Tuesday, March 4, 2014

PINKBERRY : My 5 Star Yogurt Bar!

Nobody likes an ogre, well except for Shrek and Fiona of course!

To be honest, a bad attitude from a restaurant employee can turn me off way more than their worst tasting food. No matter how much I liked the food, I wouldn't go back for the world. Especially when I am all excited and what greets me is a frownie face.

Baah, I understand that we all have our bad days but it is really just - bad for business.

When it was about closing time at Rockwell the other day, I suddenly remembered that I haven't had dessert yet.

The only dairy I touch is ice cream and Nestle Magnolia's chocolate milk. My tummy gets all weird and fuzzy whenever my tongue touches a dairy product that I don't like. Don't we all?! I used to never eat yogurt, especially the ones sold in supermarkets. I tried that once and it was a total waste of money. I have no idea how other people eat that thing (sorry!).

But ever since I tried Red Mango, I started to appreciate yogurts for what they are. I started out with their green tea, I didn't even bother with the original/plain one because I know I wouldn't like it (and I was right).

Well Red Mango was not an option in Rockwell because they didn't have one. So I settled for what I thought was the next best thing : PINKBERRY.

I haven't tried Pinkberry yet. I actually only went near the place because I saw that they have "COOKIES AND CREAM". Little did I know that I would be falling in love with this place, and it is definitely way more amazing than my beloved Red Mango. As I write this piece, I am really wishing that I had a tub of Pinkberry yogurt :(

Most yogurt places I known are very kind when it comes to giving free tastes, which I like.

But the staff at Rockwell welcomed me like no other! They ware insanely very friendly and very accommodating. I like!! 

Usually I would just taste 1 or 2 flavors and I would pressure myself into choosing between the 2. But because they were very accommodating, they had me taste another flavor just so that I can have what I really liked.

If all staffs were like this, people would definitely be fleeting back for more!

For starters they had 6 flavors (although everything except the original is SEASONAL):

Pinkberry FROZEN
  • Original
  • Pomegranate
  • Peanut butter
  • Salted caramel
  • Cookies and cream
  • Chocolate hazelnut
So if you think you see something you like, get them NOW and HURRY!! They will be changing to their summer flavors soon. Trust me, I am panicking myself! I wanna hoard their pomegranate. That flavor should never go out of style. Haha!

I definitely loved their cookies and cream! It tasted like ground oreos!

Their pomegranate had a hint of sourness that I liked, yet somehow it is sweet at the same time. - This is definitely my favorite, even at Red Mango :)

Their chocolate hazelnut is made with NUTELLA and it basically makes you feel like you are eating grounded Ferrero's! - A must for chocolate lovers!

The salted caramel is not my thing, although I would try it in my next visit and also their peanut butter.

Yogurt places only offer yogurts in cups but like what I've said, Pinkberry is way more than your ordinary yogurt place.

You can have them served in 3 ways :
  • Cups : 
S : -----------------------(90-110 cals)----P100
M :----------------------(140-180 cals)----P135
L :-----------------------(230-290 cals)---P170
Take Home Tub--------(700-900 cals)---P515
  • Cone :-------------------(110-130 cals)----P115
  • Waffle cookie sandwich : (260-310 cals)--- P115
You can never go wrong with whatever you choose! I am definitely looking forward to trying their "Waffle Cookie Sandwich"! If you don't believe me, here is a photo. Feel free to embed it into your brains and dream of it tonight, tomorrow and the day after!

*Photo taken from the website

If you aren't in the mood for plain jane. You can opt to have their :

Pinkberry PARFRAIT

Fresh Fruit Parfaits----P195

*you get to choose your fruits and yogurt flavor


Smoothies and Shakes----12/16 oz------P150/P170

  • Chocolate cookie
  • Green tea
  • Pineapple coconut
  • Salted caramel

Seasonal------------------12/16 oz.-----P170/P195

  • Strawberry kiwi

Limited Time Only-----------16 oz.------------P195

  • Chocolate peanut butter
  • Double chocolate chip
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip
OOH!! I almost forgot. If you like 2 flavors. You don't have to worry. No need to pressure yourself to choose just one! Because they let you combine the flavors that you like. YEHAAAH!

They have tons and tons of topping to choose from! You can choose as much as 7 different toppings! Isn't that just wonderful!? :)

I know you have been drooling all over this post, you are probably wondering where they are located. I am praying that they soon expand to Malls in Manila! (Cross your fingers!)
  • Power Plant Mall, Ground Floor
  • Sm Aura
  • Greenbelt 5, Level 1
  • Alabang Town Center
I am a Rockwell girl, I really love going there. Nothing sets my praning mind at ease like Rockwell does.

Pinkberry Rockwell is so awesome that they offer a "PICK UP" service. Where you can order in advance (TUBS or WAFFLES only) and conveniently pick them up at the "MANGO EXIT" or "THE HATCH EXIT" if you are in a hurry and you just wanna grab and go. Rockwell never seizes to amaze me each and every time! I love that mall!

For more information, visit their website : Pinkberry

Like their Facebook page : Pinkberry Philippines

Follow and tag your pictures to their Instagram acct. : +PinkberryPh

Follow and tag your pictures to their Twitter acct. : @pinkberryph

"Pinkberry is a great place for people who are very cautious about their diet. They have the total Calorie count for each serving size posted on their menu board to keep you on track because they care for you! <3"-avftl
Grab a TUB and share the LUV!

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