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Stop by HUGO'S GRILLERY AND TAPAS at the Greenhills Town Center for a good time!

If you frequent San Juan you probably have seen this place. But it really isn't the most convenient place to stop by. I mean not unless you really planned on stopping by this place.

I have been meaning to go back to Greenhills Town Center for quite a while now and I only had the chance to when we tried to go to Robinson's Magnolia and the parking was literally on queue by the streets. It just seems ridiculous to wait it out.

I suddenly thought of "GREENHILLS TOWN CENTER"! It was the perfect time and it was the perfect opportunity! There were barely people when we got there. So it was a happy day after all!

When we arrived, I instantly wanted to eat at HUGO'S. Their menu seemed to have the things I love to eat, like lengua, quesadilla, pizza, etc.. Not to mention that their prices were fairly cheap.

It is not everyday that I get to stop by this place, so I had to have the run around to see what other restaurants they have.

It was mostly places where you can eat and grab a "drink", but there were some places where you can just have a quiet time with your family.

We ended up right where we started from, Hugo's. Normally I would not be allowed to go to a place like that alone or with friends. But since I was with family, it wouldn't be breaking the law since the law makers were with me.

My first impression on the inside, "it would not be my kind of scene". It lacked child proof tables and chairs (Kidding!). It was a resto bar, I think. Yes, I think that is an accurate description of the place. It is a great place to hang out and drink with friends during the weekends.

They have a 2nd floor where you can host a private party or gathering. But during normal days, it is also a make shift smoking area. Much like UCC's smoking lounges.

And right by the aircon in the photo is a doorway out to the balcony. It's a joke, the door actually leads you out to the DJ's booth! Cool right?! Tugs tugs!! I actually only noticed it when I was at the ground floor and I happen to look up and I noticed an aquarium looking thing, but it wasn't an aquarium. It was the booth. Haha

If there is a DJ's booth of course there should be a place for merry making like singing and dancing. right?! I just wasn't so sure where the dance floor is. Lol!

For everyday of the week, they have a scheduled performance from different talented singers and musicians. The night we were there, they had the lovely Miss Camille and Migs (guitarist) performing. They soothed our stay there, it is nice to eat while someone as talented as Ms. Camille sings in the background. Kinda felt like the orchestra serenading me.

The guy on the left side of the photo was actually a customer who jammed with them. It was cool, coz' he really could sing! Talk about "Pogi points!" :P

Enough about non sense and let us move onto the food!

I have a problem whenever eating at a new place, I would always feel like there is either too little or too many things to choose from. And seriously this place had a lot of amazing food to choose from. 

Be it your picka-picka a.k.a drinking food like nachos, banana chips, chicharones. They also have great mexican goods like buritos, quesadillas, tortillas.

They also have amazing things entrees like their "GUAVA GLAZED PORK RIBS". Well I don't eat guava the fruit, but I would love to have a bite of it, especially when it's on ribs!

Sadly, that won't be in this blogpost, maybe in my next visit there! :)

Chipotle Mango
Because I just had to have the CHIPOTLE MANGO. I wasn't so sure if it was because of my SILANTRO hangover. No, it isn't an alcoholic drink, click the word silantro above to see what it is all about.

The Chipotle Mango is chicken breasts marinated in smoked chipotle and mango served with chimichuri and mango chipotle sauce. It was delish! From the chicken down to the rice.

Normally, I would never order something white meat because they always feel too dry for me. But I had a hunch that chipotle mango would be good for some reason! And IT IS!

*Rice not included
We also had the MECHADO, no it is not the sister of Menudo. It is quoted in their menu as the Filipino Hispanic Favorite. Which I totally understood why when I got to eat it. It beef was so tender and the sauce was just perfect. It wasn't made of soy sauce which is typically how beef stew's are made. 

I was actually surprised that the plate was big, especially for P250!

I would definitely be back for more!


Because they have lunch meals for P100 only til April 26! I know I love Jollibee and Mcdo a lot and their super affordable meals. But it is nice to eat something not from the fast food chain for a change.

So the next time you are near by, stop by and have a plate or two!

The place also hosts sports live streams. Is that what it is called? You guys get the point right? :) So the next time there would be a big fight, be it basket ball or boxing. You have to consider coming to Hugo's to watch the game. Not only do they have a big place, good food but they also have a big flat screen!

Oh! Since the place is a tad loud, they have these mini buttons for you to push when you need something :) It just makes a loud doorbell sound which is totally not my thing. I tried the button out just for the heck of it. I wouldn't be repeating that any time soon! haha

Visit their Facebook page for more information : HUGO - Grillery and Tapas

Address : Greenhills Town Center 2 Granada St. Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City

Feel free to follow their Instagram and Twitter account. Don't forget to tag your photos!
  • Instagram : @hugogrillerytapas
  • Twitter : @HugoTapas

You go! HUGO! :)

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