Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wagyu Burger Madness at Village Tavern

I have been to Village Tavern once before this, but it seemed like I ordered all the wrong things. To be honest, my first visit there wasn't that good of an experience and I told myself I wasn't going back.

Although, I love how the place looked like. I am actually a frustrated interior designer. Me and my dreams. Leaving that aside. The place is really classy and it is upscale.

I love the place looked modern yet it had a cottage-y feeling to it. You know with animal antlers and all that. I was actually hoping that there would be a cozy fire place somewhere I could sit next to and roast marshmallows in (Is it weird? Haha). It's totally got that Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf feeling for me.

It would be totally cool to visit the other branches in the States where they got a real fire place burning! :)

But even if I didn't have a good first time there, I am glad that I did come back or else I would have missed out on a lot.

Village Tavern, well you wouldn't actually see the place immediately or clearly from a far (if you weren't looking for it). It is located at the edge of Bonifacio High Street right across where Jamba Juice, Slice, Cotton On is and even if it is located there, I think it is the perfect spot for it. You'll get what I mean when you see it. 

For starters, if I had this COWBOY CHIPS (P450) when I first tried this place out. I would not stop coming back. Even if it is just for this alone.

I would love to have this with me each and EVERY TIME I get to watch a movie. Seriously it is just that good! I cant' believe how crazy I am about this. The potato chips from Taters didn't even stand a chance!

The Monterey Jack cheese, Cheddar cheese together with the bacon bits were oscillating in perfect harmony with the deep fried crispy potato slices!

Food Ecstasy is what it is. A piece of heaven in every bite! It means that it is just so good because I forgot the fact that I hate cheese and ate away!

But we weren't here for the appetizers. 

We were here for their burgers! By burgers, I don't mean just any burger, you shouldn't be expecting a P200 burger or a buy 1 take 1 burger for P30! These One Direction boys are way way better!

Even if I have a big appetite when in the mood. Simply staring at the burgers made me feel full. Can you imagine 4 big WAGYU patties with its tight buns staring at you and saying "EAT ME!"?

It is hard. It was a fatal attraction from beginning to end.

But out of all the four. Their TEQUILA BURGER (P650) was my favorite. Not sure if I tasted any tequila (have no idea what it tastes like), but it was a good sign that I was still walking straight after the burger. Kidding! It was just tequila mayonnaise after all, DUH!

The taste was really good and my favorite kicker was the jalapenos! I love a spicy meal even if it opens up my sweat glands and makes me feel like I am baking in the oven. It was surprisingly not that crazy spicy (for me) and even if it was infused with habanero and cheddar cheese, I still loved it!

Great burger!

The next super star is..

The REUBEN BURGER (P595), this is the Pickiest Eater's favorite. I seriously cannot say the same. I love a good corned beef and fried egg for breakfast.

But not so crazy about corned beef with fried egg, Gruyere cheese and a giant Wagyu patty. I felt a little queasy after eating it. Actually I felt queasy even before I ate it. It was a trap I cannot escape.

But! We all have our own likes and dislikes. Heard it was the BEST SELLER! So, I might actually have bad taste. Haha

I feel full already, don't you?

A little behind the scene for THE PICKIEST EATER

I love burgers but I don't stand a chance eating it simultaneously. So.. here is a little something else you need to try from Village Tavern..

Their CHICKEN SKEWER (P245) was a total hit for me. These were made from chicken breasts, but the texture was so far from it. It was so juicy and soft unlike most chicken breast parts (Hey, this is a rated G post! Wipe that smirk off your face).

So it comes with a little mixed greens with Miso dressing which Rina totally loved!

The photo doesn't do justice to the Cowboy chips and I am so sorry for that. But I swear it is really good. I am totally in love with it. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT and tell me what you think!

But be careful of the plate because it is hot and fresh from the oven.

Now that we had a burger breather.. Back to business.

The TRUFFLE BURGER (P625)! Even as I write, I can still feel the burgers wandering around in my tummy (and it just feels weird I tell you).

Their Truffle burger is made of premium WAGYU beef paired with a rich truffle mayonnaise, topped with asiago cheese and sauteed shitake mushrooms. As you can see, they didn't skimp out on the ingredients. Nothing but the finest for you and me!

Now here is the last but not least!

The FOIE GRAS BURGER (P890). Sounds fancy right? Fancy is its middle name and P890 is its last name! But we all know that we get what we pay for. It is made of premium WAGYU beef topped with Gruyere cheese, red wine, braised onions and seared foie gras. Nothing could be better than that. It was probably my 2nd favorite!

If you think that the price a little hefty.. It is a good idea to get yourself a BISTRO PREMIERE CARD and have a 20% off your bill. A little price to pay, but totally worth it!
Branches :

  • Bonifacio High Street, 2nd floor

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