Thursday, February 13, 2014

Are you brave enough to try Nueve Cafe's Crocodile Meat?

I found myself wondering about Wilcon's Home Depot last week. We or should I say, I was stuck there bored out of my wits. Although I did enjoy looking around because I was constructing a house in my head. It was so pretty. If only you can see it! Haha It was not long and I finished my imaginary house and I was left with nothing to do. Who knew houses could be built within a day. Haha 

Since mom and dad were still standing at the same isle for an hour or so. I excused myself and said that I was going to eat. Since it was already 6:30 pm. They did let me go and I proceeded with my initial plan of trying the food at Nueve Cafe. 

We have seen the cafe earlier when I claimed my long over dued membership card at the counter and I just couldn't stop thinking about it.

As I was walking towards the cafe shop I was really anxious to see what's good in their menu because the crocodile meat I tried in Palawan was great! So I was kinda hoping that this would be too. I was hesitant to eat the crocodile sisig in Palawan, yet I was also eager to try it. Who knew I was so daring. Haha Not!

We were in a rush that day in Palawan, so I had no chance to see if there was something else besides sisig. Still it was good and I wanted more but we were all sharing that one order of Croc Sisig. It was like 2 years ago I think since I last had croc meat. So I was really excited when I saw that they had one.

There were several croc dishes to choose from like : 
  • Croco Wali (Naturally tasty, lean and healthy) P210.00
  • Croc Tapa (Tender croc tapa marinated in garlic sauce) P195.00
  • Croc Sisig (Adding a Pinoy touch to the Australian delicacy) P195.00
  • Dundee Croc Burger with Chips and Cheese (120 grams) P170.00
  •  Jumbo Sausage in a Bun (Dundee Australian Cheese or Dundee Hungarian w/ Chips) P130.00
  • Extra Super Jumbo Sausage in a Bun (Dundee Australian Cheese or Dundee Hungarian w/ Chips) P180.00

I was actually thinking of getting a rice meal. But I don't wanna waste the opportunity so I asked the kind lady what she would recommend to me. She said that their DUNDEE BURGER for P170.00 was the best seller. It had cheese in it and since my brain is allergic to the thought. I asked if it could be taken out.

I was really excited to eat croc meat again. While waiting I took a good look at their seemingly good looking pastries. What caught my eyes was their ORANGE MUFFIN and their DOUBLE CHOCO brownies. But we will save that for later..

The crocs they have and serve are locally farmed here in Rizal by Krocodile Shop.

Did you know that Crocodile meat is actually good for people with ASTHMA? Its got lean white meat which is great for the heart and is low in calories. Which would be great for people who wants to loose weight and not cut down on meat. If you don't mind eating crocodile meat that is.

g/100 g
g/100 g
kj/100 g
 Cholesterol91 mgCHICKEN BREAST20.210.2720
 TOTAL FAT1.9 gramBEEF SIRLOIN19.310.2921
*Only 1 Calorie per gram

Photo and Nutrition Fact taken from their website

A few minutes passed and finally the most amazing burger came out! I stared at the burger for a while trying to figure out how I would eat it since I didn't wanna use my hands. But it's a burger for heavens sake! So I gave up and just digged in. I lost all my poise and class btw, but who cares, stare if you want! I was just so hungry! The burger was crazy good. The croc patty was falling apart all on its own while I was eating it because it was so soft and juicy.

Dundee Burger

The chips that came with it was also crazy good. I wished there was more of it..

They also have frozen croc meat in the freezer beside the counter. We actually wanted to buy some, but we were not going home right away. The next time I go there I will make sure that I get to buy some and I will be updating you guys about it.

Double Choco

I was actually stopping myself from consuming the whole burger because I wanted mom and dad to try it. So I bought myself a DOUBLE CHOCO Brownie for P40.00. It was a fair price for something that size and it was surprisingly good and moist on the inside. I also loved that it was served chilled. I like my chocolates cold for some reason. :)

If you happen to see Wilcon Home Depot and you are feeling hungry and wanted to try something new. This would be a good place to eat at. Of course for the non-adventurous palette. They do have normal food like : 
  • Pork Steak P120.00
  • Fish Fillet P140.00
  • Classic Beef Burger P85.00
  • Beef Tapa P155.00
  • Bistek Tagalog P160.00
  • Chicken BBQ P175.00
  • Creamy Chicken P110.00
  • Nueve Clubhouse P190.00
  • Arrabiata P120.00
  • Pasta Bolognese P130.00
  • Pasta Carbonara P145.00
The Wilcon's Home Depot branches that have Nueve Cafe's are:

Nueve Cafe Inside Wilcon Builders Depot
8003 Real St., Alabang Zapote Road
Las Piñas City

Nueve Cafe Inside Wilcon Builders Depot
2212 Pasong Tamo (beside Cityland Tower,
infront of Don Bosco Chapel), Makati City

Nueve Cafe Inside Wilcon Builders Depot
B29 Alabang Zapote Rd., cor. Bridgeway Ave., Filinvest Corporate City Muntinlupa City

Nueve Cafe Inside Wilcon Builders Depot
1274 EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City

If you would like to know more about the croc meat, and if you are interested you can go to their

 website :

or check them out in Facebook at : Krocodile Shop

or you can email them at :

or call them at 02- 634-83-87 loc. 1636

Life is an adventure,
 when given the chance, 
always try something new.


  1. I don't know man... hehe.. Im happy with Beef!

    At least I have an excuse.. I'm a Picky Eater! hehe

    1. Lol. Just always make sure to ask if your burger is made of beef ha! I might slip you one. Hohohoho


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