Friday, January 3, 2014

Brownies Unlimited : Truly, my kind of brownies.

Baking. Sounds easy to a lot of people. But it isn't exactly 1+1=2. Even if you buy recipe books by the hundreds. It is still hard to find that perfect one. Sometimes even if you go to school. It wouldn't be as perfect as you want it to be.

I gave my baking hopes a shot a few summers back. Bought all my survival kit. Didn't even last a week. Did I just lack motivation? I think not! I love sweets. All types, kinds and forms. I love to eat! I am addicted to sugar. But I think I will leave it to the professionals. I will give my heart to some other profession that can make me money to me those goods.

I thought it was easy. Just like how ready to bake stuffs are. Just add water and poof! I made a crappy lifeless cake. What as waste. So from then on I left the baking to the master. It is better for me to buy them and consume immediately!

Baking was too much work for me. I didn't even get to enjoy the goods because they were bad! I like brownies a lot. I also like how the holidays make people bake. I am always looking forward to those 'seasonal' bakers. They have the good stuff. They make you wait. They make you want more and take it away. Meanies! So what to do when they are not in season? BROWNIES Unlimited, I love their brownies. They have the good stuff the whole year round.

I remember when I was little, whenever we pass by their stall I would always ask my mom to buy me a piece of their CHOCO CHIPS. It was only P12.00 a piece so it was only a few coins. It had these tiny little kisses on top of their super creamy chocolate icing. I would never let the lining touch the goods because it would get some of my chocolate off! I don't like that at all.

I would eat it like it was the last thing on earth. Savor every bite. To the last bite.

I don't know why but I eventually grew out of it and forgot about it. Was it just because I have a foggy memory? or maybe it was because of the cupcake craze that I had seem to have forgotten about the good old stuff.

I was at Robinson's Ermita the other day and for some reason, my tita and I walked ahead of my parents and went down the escalator first. We looked back and saw that they weren't there. After a minute they called to say that they will follow us in a little while. While we waited at the 4th floor food court. As usual I cannot stand still, so I walked around to see if there is anything good to eat.

I saw Brownies and it has really been a while since I've had some. So I looked at the baked goods and I was looking for the usual Choco Chips I liked and unfortunately I didn't see any. So I asked the lady if it was faced out or something. She said no, it was only because that the stall was small so all the brownies cannot be displayed.

While looking around the tray. I saw several good potentials..................

For P25.00 I can choose from
  • Sunburst - has a coffee spiral frosting on top
  • Mississippi - has melted marshmallows and dark chocolate drizzles
  • Black and White - has black and white kisses on top
  • Rocky Road - has cashew nut bits and marshmallow with chocolate on top
  • Kriss Kross - has vanilla kriss kross on top
  • Choco Chips - has chocolate chips on top

For P30.00 I can choose from

  • Coffee Crunch - coffee icing with chocolate crunch on top with caramel drizzles
  • Choc O' Malt - has a round chocolate ball on top
  • Walnut Swirl - has walnut bits on top
  • S'mores - has burnt marshmallows, cashews, graham crackers and caramel drizzle on top
  • Potato Strings - has chocolate coated potato strings on top


Wait for it!!!!

has of course cream cheese on top!

Can you feel my joy!?! If not I will share it to you. I love red velvet. Imagine 1/8 of my post has been about red velvet. But I don't like cheese, not cream cheese. But I like red velvet A LOT!

At first I just wanted Choco Chips, then now I want a red velvet. So if I got those 2 it would cost me P55.00 already. But when I saw that they had a box of 4 for  P60.00 I thought I should get that, then it escalated into a box of 12 for P220.00. Crazy. 

Talk about thinking of saving but ended up spending more. Oh well, since I never got to taste the other flavors because I am a one brownie type of lady. I decided that just this once I am gonna get the box of 12. Their box of 12 contains all their flavors. Each and every one of them was great! But my vote for Choco Chip as the BEST still remains.

I am not so sure but back then I remember that each brownie only costs P12.00 or P14.00. But I saw in their 2011 price list that the cheapest was already P15.00. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PRICE! Keeps bouncing off the roof but still affordable in a sense or was it just really a long time ago since I've bought from them.

The best thing about them is that they are not hard to find. Most malls have them. They have actually evolved from brownies only to serving cupcakes, cakes, and other pastries too in their bigger branches.

If you would like not just one brownie it would be a good idea to choose from their several different brownie. They come pre-assorted already and also DISCOUNTED! HALLELUYA!
  • box of 4 for P60.00/P90.00

  • box of 6 for P120.00
  • box of 10 for P150.00

  • box of 12 is P220.00 (My pick of the week!)

  • They also give discounts to bulk orders for you during your special occasions to give to you the memories of a lifetime

Reading will never be as good as eating. 
So go buy one! or more!! :)

If you would like to know more you can check out their facebook page for better photos and info's!
FACEBOOK : Brownies Unlimited

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