Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I when I sea-food, I eat at FISH AND CO.

Bistro group has always produced the best and the finest restaurants. Their company is so big that you get to see them everywhere you turn. There is no escaping it. They sit side by side usually and you can never look away. They are just so inviting that you can't say no. What I love about them is that whichever branch you visit you get these things all the time, every time :

Let us see the things they got on "The Check List" :
  • Big Generous Servings.
  • Big and Heavy Plates
  • Large Menu's. 
  • Friendly Staff
  • Super Discounts
  • Amazing Promos
  • Great Birthday Treats
  • Drooling Desserts
What more could you ask for? I remembered when Fish and Co. first opened. My family and I can't seem to have enough of their restaurant, let along their BEST FISH AND CHIPS. When you look at it. It looks so simple. Fish and breading = TADA! So simple that I even feel like I can whip it up in my sleep. But to be exact, in my dreams. I can't in reality. If I did the fish would turn to chips and the chips would be dust!

I've always wanted to be a lot of things. But I've never dreamed of being a chef. I like food. I appreciate food. But I am no cook. But it was when my loving yaya left to get married that I needed to start cooking for myself. Just the little things of course. Stuffs like fried egg, hot dog and frozen dumplings are all that I can cook. I can't cook a decent meal, not even to save my life. I have always relied on frozen foods or take out to survive midnight hunger.

My mom would always call me a "rat" since I would usually look for food in the middle of the night. In the dead of night, you would hear pots and refrigerator doors banging. If your imagination is wild, you might just think there are ghosts wrecking the kitchen or there was an intruder. But in reality it would just be a hungry kid squandering for food.

Fish and Co.'s restaurant is really more about fish and seafood. They have loads of seafood items in their menu. Have I mentioned that my family loves seafood. On family gatherings alone we would consume several kilos of crabs and shrimps. Everyone would sit on the table for hours at a time until there is nothing more to eat.

By the way, our family has CHEF NG to thank for our diet buster meals. He cooks way better than 5 star hotel chefs! We all keep telling him to just open up a restaurant, but he refuses as there are so many things to do and consider if you open one.

What is great about Fish and Co. is that they have a lot of set meals to choose from. They are great especially to families with big numbers. When it first opened we would eat there like clock work. It was great at first, but we eventually got tired of it.

It has really been a long time since we last ate there. When we lined up it was as always packed with rows and rows of families dining. Had to wait a while. To be honest I was a little excited (NO! REALLY excited) since I can see that there has been a few things that are new in their menu and this is what I love. This is what excites me.

We have ordered so much food and I was wondering if I would still be ordering their Fish and chips. Even after a long time I can still remember how blown away I get in each and every bite. The fish is good, but their sauce makes it even better! Their tartar sauce isn't really the same as the ones in the supermarket. We have tried so many brands but still no luck! We still haven't found their secret. I know how my mom loves it when we add garlic to their tartar sauce and that other thing. It gives this spicy kick to it that makes the food taste even better. But I didn't order it anymore since we ordered their Seafood Platter already. Too bad :(

I love bundled up appetizers. I love how they put all my favorite little things together. Ordering starters usually ends up stuffing me up that I wish I hadn't ordered anything else. It makes me turn into a gremlin and wishes that I wouldn't have to share this with other people I am dining with (Evil hahahahaha laugh!). FISH AND CO STARTER SAMPLER is P 595.00 got it all, it has tacos, fried shrimp that was HEAVENLY I might say especially the dip too bad there were 4 of us. So it had to be 1 shrimp for 1 person :( The starter plate also has fried calamari and salad.

Fish and Co. Starter Sampler
P 595.00
I was looking through the menu. I saw that they serve SOFT FISH TACO. I was kinda curious, wouldn't you be? I was sort of craving something "Mexican-y". Good thing they had one in stock! :)

Soft Fish Taco
When the server placed down the plate. My eyes widen as I was really disappointed. Especially for something around P400.00 if I remember it correctly. In the description in the menu it it will be served with 2 pieces of soft taco's with nachos. My thought was not bad at least there are 2 tacos. But when I opened it up to see what was inside of the taco. I was sad. There was 2 pieces of tiny fish lings on one taco, and just 1 for the other taco. Felt like I ordered wrappers and veggies.

The skinny insides of Soft Fish Taco
What is I love about ordering her is that most orders here is that it either comes with gigantic fries or rice. We ordered their small SEAFOOD PLATTER for P 795.00. For 4 pieces of shrimp, grilled fish, calamari, fries and rice.

Since my dad loves pork. We ordered their GRILLED PORK BELLY for P 395.00 it was the most disappointing one of all. I love belly. It is suppose to be really juicy and soft. But it was a little over cooked, it was dried out and hard to chew. It was the only thing we had to wrap for take out just because nobody really liked it.

Grilled Pork Belly
P 395.00
After evaluation, 2 good 2 bad. It's a great place to eat, maybe the cook was just a little bit off his A game. Or was it just bad choices on my part? But I will still definitely come back to this place. Coz I love their FISH AND CHIPS SO MUCH!!

After ordering everything we expected that the bill would be a shocker, but since I have their BISTRO PREMIERE CARD that takes 20% of the bill, really makes a difference! The card comes with a lot of perks too! Will blog about it if I get the new card, as mine is about to expire already!

I swear that this is super "SULIT". I will tell you all about it next time! :)

For more mouth watering photos please go to their website at : http://www.fish-co.com.ph/

To see their affiliate restaurants go to : http://www.bistro.com.ph

Never worry because Fish and Co. will do the FISHING for you :)

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  1. I like fish with chips a lot. Fried foods are my favorite Fish with chips is my favorite takeaway item. I also like this one and told mother to make this at home also.


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