Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bellychon : Belly busting goodness!

I know some people are still not over that the holidays are OVER. Whenever I think of festivities. The first thing that comes to mind is not gifts okay? The first thing that comes into my mind is LECHON. Although I was never a fan of it. A lot of people are. Its over rated for me that it seems like every person in this world are lined up (at too early for my mind to know) just to order lechon.

Have you tried getting lechon for your family during the holidays, if you have then you know what I am talking about. The line is not really a line. It looks more like the Great Wall of China, you need to hurdle over to survive a.k.a. getting some lechon! 

It just feels ridiculous for me. But when the holidays aren't in. There is barely a line, more like dots are what's left. When we went to Shopwise, Libis last week. We were starving because of the long traffic and decided to eat a little. In fairness, the food there are better than it was before. They now have Potato Corner, Pancit ng taga Malabon, Lapids Chicharon, etc.. But what caught my eye was.. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Bellychon is one of the new ones there. Well at least to me it is. It's been a while. Like I said, I was never really a fan of any type of lechon. Especially left over lechon. I just eat it whenever it is already there or if it is newly cooked. I never crave for it. Not until I had a taste of Bellychon. 

I don't like any type of meat that is dry. Like chicken breast or pork tenderloin. I am more of a chicken thigh or pork belly type of person. I like the gooey fat that makes the meat tender and juicy. What is better than pork belly, is when it is turned to BELLYCHON!

The smell was hypnotizing. The look is mesmerizing. It was inviting. Some sort of a trap door. Bellychon made me fall in love with lechon. This is Lechon Cebu too. Minus the head and all other unnecessary parts for me. Just BELLY goodness. Even the fresh one's from the airplanes from Cebu can't compare. It was just really toxic. Toxic to those who loves lechon. To those who has high blood. To those who are on a diet. To those you needs to stay away from FAT!

The best thing to us consumers is that it is already BONELESS. No more "LUGE" as you would be paying for PURE MEAT only! Sounds great right?! :)

So, I have this photo above. Are you leaning towards the left or the right one? 

Looks the same from here, but the left one is actually the SPICY BELLYCHON. The right one is the ORIGINAL BELLYCHON. If you are the person who likes spicy food+lechon, this you will love! At first I was like, nah! It's not even that spicy, but towards the end I felt the sting. It was spicy after all. Haha! 

The ORIGINAL BELLYCHON will make you consume a lot more if you ask me, because you just can't stop forking another one for your plate. I got full because of all the water I had to drink to feel my tongue again from the spicy one.

See all those red thingy?? It looks like it is blood, but no. It is not. It's more of a kimchi red. Can you picture it? It is the chili that is embedded into the lechon roll before it was sent to the oven to cook for about 5 to 6 hours. The spices are really in there! It also has Tanglad/Lemongrass inside that makes the belly roll smell remarkable.

Everyday must be a special day. You can call in advance if you would like to order from them. They also have ADOBO BELLYCHON, TAGALOG BELLYCHON that has sampaloc in it making it proudly Pinoy! and CHICHABELL which is chicharon lechon.

CALL : 723-24-00

Every order has gravy and vinegar. You may use them or not at all. The bellychon's spices alone is enough.

If you can't resist the smell and you just have to have one now they have a 

BELLYBOY MEAL for only P 120.00

You can also have it to go in : 

1/4 Kilo - P 187.50

1/2 Kilo - P 375.00

3/4 Kilo - P 562.50

1 Kilo or 1 Roll - P 750.00

They have branches at :

Shopwise - Libis, Cubao, Sucat


Greenbelt 1

Festival Mall

Bring out all your slimming coffee or tea, your orlistat or lipase inhibitors and order BELLYCHON now.
Well, tomorrow morning actually :)

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