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SILANTRO : Fil-Mex Cantina - Go to place for great Mexican food!

I am a crazy Taco Bell fan. I love eating tacos and nachos, BUT!! I do cheat when I eat them because I shave off some.. or most of the cheese. I am enemies with cheese but I can still find some of them tolerable, like mozzarella or cheddar cheese.

I love Taco Bell, but it is really beginning to be a struggle to get a hold of it. A few years back there were tons of Taco Bell branches, but now it is just down to 2 malls!

I love Taco Bell's quesadillas and crunch wrap supreme, but I can't keep going back to Trinoma/Gateway every time I get the craving. I need a new place to supply me with my Mexican cravings (the food cravings ok?!).

So, while everyone was out with their fancy shamcy date on Valentines Day! I was left in between the feeling of happiness and sadness. Why? I was sad that I wasn't out on a date date, but still somehow happy because I get to spend it with my true loved ones. Yes! Loved oneS (emphasis on the "S"). I was out with my mum and dad as usual, but we got to spend it with my aunts and uncles as well. Sweet huh? :)

My aunt has been telling me about this place for a while, but never had a chance to go til now. It was quite a drive from where we are or usually are. Opposite sides of the globe to be exact.

Since we had nothing good to do on this very special day, we decided that it would be a great idea for us to finally go to SILANTRO!

I was really excited to go! I had butterflies the whole trip there. I was thinking that "This place better be good!", trust me when I say "It didn't disappoint! Not even for a second".

When we got to Kapitolyo where Silantro is, the air was just so cold (way to go air! remind me that I do not have "the one" to hug me tight!). There were couples smooching and snuggling EVERYWHERE! On the steps, at the tables, leaning on their cars while waiting for their names to be called. The day just keeps on giving! Baaah.

My aunt went ahead to add her name on the longest waiting list ever. I approached her on the steps and I even joked about how we were 10th on the list. Low and behold, the angel has spoken! We were really the 10th on the waiting list.

Normally I would want to leave when I hear that there is a waiting list. I would never wait this long just to have one meal. Impatient much? Yes and no, maybe a little. But time is money, my time is precious for me. But since it took me forever to get to try this place, I am willing to wait out those 9 other people.

While waiting for our turn, we had the liberty of watching every one's order arrive. All the food looked good, serving size was good, and most of all it all smelled so good!

The place was not too shabby and not too big, about 6 cars wide? We went ahead and looked at the menu to place out orders in advance, since we were all starving. I felt like I wanted to order everything in the menu (Minus the beer) because all of them were pretty affordable and I really wanted to try everything.

I love how there are so many dips to choose from. No Mexican food trip is complete without sauces or salsas. I love their lovely condiments. I think whichever of these you choose or prefer is perfect for whatever food you eat.

The condiment on the top (color white) is their "Garlic Sauce". 

The green one on the bottom left is the "Guacamole Sauce" which I personally love, it really goes well with all their food.

The weird colored one on the lower right is the "Guacamole with Chili", by chili I mean chili! It is really spicy, spicier than you average hot sauce! Worked the sweat out of me!

Chef Paulo De Venecia is the creator and owner of this place. They have 2 branches currently. One is at Kapitolyo, Pasig where he is in business with Chot Sanchez and the other one is at Dagupan, Pangasinan where it all started from. Story is that he was from the States and there he found his love for Mexican food and thus creating "Silantro".

Beef Nachos

I am in a rut because I like Nachos but I don't like cheese, but it wouldn't be Nachos if there was no cheese, right? So I am not so crazy about Nacho King or his brothers. But surprisingly I loved Silantro's Beef Nachos (P180)!

What I loved about their Nachos was that the cheese were not those icky gooey cheeses they usually use. The chips were not drowning in cheese (which I know is the reason why others eat Nachos), it was sitting with the right amount of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Topped with their special guacamole sauce and tomato salsa. With option of beef/chicken/pork

*for extra meat toppings (add P35)

Calliente Wings
I never liked other chicken parts. I only love legs and thigh because they were the juiciest. But just like school we learn something new everyday, but in life I still learn to eat something new everyday. Well not everyday, just every time I go out. Even if I neglected wings it for most of my life. I am beginning to really appreciate. I find the prices of chicken wings expensive since there isn't much meat in it, though the taste is usually amazing, since it would always be battered with the most amazing sauces. 

Silantro's Calliente Wings (P170) were no exception to the others. Their "sweet and spicy" sauce was really good. Yet, it was something different from the others. It was topped with what they call "green ice a.k.a. lalaroso" leaves and the wings were sitting in the most amazing sauce I've ever had. Their "Guacamole sauce"

I have no idea what is in that sauce except for the guacamole part, but whatever those are. It makes the sauce an amazing condiment to whatever is on their menu. You have to try it out for yourself for you to know what I am saying.

Beef Quesadillas
While I was food spotting outside the resto, I didn't see any quesadilla pass by. So I wasn't really sure what it looked like,but if you asked me I was expecting that it would look like the ones from Taco Bell (where you really can't see the cheese because it was inside). 

When it was placed down on the table. I was shocked! No, mortified! I felt like I didn't wanna eat it anymore. It was oozing with cheese. I initially thought that maybe they made it differently. They placed the cheese on the outside instead of in. I didn't even notice the soft taco (because I was thinking that it was trapped inside the cheese somewhere), all my eyes saw was the cheese.

This thing had cheese over flowing from the inside out and my stomach started feeling queasy. I was really scared that I wasn't gonna like it at all. 

I had everyone take a bite before I had the courage to even take one. Turns out I really liked it! Not all scary cheese monsters are evil after all. They didn't have the usual smelly cheese in it and the cheese didn't give me the "umay" feeling.

If you don't eat beef or if you just don't like it, they have Silantro Quesadilla (P160). It uses chicken meat instead of beef, and everything else is just the same.

Lamb Chop
I am a Lamb fan, love eating lamb. I love trying out new lamb dishes whenever I see one. But I only started to realize that I liked lamb when I got to try Brothers Burger's Lamb Burger, it is their best burger if you ask me.

If the chef doesn't know how to prepare and cook lamb, the result would be catastrophic. The meat would taste and smell funny. You would just loose your appetite and totally dis it for the rest of your life.

Personally I loved their Lamb Chop more than their Macho Lucho Steak which are both imported from abroad. Serving size is 250 grams of Lamb Chops and 300 grams for the Macho Lucho Steak. Both are marinated in their steak sauce which is amazing!

Macho Lucho Steak

Their Iced Tea is really is home brewed for 5 hours which is really great. I usually do not like brewed iced teas because they have a weird after taste, unlike this one which doesn't. 

Their Dalandan juice is also really good! It is fresh too!

Fresh Dalandan P90 (right)
Brewed Iced Tea P50 (left)

Their Grilled Mahi-Mahi is really great too, if you are on a diet and would not like to indulge in cheese and steak. This would be great for you. Very light and healthy since it is grilled. So no unwanted grease.

Grilled Mahi-Mahi
I would love to go back to this place over and over again. Their prices are just right, the food is spectacular. Staff is friendly. Super sulit.

Wished I lived near this food haven.

Silantro Menu

Visit their Facebook page for more info : Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina (Kapitolyo Pasig)

Restaurant Hours :
Sunday- Thursday : Open from 11 am to 11 pm
Friday & Saturday : Open from 11 am to 1 am

Overall : A perfect place to take your date if he/she loves Mexican food!

You don't even have to know how to sing just to serenade her.
You can just bring her to Silantro
and let the food do all the work!

So, where you going this weekend? :)

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