : Delightful TEX MEX Menu, it will surely make you want some more!

I think everybody who is works wishes that it was Friday everyday, right?! Not so sure how people would make money though, but still, it is an ideal thought to a lot of lazy bones out there (including me of course!). Although, it would not be so great of a thing for work-a-holics. But if it is possible that it would be Friday all the time, sign me up baby!

Well in TGIFridays, it is always Friday! I always loved how cheery the place is. It is just such a great place to be at. It kind of feels like a great place to be at after a bad break up. Haha I don't know why that even came to mind. But the red color from the place, to the uniforms, to the decor makes the place feel so alive and full of life! It feels like HAPPY BIRTHDAY all day, everyday!

I have always loved eating at Fridays. Ever since I was a little girl, eating at Fridays has always been somewhat of a treat. Back then, the prices at Fridays were really way above other restaurants. But as of now, it is not way above that bracket anymore. Let us face it, eating out these days are pretty heavy on the wallet.

But now that I have my "THE BISTRO GROUP PREMIERE CARD". I definitely made up for the time lost.

So, let us start with my favorite! My icing on the cake.

(Small-P395, Sharing-P650)
A good nacho has always been something that I liked (but I always end up pushing off most of the cheese harhar!). So I am not so sure if it still counts as a nacho.

I love how even the nacho here at Fridays is all cheery-er! The color from the plate and the colors on the plate, just makes you wanna gobble it all up. 

The bright YELLOW and RED deep fried tortilla chips covered with a rich YELLOW cheese sauce, the RED chili and the COLORFUL pico de gallo served with fresh salsa is amazing.

I noticed that I have gained some unwanted weight. Seriously, did I think that I could eat all of this and not gain some!? Wishful thinking!!

Their tostada nachos are made out of crispy tortillas loaded with seasoned ground beef and melted cheese, served with salsa and sour cream and topped with spicy jalapenos. 

Perfect for people who like or dislike jalapenos because you can just eat it up or push it aside! 

All that eating made me thirsty! And thing about Fridays is that they have so many great drinks to choose from!

So water was out of the question. I don't drink alcoholic drinks so... It was either the STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE or the BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE SHAKE. But I was leaning towards the blueberry and it was the best choice ever!

I couldn't believe it myself, I mean cheesecake? Who am I kidding. I hate cheese right? I am actually starting to wonder if I even hate cheese. What a conundrum!

But who cares. It was so D*** good. It definitely made me stuffier, but it was worth every Calorie! You just have to try it out. It was so smooth, cold and refreshing. Who wouldn't want to eat and drink their dessert at the same time. MIND BLOWN!

But Mexican food will never ever be complete without a good quesadilla! But not just quesadilla where you have the option for chicken, pork or beef.

TEX MEX IS SPECIAL. So they made it with SMOKED SALMON QUESADILLA for crying out loud!

I love salmon, and I am totally crazy about it. But I am not a fan of smoked salmon, just because I feel like it is too salty? I don't know.. there is just something about it.

But these quesadillas were in perfect shape! I think it was the flavors from the pico de gallo, tart apples and Monterey Jack cheese that made it totally better.

Mexican food is great for 2 reasons. Tortillas and rice. RICEEEEEEEEEE!

Not everyone can stay away from rice. People from Asia loves rice! I love rice! So here the only dish that comes with rice from the TEX MEX menu..

The tender slow cooked chicken breast mixed with spicy ranchero tomato sauce and melted Monterey Jack cheese rolled in corn tortilla is topped with cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, cilantro and sour cream is served with chorizo rice was totally great!

The chicken breast didn't feel like they were breast, felt like it was more of a thigh part because it was juicy and flavorful! Now if all chicken breasts are cooked that way, my brother would have some tough competition!

Lastly, my pick of the day! BBQ PORK TACOS!! TACOOOOOOOO! Mexican food drives me crazy.  It drives me loco! I am quite sure I am not Mexican but I just love their food. Kind of feeds the soul in some way. But it just feels so fulfilling.. Don't you think?

The shaved pork tenderloin felt like a total surprise in my mouth. It is marinated in their signature BBQ sauce topped with pepper jack cheese, frizzled onions (which was the smoking gun for me), south western sour cream, pico de gallo and freshly chopped cilantro (Oooh cilantro.. I have been seeing a lot of you around lately) is then served with crisp golden fries on the side wish it came with onion rings (big eyes~ Oo,)!

I was so full that I couldn't take another bite that I just had to take these babies home. And even on the next day and a couple of hours in the refrigerator later. They were still smoking good once popped back in the toaster!

So whatcha waiting for!? You really have to make a dent on your diet day and go to FRIDAYS for a cheat day! Everything is so good that you can never go wrong. Don't forget the Blueberry Cheesecake shake! It is just heavenly!

Branches :

  • Glorietta 3, 3rd floor
  • Robinsons Ermita, Ground floor
  • Tomas Morato
  • Alabang Town Center, 2nd floor
  • Robinsons Galleria, 2nd floor
  • Bonifacio High Street, B3
  • Trinoma, 4th floor
  • Eastwood, Ground floor
  • Greenbelt 3, level 3
  • Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu
  • Abreeza Mall, Level 1, Davao City
  • Subic Bay Freeport Zone, 2nd level
  • Centrio Mall, Level 1, CDO
  • Marquee Mall, Level 1, Angeles City

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