Friday, January 10, 2014

The Chicken Rice Shop Promo on Metrodeal

Who doesn't like discounts? Discounts don't mean that the stuff is old or the thing is damaged in one way or another. Some people are so paranoid when they hear things are on sale! You may pass on it when you don't really need it. But everyone needs food and when food is on sale?!!? You just have to buy!

From my previous post about THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP, I know some of you wanted to just print out the photo, and eat. You can never go wrong when buying Food Promos. It is a no brainer that whenever we go out with our families and friends. People can always go window shopping, but it is hard to window eat?! Is that even a thing?

So if ever you are wondering why I like TCRS so much, now is your chance to get to dine there for less than their actual price.

While I am writing this, it is down to 13 hours to go before METRODEAL'S promo on THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP ENDS!!

There are 2 choices :

  • Meal for 2 persons (P340 instead of P461)

Half Chicken (Choice of Hainanese or Roast)
Ipoh Bean Sprouts
Chicken Rice Platter 

  • Meal for 4 persons ( P660 instead of P956)

Quarter Chicken (Choice of Hainanese or Roast)
Nyonya Pai Tee
Golden Fortune Rolls
Fried Wonton 
Chicken Rice Platter
Iced Tea 

Click here now before time runs out! : PROMO LINK

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