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New to the palette : BRASAS (Latin American Street Food)

There's just always 2 things on my mind. Food and shopping. When I am not thinking of one, I am thinking about the other. Kind of my boyfriend A and B. Always there for me. I know I can count on them. But just like men. They just seem to all look alike, look the same. No more surprises. Too predictable. Too out there.

A midst all of them. There are still a few good men. Someone who will still manage to surprise you. Someone who will manage to offer you something new. This is what BRASAS is to me!

Mexican food, American food, Filipino food, Chinese food, Japanese food, Korean food. How does Latin American food sound? Even if it still has American food next to it. At least it has the word Latin before it. Close enough. Music to my ears! I hear bells ringing. Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!! We have a winner!

Whenever I get bored of eating. Yes, that does sometimes happen. I run a list on head on what else to eat. The usual things come to mind, and I always ask my mom. Ma, isn't there anything else to eat? She would always answer me with "What else is there??".

Brasas is really a breath of fresh air! The moment I stepped inside. I immediately asked "What is that smell? What food is that??" (with a big grin on my face, and my nose sniffing the air like a squad dog). Everything smelled delicious. I just wanted to order every single thing on the menu since there isn't really a whole lot to choose from. Just your hands and toes combined.

It is on my life's check list that I get to order everything on the menu of at least one of my favorite restaurants. Has anyone ever thought of that? I dream of that everyday! Wouldn't it be one hell of a feast!? :)

We saw Brasas at Sm North Edsa a while back, but we weren't in the mood for it. Since we are back there and have no where new to eat.

Sm North Edsa, The Block

But after checking the hit list on my head. Scrolling all the restaurants I know of, hmm been there, ate that. Nothing was different anymore. Then I suddenly remembered BRASAS. This was it. We hurried there like a kids running towards the ice cream truck, which the Philippines doesn't really have. We have more of an ice cream cart a.k.a. dirty ice cream? Yeah, that's it! 

While reading the menu, all the Espanol or Portuguese  is makes me queasy. But the aroma of the food is just making me wanna just order the first thing that comes to mind just to get the food in front of me. Andale Andale!! All the food on the menu was calling out to me! I wanted a snag of everything, but unfortunately I've gained weight from the Christmas break and the breaks need to be on red light!

When Brasas first opened at Sm Aura, there was incredible, the line visible from outer space, just because all the other places doesn't. Even if everyone needed to wait in queue. They all did. For me it was truly worth the wait. New to the plate and new to my palette.

First up! CARNE ASADA PLATTER (Colombia) for P 250.00 and (Pequeno) for P 220.00 it is charcoal grilled beef sirloin, South American slaw, Spanish rice and Chimichurri.

Pequeno means small so in a leap of faith Colombia would be their regular size. For P 30.00 difference, the bigger size is the way to go!

Their grilled beef sirloin was great! It was soft and juicy! I love it. The rice is plentiful too. It's good for 2 persons if you don't eat much. The rice alone has a long way to go already.

Each plate comes with their special Chimichurri sauce or dip or salsa? It is like the best something I've ever had. Feels like it goes great with anything. Like taco, fish, beef, pork, chicken or whatever it is you are eating. You wouldn't believe it, or at least I didn't believe it, but it is actually made up of stuffs that are good for the health. Like of a couple of green stuffs like cilantro, cucumber, bell pepper, onions and garlic.

P 250.00

CARNE ASADA WRAP for P 290.00 and a (Pequeno) for P 250.00. It is their charcoal grilled beef sirloin, sauteed onions, roasted bell peppers wrapped in soft flour tortilla. It was my choice for the night! I wanted something burrito-ish without all the beans and rice. So basically a meat wrap. I thought I was hungry, but I wasn't as hungry as I thought I was. I only managed to finish half of it. What a glutton I am.

The other half I had to take home. I was happy too. Yummy breakfast!! YEHEY!! Thing I loved about it most, is that even after 2 days. Yes, it is still edible after 48 hours. No food should go to waste! The meat was still soft and juicy even after heating. The tortilla wrap was still edible. Not unlike how other tortillas turn to paper when reheated.

It is served with CHIPOTLE which is basically sour cream with cream cheese. I was not its biggest fan. The cheese. Its always the downer. Luckily I have some Chimichurri to go for my dressing. You never go to a battle without bullets. Right?

When I had the wrap wrapped to go, their take out box said 


What I can say is that, if this is street food. All restaurants would go out of business! This is not just street food. It's soul food. 

P 290.00

Lastly, PUERCO ASADO (Cuba) for P 280.00 it is a slow-roasted pork belly with crunchy skin, Tajadas rice and beans. Slow roasted + pork belly = nothing but goodness! I swear to God, it just falls right off. I was not a fan of the beans though, could have done better without them. The rice is amazing itself already! Rid the beans!

The tajada is fritter in English, a sliced something. A banana that is super ripe that is ready to eat and is really sweet!

Everything is there, the only thing lacking from all these food are drinks and you are good to go! 

P 280.00

While looking around the place, I saw their wall art and kind of reminded me of someone I know. Can you guess who? :)

Branches : 

  • Sm North Edsa, The Block, 4th floor
  • Sm Aura, 4th floor
  • Sm Jazz, Ground floor
  • Podium, 5th floor
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