Monday, January 20, 2014

Bulgogi Brothers : Korean food at its finest!

I love Korean food. I basically love any type of food. Whenever sad, it makes me happy. Whenever happy, it makes me even happier. There is no down side to eating. Well maybe except for the few pounds you are gonna gain.

My mother keeps telling me that even if I was a skinny kid when I was a child. I loved eating out. She said that I wouldn't stop crying if I don't get to eat out before we go home. Seriously, I can't remember. Well to be honest the most I remember is wailing around, but I'm not sure why. Maybe this was it.

My family and I would always go to Korean Village in Malate when craving for Korean food. But they say that life goes on. I've moved on. I am now associating Korean food with BULGOGI BROTHERS! Even if I love food, I am still picky about the stuff I eat. I don't just eat anything.

So when I say the food is good. I bet my life that it is.

I have been to Bulgogi Brothers a few times and I just can't seem to get enough. Although they are a bit pricey compared to other Korean Restaurants but I can be sure of one thing. THEY ARE DANG GOOD!
I never leave my plate dirty whenever dining there. I always make sure that I am STARVING before I go there, so that I can eat whatever I want!

Since my coupon from The Bistro Group is about to expire. I still have one 40% off coupon. I wanted to use it wisely and I thought that this is the perfect place to use it. YES, 40% OFF! Sounds amazing, 'coz it is! PROMISE!

Before entering the place, I am quite sure that I have a big grin on my face. Like a child going to the carnival or something. A kid looking forward to getting a new toy for the holidays. I am crazy happy and I have butterflies in my stomach because I get to eat at Bulgogi Brothers again!

When I sat down, I immediately held their super large menu that reminders me that they have some big and heavy stuffs to serve! 

(Left) Ssamjang, Salt and Pepper, Spicy Sauce (Right)
When seated they would serve you this sauce plate. There are 3 different kinds. It's really up to you which you want to use for what. The left most would be their SSAMJANG, the middle is SALT AND PEPPER, the right most is their SPICY SAUCE.

The ssamjang is a thick paste that has a weird after taste for me maybe because of the onions and garlic in it. Non the less it is still great when combined with the meat. This is a usual sauce used for meat wraps. There are different variations of ssamjang depending on the maker but it is usually made of red pepper, soybean, sesame oil, onion, garlic, brown sugar, etc.. 

Amongst the 3, I mostly use the "spicy sauce" just because.

Knowing that I would be eating a lot. I would prefer not to eat rice when dining here because I want to eat all the meat that I can. But it is hard. Since they serve you this super hot soft amazingly fluffy rice that you can't say no to. I love their rice bowls because it keeps the rice warm but it is a little heavy for the hand! Kind of a harsh reminder that I am about to eat a lot and the weight I am holding will be going to my tummy! Not that I am complaining :)

For some reason, I never order soft drinks when dining here. Nor drink their service tea. Is it weird that I like "Green Tea", but I don't drink any hot tea at all? 

They have "Corn Tea" as their service tea which my parents love! Corn tea is said to be good for your health. Especially to people with high blood pressures. But maybe I will get to tea drinking when I gain the wisdom to or when I move pass the calendar dates. But for now I always order their FRESH GRAPE SHAKE. It is like the Holy Grail of Grapes for P120.00. I think it's cheap since some resto's price their fresh drinks at P180.00 or so. It's the only choice for me.

Salmon Fillet BBQ
The entree awaits. My all time favorite fish is SALMON. I think I might have bear blood running inside me somewhere. This is the fish that I can never have enough of! I think if I would go on a fish diet, Salmon would be the fish I can eat for days or weeks even months at a time! I remember when we ate at Resorts World seafood buffet, I think I almost took the whole tray with me :D

The last time I ate at Bulgogi Brothers they didn't have Salmon. I am sure of that! So it must have been a while now. So low and behold. The SALMON FILLET BBQ is a must now. Sad to say it is only 95 grams. But it is the freshest and finest which has a tag price of P595.00

It comes with LEMON BUTTER. I wasn't so sure about it, so I decided to leave it out. Since butter and me are not friends. But some of you might like the unique taste. I felt like it was good fish already so no need to lemon it up to remove the bad fish taste and smell.

Lemon Butter
They have a bunch of different platters to satisfy your craving. I have scanned the pages a few times before finally deciding. I would like to try something I haven't tried here before and what I noticed most was their BEEF TENDERLOIN AND PREMIUM BONELESS SHORT RIBS for P995.00. It has 120 grams of beef tenderloin and the short ribs is 75 grams. Not bad..

Both are just so soft and juicy, just make sure you don't over cook it. Both cuts were amazing especially when piping hot, but even after a while when it already dead cold. It is still very good. 

If you are not a fan of beef tenderloin which has a little thicker cut, you might actually like the platter that is purely PREMIUM SHORT RIBS still for P995.00

(Left) Premium Short Ribs and Beef Tenderloin (Right)

While cooking the Beef Tenderloin!

Since the 40% off would take a lot out. I decided to order another even if the 2 was already enough. I love chicken, but I only like chicken thigh, leg and wing. Their SPICY BONELESS CHICKEN was calling out to me! It is a boneless chicken leg quarter (o yeah!) marinated in sweet garlic soy sauce for P375.00. At first I thought it would be really spicy. But then it came I can't seem to find the spicy part. Haha! Maybe someone from the kitchen ate it! (Nah, kidding!).

I am sure all of you have probably tried Bon Chon by now. Their specialty is the soy chicken right? At first taste, I thought of Bon Chon, Promise! But it is like the mother of all soy chickens! If you think Bon Chon was great. This is the best! I love the oozing sweet sauce around it, it should be called SWEET BONELESS CHICKEN if you ask me. None of the sauce will go/went to waste. Trust me.

Spicy Boneless Chicken
The Bistro Group has always been one of my favorite Restaurant Chain. The most important thing in a Restaurant is good food and good service. One without the other is useless and pointless. No body would be able to enjoy their "good" food if the service is bad and when faced with such grumpy people and otherwise. What point is it to go to a place with "bad" food and excellent service. Talk about pleasing personality. Now I understand why it is said so for "job applications".

But The Bistro Group is truly in their A game. They have the best people working for their company! They should be really thankful and happy. All staffs were very smiling face, super attentive, very polite and accommodating. You can't ask for more!

They will always make your stay very special from the moment you enter and the moment you leave.

Keep up the good work! Makes people wanna come back for more, especially me! :)

Thank you for the excellent service!

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